What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Holland

From any trip you want to bring memorabilia and gifts that will remind you of a wonderful vacation. So, in Holland, you should not buy the first available souvenirs and standard gift sets. Better make shopping on the famous shops of Amsterdam or any other city and get really curious goods, inextricably linked with the image of this wonderful country.

  • Alcohol
  • Vodka «Genever»
  • Beer
  • Antiques
  • Windmills
  • Houses
  • Wood
  • Klomp
  • Tulip bulbs
  • Orange souvenirs
  • Sweets
  • Waffles
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Porcelain and Ceramics
  • Football attributes
  • Jewelryjewelery and precious stones
  • You can not take out


The huge variety of jinn, vermouth and liquor represented by the choice of tourists in Holland,vision.

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Genever vodka

Genever is the pride of Holland and the world famous alcoholic beverage. It is produced by distilling rye, millet and corn. Also, the composition of national vodka includes various spices and berries of juniper wood. This alcohol, aged in oak barrels, has a pleasant and mellow taste.

The vodka "Genever" will become a truly unique gift, because it has certain restrictions on production( in addition to the Netherlands it is produced only in Belgium, Germany and several French provinces) and it is almost impossible to get it anywhere else.

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Dutch beer is another drink that legends are about. It's better to go to the local brewery and get a real, rich drink with a terrific taste. And in the Heineken museum you can also buy all kinds of beer accessories. Known beer brands of Holland include honey "Bink", very strong beer "Maelstorm" and known to all "Grolsch" and "Amstel".

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Dutch antique shops are a small fairy-tale world. Here you can find unique things at a cheap price. Particularly valuable are the Dutch assembly watches( wall, alarm clocks and chimes) and steampunk souvenirs.

In Amsterdam, you should definitely visit the shops opposite the Rijksmuseum. There are a variety of antiques, ranging from dishes to exclusive handmade ornaments.

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Since the Dutch were pioneers in the issue of windmills, in time the mills became a symbol of the country. And every year on May 11, the inhabitants of the Netherlands celebrate the day of windmills. On holidays they are decorated with flags, ribbons and flower garlands. No doubt, miniature mills will become a good souvenir.

Buy a "wind symbol of Holland" can be in any souvenir shop. Small mills are made from a variety of materials: wood, iron, plastic, porcelain and so on. There are even mini fountains with this remarkable symbol.

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houses are famous for their "cozy" and beautiful architecture. Small houses recall memories of something warm, festive and sweet. That is why souvenirs in the form of miniature architectural masterpieces will be a wonderful gift. Toy models are brightly colored and stylized as a stone or a tree, they have only a couple of floors and a lot of densely planted windows.

In local boutiques in Holland, you can find not only statuettes of houses, but also interesting options in the form of candlesticks, holders for photos, pencil stands and modern gadgets. There are also edible houses made of gingerbread dough.

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Wood products

The inhabitants of the Netherlands are skillful artisans. They work well for wood. Carved symbols of the country are made of this material. Very popular wooden models of farms, which can act as a souvenir, and as a children's toy.

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Clobs are wooden shoes, which in Holland since ancient times have been considered the footwear of farmers. They are still used for this purpose, however, the very image of wooden clogs was elevated to the rank of national symbol.

In souvenir shops you can buy full-size klopy, their smaller copies, painted with patterns and thematic pictures, as well as soft house sneakers, stylized for farm shoes.

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Tulip bulbs

Dutch tulips have melted hearts of millions of women, and fields of tulips have become an inspiration forso many artists and poets. But this curiosity can be brought home, if you buy flower bulbs in a specialized market.

When transporting flowers across the border, problems may arise, as airlines require that the bulbs be packaged appropriately. Sellers of large shops are familiar with the requirements, so it is easy to properly issue your purchase.

Practice shows that it is better to buy several different types of tulips. The most popular are Greus, Oxford, Hamilton, Marvel and Temple.

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Orange souvenirs

Orange color is another symbol of Holland. It is believed that souvenirs in this color bring good luck. Therefore, the country has a lot of "orange shops", where the entire range of goods is presented in the given color.

There are collected any trifles orange shades: notebooks, lighters, pens, flags, T-shirts, hats and even souvenir buttons. A huge plus of such shops for tourists is low prices.

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In the Netherlands, the tradition of making various sweets is passed on from generation to generation. Think what to bring from Holland from food, stop picking on sweets and cookies. In order to beautifully draw a present, in the confectionery shops you will be offered beautiful metal boxes in the national style.

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Guests of the country invariably praise Dutch waffles or stroopwafels. The confectionery miracle is made from two thin and crispy layers of dough, between which is the caramel filling. In the confectionery shops caramel filler is represented by a wide range of different tastes.

Wafers can be packed in boxes, decorated in blue-and-white colors( for china), which turns them into a wonderful souvenir.

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One of the most interesting Dutch sweets is licorice sweets. To the taste it does not at all resemble typical confectionery products, as it has a slightly salty and at the same time sharp taste, as well as black color. Liquorice sweets usually eat snacks with coffee.

Jelly sweets are no less popular in the country. Here they are sold even on the streets. And the Dutch company DONKERS produces delicious marmalade and souffle, constantly releasing new series of delicacies of unusual shapes and colors.

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Holland is not behind its neighbors in the production of chocolate. The Dutch company Droste has been producing chocolate according to ancient technology since 1863.Products Droste is not only very tasty, but also affordable.

You can also bring chocolate truffles as souvenirs, which can sometimes be found with caviar, salt, molasses, licorice and even spicy spices.

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The huge assortment of cheese in Holland is not limited to the famous "Gouda" and "Edam".Interesting and delicious cheeses can be found in farmers' shops. Home products of farms are absolutely natural and have unique recipes for making cheeses.

When choosing which cheese to bring from Holland, it is worth paying attention to the colored varieties. A green, orange, red or pink cheese head will surprise anyone. Bright color to the dairy product is given special additives. So, for example, green cheese has fenugreek in its composition, and pink and red delicacies are generously flavored with spices.

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Porcelain and ceramics

Porcelain in Holland is produced in the city of Delft. Ready-made products are painted in white and blue colors, which is why Delft porcelain has its own recognizable style.

In addition to porcelain tableware, the souvenir shops feature a huge assortment of ceramic products, clay slippers, small houses and pottery mills, as well as popular figures in the country, kissing a boy and a girl or a farmer and his wife.

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Football attributes

An excellent souvenir will be a football uniform with the attributes of the club "Ajax".The theme of football here is quite popular, so in the shops you can buy various knick-knacks related to the football club, balls and equipment.

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Jewelry and precious stones

In the Netherlands, diamonds are mined and processed. Here they are quite cheap, so tourists are eager to buy a "status" pebble. Acquire jewelry better in jewelry areas. There, the stone will be processed right at you, and the prices for diamonds are much lower than in large stores.

In Amsterdam, you can visit the "Paulus Potterstraat" diamond museum and the diamond factory "Gassan diamonds".
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You can not export

  • items of historical or artistic value;
  • bulbs of plants growing in Holland, if they did not pass the phytopathological control;
  • drugs, weapons.
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