Pancakes lump, stick or tear? The solution is!

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  • Reason # 1 - incorrect consistency of test
  • Reason # 2 - non-compliance with
  • Reason # 3 - new frying pan
  • Reason # 4 - insufficient heating of frying pan
  • Reason # 5 - insufficient amount of oil
  • Why do pancakes stick to kefir?
  • Why still pancakes burn and how to quickly fix it
  • What to do if pancakes stick - video
  • Recipe for potato pancakes that never stick

Why do pancakes stick to the frying pan and burn? This question is asked by inexperienced, and sometimes experienced housewives. The reasons, in fact, may not be that much. Some of them touch the dough, and others - frying pans and temperatures of its warming up. Let's consider all possible variants of correction of a situation. What should I add to the dough so that the pancakes do not burn?

Reason # 1 - incorrect consistency of the test

It often happens like this: the landlady took a new recipe and decided to try it. She observed all the proportions, measured everything with spoons, kneaded the dough, heated the frying pan and greased it with fat. But why pancakes burn and persistently do not want to turn over to the other side?

It's all about lack of experience and inaccuracies in the recipe. Some mistresses assure that different flour requires different amounts of liquid.

The dough can be very thin or very dense. For thin pancakes you need a composition similar to liquid sour cream.


The error can be rectified easily:

  • With a thick test, dilute it with the liquid on which it was mixed( milk, kefir, water).It is better if the liquid is at room temperature or slightly warm.
  • If the dough is liquid, then without fear add flour and mix thoroughly.

Reason number 2 - non-compliance with the recipe

Mistresses who like to cook everything to taste and by eye, often face such a problem. So, the excess of soda leads to the fact that the pancakes stick to the frying pan and break right after trying to turn over. Eggs are an important element in the test, binding all the ingredients. The lack of this product makes pancakes pale and friable.


What can I do if the pancakes stick to the frying pan for this reason?

  • Try to add one egg and fry one pancake. If the story repeats, you can add more.
  • Is the result missing again? So it's all about soda. To correct this situation will be more difficult. It is necessary to knead another portion of the dough without soda and add to the main part of the batch.

Reason # 3 - a new frying pan

Let's say a landlady has a lot of experience in making pancakes according to her favorite recipe. Prepares them, always respecting the recipe, and knows exactly what the consistency of the test should be. But the beloved husband gave her a new cast-iron frying pan, and then problems began( in the wife, too).The mood of his wife is spoiled, and at the same time, half of the test went to hell. But why pancakes stick to a new cast-iron frying pan, and how to deal with it?


The easiest solution is not to use a new frying pan when baking pancakes. But if the old frying pan has gone to waste, then you can burn new dishes. In fact, cast iron is recommended for use for pancakes. After all, the temperature over the surface of such a frying pan is distributed evenly.

Cast iron or aluminum frying pan so:

  1. Pour a layer of salt on a cold frying pan so that the bottom is not visible.
  2. Add a tablespoon of soda.
  3. Stir and put the frying pan on the fire
  4. As soon as the salt has a creamy shade, turn off the fire, pour out the contents.
  5. Wash rinse with water and always wash without any cleaning agents and coarse wool.
Before baking, you must grease the pan with fat, preferably a piece of fat.

Reason # 4 - insufficient heating of the frying pan

This problem occurs because of impatience or inexperience. Hence the proverb about the first pancake. So it happens, the first pancake is fried in a not enough hot pan and therefore comes out with a lump. And the following flour products are already well removed from the frying pan and do not stick.


Start heating the frying pan while mixing the dough. First, heat it without lubrication. Then cover with grease or oil a thin layer and leave on fire until the first smoke appears.

Reason # 5 - insufficient amount of oil

You should not save oil for a dish like pancakes. Recipes in which there is no point about adding oil, either mistaken, or given to the hostess by an envious girlfriend.

It often happens that the test is more than stated in the recipe. For example, if the cook tried to achieve the desired consistency and added every now and then some products. In this case, you need to take into account that the vegetable oil needs to be poured into the dough more. Here the rule is: it is better to pour than not to add.

  • Unshaped frying pan

Of course, you can not lubricate Teflon and non-stick surfaces, but this will affect the taste of pancakes not for the better. But cast-iron and other frying pans need to be greased with grease or vegetable oil.

Sometimes it is enough to grease a frying pan every three to four pancakes. But if the frying pan is new, then it must be done every time before the new pouring of the dough.

  • Improperly selected and substandard grease for lubricating

Our ancestors had no problems with sticking pancakes, because they used only animal fat for frying. Grandmothers in the villages continue the tradition and smear dishes with lard. For this they pierce a piece of this fat on the fork and smear a hot pan before each pancake. By the way, so you can check the degree of heating the frying pan. Lard will not drown if the surface is not hot enough.

Why do pancakes stick to kefir?

Pancakes on yogurt are always tasty and delicate, but a common problem for them is sticking and scorching.

  • First, it is because of the tenderness of a flour product. It is worth armed with a good shovel for turning. Act carefully in order not to break the pancake.
  • Secondly, the problem may lurk in the cleanliness of the frying pan, or rather, in its absence. It is necessary to wash the surface well, wipe it dry with a cloth. You can use the old advice and rub the frying pan with salt.

Sometimes you can solve the problem by simply adding one more egg to this dough. Must be a kefir dough should be vegetable oil.

Why pancakes are still burning, and how quickly to fix

Why do pancakes burn when everything is already tried and nothing helps? Below - a few more tips that will help the hostess to bake thin smooth pancakes without sticking.

  1. The cause may be a strong fire, high temperature. It is enough to adjust to the average heat and operate by the sample method.
  2. Frying pan before baking can be rubbed with salt and rubbed after a dry rag. After all, do not wash. Immediately begin to warm up and bake.
  3. Wash the frying pan with half of the onion head. Then burn and oil.
  4. To ensure that the pancakes do not stick, you need to heat the salt in a frying pan to brown.
  5. Sometimes mistresses do not lubricate the sides of the frying pan, and meanwhile the dough also spreads out. Therefore, it is better to lubricate the whole surface with the edges.
  6. To lubricate the pan before each pancake, use half potatoes. Stitch it on a fork and dunk it in vegetable oil.
  7. The use of cold food is not allowed. For preparation it is desirable to heat milk or water to room temperature.
  8. Thin-walled frying pans of Chinese origin are completely unsuitable for baking pancakes with neither oil, nor bacon nor after calcination with salt.
  9. The dough should stand for 15-30 minutes before baking. Then all the ingredients blend well with each other, and burns can be avoided.
  10. It happens that the milk in the dough begins to turn sour. This can be the cause of burning pancakes. You can solve the problem by adding a little flour. Then sprinkle with soda. Pour boiling water and mix the dough. Soda neutralizes the acid, and the pancakes will not stick to the frying pan.
  11. A thick blade often does not allow you to pick up the edge of the pancake, it's better to use a thin metal.
  12. Often pancakes, cooked only on milk, burn. In this case, you need to add some water to the dough. At the cooking stage, take instead of two glasses of milk, one, and the second will be with water.
  13. Another version, why the first pancakes burn in a frying pan and are lumpy: because of the large amount of oil in the frying pan. Therefore, it is better to drain excess oil, it is possible - in the dough itself.

What to do if pancakes stick - video

Recipe for potato pancakes that never stick


  • 5 potatoes;
  • 255-310 ml of milk;
  • 250-310 g of wheat flour;
  • 3-5 cloves of garlic;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 1 tbsp.a spoonful of sugar;
  • 5 large vegetable oil refined spoons;
  • salt to taste;Parsley and greens if desired.


  1. Peeled potatoes cut into four parts. Pour water and cook until ready in salt water. Cool a bit and put it in a bowl with a water blender. Grind the potatoes to gruel.
  2. Add the garlic squashed through the press, eggs, flour, cow's milk. Add vegetable oil( three tablespoons) and salt. Mix well and allow to stand for 20 minutes.
  3. The heated frying pan should be oiled with a small amount of butter and baked thin flour products on medium heat. The size should not be large, otherwise pancakes will be difficult to turn. Served on the table with herbs or sour cream.

Of course, now the housewives in the kitchen can have many different non-stick pans. But the newest technologies and various miracle coverings do not go to any comparison with the usual "grandmother's" dish, the experience and reviews of the chefs say that really delicious pancakes are obtained only in a cast-iron frying pan.

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