What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Riga

Riga is a surprisingly picturesque city, full of ancient monuments and beautiful architecture. The cultural, political and economic life of Latvia is concentrated here. Divided in two by the river Daugava, this city with a lot of water bodies amazes with its beauty and comfort. And numerous fairs and holidays immerse the traveler in the world of traditional culture and vivid impressions.

  • Toys
  • products from flax
  • Pottery
  • Cosmetics and perfumery «Dzintars»
  • Ogre knitted
  • Riga balm
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Honey
  • Cheese
  • Goat
  • Yanyu with cumin
  • Monterigo
  • Karums
  • Sprat
  • Amber
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Wooden toys have for many years occupied one of the first lines in the list of traditional souvenirs from Riga. In the process of making toys, only local species of trees are used - maple, oak or ash, and toys are made of natural dyes. Toys of Latvian masters will please anyone: fun rattles, compound pyramids, cars, animal figures or sets of designers.

For girls, you can choose beautiful dolls, painted utensils and cute sets of furniture for doll houses. The process of making toys can be seen with their own eyes at fairs in Riga, when masters work directly under the open sky. The most popular toys are produced by Eco Toys Latvia, Varis Toys and Lotes Toys.

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Linen products

It is necessary to pay attention to the production of linen. This fishery is one of the oldest in Latvia. Local craftsmen for a few centuries developed a unique technology for weaving the highest quality linen cloth.

All kinds of linen products are offered for tourists: linens and clothes, napkins and towels, bags and rugs, as well as small multicolored bags.

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The pottery of Latvia originates in the 10th century. The potters tried to decorate clay products with traditional patterns and mythological symbols. These traditions have survived to this day, and the choice of ceramics is simply amazing.

Masters of pottery continue to create their masterpieces in small workshops, burning them in small ovens. Colorful bowls, bowls, plates, pots will not only decorate the kitchen space, but also with success will serve as intended. The glaze covering them differs high strength and is able to withstand temperature changes.

In addition to the traditional glazed dishes in souvenir shops, you can find clay figures, whistles and other crafts.

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Cosmetics and perfumery "Dzintars"

Latvian cosmetic company "Dzintars" produces natural cosmeticsof excellent quality. In Riga there are several brand shops of this brand. The company "Dzintars" has existed for more than 100 years and is the leader in its industry in the country. Among the most popular are the spirits "The Mystery of the Rizhanka", "Maybe", "Pani Valeska", "Jurmala", "Compliment".

The assortment of products of the company "Dzintars" also includes a line of products for the care of hair, skin and face, as well as decorative and biocosmetics. All of them are distinguished by the highest quality and democratic prices.

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Ogre knitwear

Ogre knitwear has been the embodiment of high quality and elegance for many years. To create products of the master of this enterprise use exclusively natural components - cashmere, silk, wool, repeatedly exposing them to processing. In Riga, there are several "Ogre Knitwear" stores, where you can purchase comfortable and stylish products for men and women at affordable prices.

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Riga balsam

The famous Riga balsam is the best you can bring from Riga in the winter. For many years this drink has gained immense popularity. The recipe for this drink is unique and includes flowers, fragrant herbs and root medicinal plant species.

A characteristic dark shade, unique aroma, medicinal qualities and a very characteristic clay bottle is a real Riga Balsam. In addition to the balm itself, you can buy and original small glasses for its use. Riga balsam is perfectly combined with tea, coffee and serves as an ingredient in the production of all kinds of cocktails.

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Riga stores offer an extensive selection of confectionery products: chocolate sweets and bars, marshmallows and marmalade, candies and caramel, fruits in chocolate, wafers and wafer cakes and much more. The most popular products of the factory are "Laima".No less popular are the delicious sweets "Korovka", which are produced with poppy seeds, berries, cinnamon and other fillings.

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Chocolate tiles and sets of the factory "Laima" - a business card of Riga. Chocolate "Laima" is distinguished by a great taste, not inferior to Swiss and Belgian counterparts.

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The most popular candies of the Laima factory are: "Bear-faced", "Serenade", "Vasilek", "Squirrel" and "Red Poppy".Out of competition, chocolate truffles and sweets with liquor.

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Under Christmas from Riga, it is worth bringing a package of fragrant cookies "Piparkūkas", which is a traditional Christmas treat. It is prepared according to a special recipe with a lot of spices.

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Summer in Latvia is quite short, so flowering is intense, and all the useful substances of the plant give away quickly. Thanks to this feature, honey obtained here has a higher value and different taste qualities. Only here you can try a unique honey-souffle. To get honey in Riga it is possible both in jars of different volume, and in honeycombs.

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Traditional Latvian cheese has a rather sharp taste, and the specific film covering it contains a special microflora, adding piquant cheese.

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Stop the choice on goat cheeses produced by a small farm "Līvi", they can compete with world-famous European varieties. The products of this enterprise are packed in special gift boxes and have surprisingly useful properties.

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Janu with caraway seeds

In June, Yanov is celebrated in Latvia. And it never passes without the main culinary component - soft cheese "Janu" with cumin. This cheese is made especially for the holiday. Of course, the cheese "Janu" with caraway can be found at another time, but in mid-June it becomes the main hero on the shelves.

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The Monterigo cheese is also worth mentioning. This is hard cheese, which is made from cow's milk and somewhat resembles the classic Italian Parmesan. This cheese is produced by the cheese makers of the Latvian city of Limbazi. Cheese "Monterigo" is kept on spruce shelves, and the masters constantly monitor the desired temperature and humidity level in the room.

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Curds of the famous brand "Karums" are popular in Riga. They have a unique taste. In addition to cheese, the company produces kefir, sour cream and various yoghurts.

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The famous "Riga sprats" is a business card of Latvia. They are very tasty and conveniently packed for transportation. In addition to sprat, in Riga is sold a huge amount of seafood and fish - fresh, dried or smoked.

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In numerous jewelry stores, souvenir shops, art salons, the eyes literally run away from a huge variety of ornaments. From amber make rings and earrings, necklaces and pictures, brooches and rosaries, as well as a lot of other products. Among the amber decorations you can find very original shades: red, green and even black.

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It is impossible to remove

  • solid pieces of amber;
  • items of artistic and historical value. According to local laws, such things are considered to be those whose age exceeds 50 years.
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