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Various floral compositions and floral ornaments very often adorn women's nails, but many women do not even suspect,what a difference this design is. Flowers on the nails can look original and creative, emphasizing the feminine personality.

Drawing techniques. The most popular version of the flower ornament

Most often, the drawings on the nails are made with a usual varnish or special watercolor paints, which looks bright and sometimes original. Here everything depends on the professionalism of the master, because the technician of drawing an artistic image now exists very much. Which of these techniques are particularly in demand?

  1. A girl can always ask to draw a three-dimensional flower, which will make her manicure quite remarkable.
  2. The use of the dot-dots technique is also popular, in which the drawing represents points printed with a thin object( for example, a needle or a toothpick).
  3. Another option - images in the style of gzhel, which the layman will repeat will be difficult because of the complexity of the technique and the variety of shades of varnish used.
  4. Popularity is gaining and technique one strocke, in which the brush is applied immediately two varnishes of different colors, which allows you to make the floral pattern more realistic.
  5. It is also possible to create flowers on nails with acrylic paints, but it will take a lot of work for this.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a vegetable pattern is to use a varnish and your imagination. A girl can recreate on the nails an image of one flower or a whole bouquet. Some go further, breaking the image into several parts and applying each such part to a separate nail. This design looks very bright, but it can be difficult to create.

The design of nails, implying the use of a complex floral pattern, should always be considered. The girl should find the desired image in advance, in order to realistically transfer it to the nail. By the way, the image need not be centered, it can only be applied to the tips or solely to the base of the plate near the hole.

Flower manicure - video

Another interesting variant of manicure is the technique one strocke, or "one stroke":

  1. Before it is done, the nails must be carefully processed, applying a transparent base on them and allowing it to dry.
  2. Next, the brush should be gently dipped in two varnishes, for example, in red and white, so that each side of the brush is covered with a certain shade.
  3. Now it is necessary to carry out only one smear on the nail, imitating petals. At the expense of one such smear, the lady on the nails will have a petal of two flowers blending together. This design requires great skill, but it looks very interesting.
  4. The middle of the created flower can be decorated with sequins or rhinestones.

Creating flowers with acrylic powder

You can paint a flower in a variety of ways, but for some girls the idea itself seems boring, slightly outdated. That is why they turn their gaze to a bright volumetric design, which can be recreated using a special acrylic powder.

You can easily create flowers on acrylic powder using the acrylic powder. To do this, you have to do the following:

  • gently moisten the brush, then grab a small amount of acrylic powder;
  • the resulting mass is applied to the nail, then smooth it with a napkin, giving the petal the desired shape;
  • further, it is worth waiting for the petals to dry, and between them place a little more powder that will mimic the core of the plant;
  • will then only need to cover the petals with the chosen varnish and add originality with sequins or rhinestones.

Only at first glance it seems that working with volumetric colors is very difficult, but in fact there is nothing special. The most problematic is the reconstruction of the petals of the desired shape and size, so before you start decorating real nails, you can practice on artificial ones.

Acrylic powder dries very quickly, so after it is applied to the plate, do not hesitate, immediately taking up for giving the pattern an ideal shape. You can color the dried powder in any color, but now many women prefer to keep the original white color. In combination with the French manicure, this design looks actual even in the framework of the wedding image.

Also, a woman can go further by decorating her three-dimensional drawing with the same petals or rhinestones. The main thing here is not to cross the border when a beautiful manicure turns into an absolute bad taste.

Creation of vegetative drawing with the help of stickers

Drawing flowers on the nails is completely optional, because an attractive manicure can be created with the help of stickers. Modern specialized stores offer an incredible variety of similar designs of all colors and sizes.

This sticker is placed very simply: a clear varnish is applied to pre-prepared nail plates, and after that a special picture is glued. The sticker itself should be carefully detached from its base, transferring to the nail with tweezers. The sticker should be carefully smoothed, avoiding bubbles, after which the hands should be placed in the lamp, waiting for the drying of the manicure.

Secrets of the perfect flower manicure with the use of stickers:

  1. Do not decorate too colorful and voluminous figure all the nails, because this design looks vulgar and does not fit well with clothing.
  2. A girl can use not all of the sticker, but only some part of it, cutting it out and attaching it to a certain section of the plate.
  3. These stickers can be an ideal addition to a classic French jacket, especially if the pattern is only on one or two nails.
  4. The drawing itself can easily be supplemented with a design by itself, placing around it rhinestones or petals created with the help of a conventional varnish.
The design of nails with flowers using ready-made labels does not necessarily have to be boring, because here everything depends on the skill of the girl herself. Decorating the sticker with additional decorative elements, you can turn your manicure into a work of art.

Wedding nail design with flowers

In the process of planning a wedding ceremony, the girl tries to think through every detail of her image, paying attention to the design of nails. To recreate the original manicure on the eve of a responsible day, you can use a variety of techniques. What kind of floral nail design will be the most relevant for such an important day?

  1. The option of decorating nails with watercolors is perfect for a wedding ceremony, because it will help to make the image brighter.
  2. Another great option is the flowers created from rhinestones or sparkles, in combination with the standard French manicure.
  3. Another great option is the design using acrylic powder.
  4. It is possible to recreate a beautiful figure by means of stamping, that is, special seals imitating a floral pattern.

To trust a wedding manicure is better than a professional, because every flaw in design can cost a girl the ideality of her holiday image. If a lady wants to achieve a bright and chic result, then you should think about recreating the pattern with rhinestones or special sequins.

Excellent this design will be combined with a simple jacket with white tips. Around the rhinestones, you can make a drawing in colored or white varnish, so that the flowers appear to be three-dimensional. A similar pattern should be decorated with a maximum of 2-3 nails on each hand, as the abundance of rhinestones can "cheapen" the image.

The next spectacular version of manicure with plant elements is stamping:

  1. To create a similar design, you must first put the base and cover the nails with the primary color. Color lacquer girl can choose a wedding bouquet or a shade of the dress itself.
  2. Next, you can proceed to create the picture itself, and for this you need to buy special seals, which are in large quantities in specialized stores. For printing, apply a small amount of the varnish of the chosen shade, evenly spreading it over the surface. Now it remains only to bring the seal to the marigold, having tried with light movements to completely transfer the embossing.
  3. When the impression is applied, it will only be necessary to wait until the lacquer dries and finish the finish.
This design always looks original and bright, but if the lady is not enough, she can decorate the manicure with a few more rhinestones.

Elegant floral manicure is not uncommon in our time, but this does not mean that this design will be banal. Using several techniques and own imagination in full, a woman will be able to significantly improve any design, bringing to it notes of her own personality.

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