How to make a bouquet of soft toys

If you are looking for an original gift for a fair sex, then you should learn how to make a bouquet of soft toys. Recently, such gifts have become very popular, because any girl loves soft toys. Besides, made personally, such a gift will be doubly expensive!

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Only at first glance it might seem that making a bouquet of soft toys is difficult. In fact, it's quite simple, most importantly, stock up on the necessary materials. You will need:

  • floristic wire;
  • fabric, suitable for color( it is better to use satin or organza);
  • small soft toys;
  • satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • thread and needle;
  • feathers, flowers, beads, bows, hearts and other elements for bouquet decor;
  • floral paper for packing.
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Manufacturing process

We string the toys onto the wire. It will be most convenient to wrap the toy with wire, or rather ring. We wrap the toy on the middle of the tummy and bend it so that there is a long free edge. He will play the role of a stalk in our bouquet. We twist the wire on the back of each hare in this way.

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We wind the wire with a satin ribbon. It is necessary to connect the ring from the fabric tightly on an imaginary stem so that a beautiful tube will turn out. With the help of a stapler, fix the tape from the inside so that it can hold securely.

Now make a "skirt" for each toy. Take a suitable fabric and cut the desired number of pieces of suitable size. Now each of them is sewed with large stitches along the entire length. You will only need to gently pick up the fabric to finish making the "skirt"

We pass the "stalk" inside the "skirt".We stretch it to the very end so that it can serve as a kind of toy stand. Do such manipulations with all the animals.

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When all the toys are strung on a wire, wrapped in a satin ribbon and decorated with "skirts", it remains onlyconnect them together. Just collect the bunny in a bouquet and tie it with a beautiful satin ribbon. It's good if the tape is contrasting or a few tones darker than the basic color scheme.

Our bouquet is almost finished. If desired, it can be wrapped with floral paper to give it a finished image and complement it with various decor elements. Use rhinestones, feathers, beads, bows, and everything that your imagination will allow.

When the bouquet is ready, it remains only to give it to the future owner and with pleasure to watch her delight!

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