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Bombers appeared in the early 30s of last century. Earlier these comfortable jackets were worn by pilot-bombers, hence the abbreviated name "bomber".Today, this trend thing is almost every fashionista. But how else: it looks stylish, successfully combined with almost all items of the wardrobe, with the help of this wonderful jacket you can make a lot of expressive images, and, importantly, it is warm and cozy in cool weather.

With what to wear a bomb, how to use it to look modern and attractive? Nothing is easier, the most important thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

Fashion trends 2017goda

Bombers became popular a few years ago, but in 2017 they are very in demand.

Today, jackets with a collar-stand, patch pockets and elastic cuffs on the sleeves and waist are worn by the stars, boldly putting them on over evening dresses, and ordinary girls, combining with simple dresses.

Fashion experts predict that they will not soon go out of fashion. So, if you have not bought this stylish thing yet, you can safely do it - the bombers will be in the top of the most relevant trends for a long time.

Every year the models of the bombers become more and more original:

  • If before, the main colors predominated mostly( black, green, blue), now the color range is very extensive, you can often find light jackets, and decorated with various prints, decor elements - emblems,embroidery, applique.
  • Models are also given a choice - a short or elongated model.
  • Many original products made not only from nylon( traditional cloth for bombers) but also other materials, including leather, are presented in the collections of famous designers of the "spring-summer 2017" season. So, for example, in a trend - elegant jackets from brilliant iridescent fabrics.
  • Many designers presented models with fur collars and meander embroideries. Relevant quilted bombs with buttons instead of lightning.

Two parts remain unchanged: elastic cuffs that protect the body from cold and wind, and a comfortable silhouette that does not restrict freedom of movement.

For the spring, the insulated bombers from the combined materials: leather and suede, leather and sheared fur, suede and fur ponies, matte and varnished leather will be relevant.

With what and how to wear

Bomber - youth clothes, so more suitable for young women of fashion.
At first glance, it may seem that this is a purely sports jacket, and therefore, it can be worn only with the appropriate things: jeans, training pants, sneakers and sneakers. Fortunately, this is not so.
  • One of the reasons for the success of the bombers is their exceptional versatility. They can be combined with different models of trousers, including ultra-trendy crochet, leggings, dresses and skirts, and even cocktail dresses and evening dresses.
  • As shoes can act aristocratic Oxford, elegant boats, naughty ballet flats and stylish boots. Adding unexpected original details to the ensembles, for example, a wide belt or the edge of the shirt peeking out from under the jacket, you can make spectacular images.
  • On cool days, a bomb becomes a successful alternative to leather jackets, denim jackets, coats, trenches and parks. Tough canons on how to wear this thing, no. It looks good with classic wardrobe items, and with sports, and with bright, shocking.

The only thing that you need to pay attention to is that the texture of the jacket and other items of the wardrobe should be in harmony with each other. For example, nylon bombers look great with jeans of different styles, shorts, breeches, leggings. Leather models can be worn with pants, skirts and dresses from a similar texture.

In 2017, vintage leather patchwork models, bombers with elements of a baseball jacket are popular. Wear them with a black short dress and elegant boots on the heels.

Bright jackets with a variety of ornaments will make the image really spring, positive, elegant. Monochrome laconic products will perfectly fit not only in everyday style, but also business, if, of course, the dress code allows.

  • With jeans.

One of the things that are best combined with a bomber are jeans. This can be informal ragged boyfriends, classic models with high waist or lapels, stylish gelfrends. To products from denim are selected T-shirts, shirts and blouses both in tone, and contrasting. Brightly and positively look in duet colorful shirt and a bomb with color print.

As for shoes, then with jeans and a bomb wear rough boots with a square nose, feminine ballet flats, sneakers, shoes and ankle boots.

  • With trousers.

With a jacket they wear not only jeans, but also ordinary trousers, loose or narrowed. The image will be very stylish, if the bomb is bright, and pants - decorated with a variety of prints. With this kit you can create a successful everyday bow.

  • With skirt.

Girls who prefer feminine images like to wear bombers with skirts. Looks great with a jacket pencil skirt made of leather or lace, a straight model, as well as a bell-skirt. In 2017 the preference is given to monotonous products of black and white scale. Bomber is the main thing in the image on which the accent is made.

  • With a dress.

If the jacket can be worn with a skirt, then why not wear it with a dress? The perfect combination is with a little black dress. Stylists also recommend carrying bombers with trapezoidal shapes, this is especially true for girls with an "inverted triangle" - for balancing the silhouette.

  • With shorts.

An easy summer look will come if you put on a bomb with shorts. Preference should be given to short models of leather or denim with high waist. A tall, leggy girl can wear sneakers with such an ensemble. It is better to give a high regard to beige ballet girls - they visually extend the legs.

  • With evening gown.

Bold girls with pleasure carry bombers with evening and cocktail dresses. This combination will look very impressive. A gorgeous dress will look great in the background of a laconic jacket of a man's cut. It is important to combine invoices correctly. For a chiffon dress, a leather bomb will fit, to a knitted dress - satin( a bomb will resemble an easy jacket).


To pick up corresponding ornaments and accessories to the bomb also will not make any work. To it will approach:

  • massive bright earrings;
  • large chains;
  • bulk bags;
  • stylish backpacks;
  • small clutches on the chain;
  • sports watch;
  • Aviator glasses.
The main thing is to observe the measure and focus on one thing.

Recommendations of stylists

Bombers are suitable for all girls, but there are some nuances about what to wear and how to hide the flaws of the figure and draw attention to the merits:

  1. Select for yourself those parts of the body that you want to hide. From full thighs you can distract attention with the help of loose dresses, flared or straight skirts. But with tight jeans, leggings or trousers, it is better not to carry the bombs.
  2. Full legs can be hidden with wide jeans, dresses, skirts. Clothes should not be transparent.
  3. The problem of wide shoulders can be solved if you buy a jacket more freely, so that it does not tighten the body and thus does not attract attention to the problem area. Preference should be given to a dark-colored bomb with light inserts on the sides.
  4. You do not have to withstand the general color scheme in the jacket and other things. The image will be boring. If you need to focus on long slender legs, wear leggings with a bright print, if, on the contrary, distract from the full legs - choose a plain trousers.
  5. The shorter the jacket, the longer the bottom should be. This will lengthen the silhouette and add restraint to the image.
  6. By rules, the bomb must be worn unbuttoned, the zipper and buttons are of a decorative character. The exception is the insulated jacket.
  7. Delicate pastel shades and floral prints will soften the coarse, manly cut of the jacket and add an image of femininity.
    In 2017, the most fashionable bombers - from satin and silk.

As you can see, the bomb is a successful invention of mankind, one of the most universal things in the wardrobe, a real mast-hev of the spring-summer season of 2017.

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