How to clean squid?

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How to clean squid? Far not an idle question for the owners, who are going to pamper their home for the first time with this delicious and very useful product. Nutritionists are advised to include the meat of this shellfish in their weekly diet.

It's good that it perfectly fits with the side dishes from cereals and vegetables, it's possible to cook a lot of hot dishes and cold snacks. But before preparing these shellfish, you need to learn how to properly and quickly clean them. This will be discussed in our article.

Choose squid correctly

  • Fresh, freshly harvested squid is cleaned without any problems: an elastic film covering the carcasses from the outside and lining their inner cavity is removed from them by a single "stocking".But this privilege can only be used by residents of the seaside, who buy seafood from local fishermen.
  • Most often on the shelves of our supermarkets we see frozen carcasses with tentacles. However, such a product can be cleaned without much difficulty, if it was properly frozen and stored in compliance with all prescribed standards. The most important condition for storing frozen seafood is the inadmissibility of their thawing and subsequent re-freezing. This circumstance not only worsens the taste of the seafood, but also creates problems with the cleaning of their carcasses at the time of preparation.

How to buy quality squid?

To buy shellfish of good quality, you should pay attention to two points.

  1. Clam carcasses should not be stuck together or frozen together. If they can not be separated, before you is a product that has undergone the procedure of repeated freezing.
  2. Meat quality squid should be exclusively white. The presence of bluish or pinkish hues eloquently indicates that the coloring of the peel was absorbed into it during the thawing of the product.

Having found such goods on the counter, never buy it: and with the torture you torture yourself, and the taste will disappoint, and for health it can be unsafe.

How to choose squid - tips and review in video:

Some mistresses try to choose squid with larger and brightly colored carcasses. This is a fairly common mistake, because such mollusks are old.

Meat of small and slightly colored inhabitants of the sea is more tender and tasty.

How quickly and correctly to clean the squid from the film? Several ways to clean

How quickly to clean the squid from the film? There are several simple and extremely effective methods, mastering which, the landlady will spend less time on this procedure each time.

Why is it necessary to release mollusks from colored and transparent films? That carcasses do not decrease in volume, and meat does not become rigid, as all these metamorphoses often occur through the fault of a transparent film, which acquires special rigidity in the process of thermal processing of the product.

Cold cleaning

With this technique, you can clean either freshly caught or properly frozen squid. There is no need to apply any thermal effects here.

  1. After taking the decapitated carcass, carefully remove the thin film and begin to pull it together gradually. Eventually she will retire completely, leaving in her hand a semblance of a "stocking".
  2. After cleansing the mollusk from the skin, it removes the insides and chitin plate( chord).

Hot method

How to clean frozen squid properly? Molluscs, repeatedly subjected to freezing, it is better to clean with a short-term thermal exposure.

How to clean squids - video:

Let's step by step review the process of cleaning not decapitated carcasses, but whole squid( with head and tentacles).

  1. Defrosting shellfish should be done naturally, for a couple of hours leaving it at room temperature.
  2. Gently pulling the head, from them remove the insides.
  3. The tentacles are cut almost at eye level.
  4. The hard beak of squid, hidden among the tentacles, is unsuitable for food. It is carefully removed and immediately verified that there are no debris.
  5. A flexible spine, resembling a narrow strip of clear plastic, is also required. Find it is not difficult: it is well probed inside the carcass.
  6. After all these manipulations carcasses can be considered prepared for the removal of the film.
  7. After washing squid carcasses in a lot of running water, they are dried with napkins.
  8. After pouring boiling water into a deep container, one of the prepared carcasses is sent to it for a couple of minutes. During this time the peel will separate from the pulp, but the meat itself will not be able to cook.
  9. Thermally exposed, in boiling water a thin film will inevitably curtail. He took the shellfish from boiling water, cooled it a bit, then removed the layers of the bursting film under the stream of cold running water. As a rule, separation of the skin treated with hot water occurs without problems.

Method of contrast shower

Quickly to clean frozen squid carcasses can be done with this simple method.

  1. Prepare two deep containers, one of them pour ice water, and the other stack gutted carcasses of mollusks.
  2. Scald the shellfish with boiling water from the kettle, they are immediately moved to another container and kept in cold water. This manipulation has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it prevents premature cooking of meat, and on the other - facilitates the release of carcasses from the skin. The remains of the bursted film are grasped with fingers and removed.
  3. Thoroughly cleaned carcases are dried with a paper towel or placed in a colander, freeing up excess liquid.

Cleaning the boiled shellfish

An inexperienced housewife often has a question: when to clean squid - before or after cooking? It is perfectly permissible to boil untreated whole carcasses whole, without preliminary cleaning.

  • Boiling, they are slightly cooled, and then a continuous stocking removes the film lining them.
  • Sometimes the skin on mollusks under the influence of hot water bursts and folds, forming a kind of small balls. In such situations, a soft kitchen brush can help out. It is enough to rub it with the surface of the boiled mollusk, as the remains of the film will not remain a trace.
  • Most often pre-boil mollusks, intended for salad.
We recommend that novice cooks try all the ways that you can clean squid to choose the one that allows you to do this not only correctly, but also quickly.

How to cook squid?

After learning how to clean squid, they go to their culinary processing. The easiest way to prepare any product is boiling, but it should also be done correctly.

Cooking seafood is not difficult, but you should know a few mandatory rules that can not be violated.

If the shellfish cook too long, their meat will look like a tasteless gum. The first indication that squid is digested is a significant decrease in their original size. Boiling seafood, you need to look at the clock.

If mollusks are cooked separately, the maximum time of their stay in boiling water should not exceed four minutes. In the composition of complex vegetable garnishes, sauces or pilaf with seafood it is permissible to heat them for half an hour.

The fastest way to boil squid

  • Squids, so that they are soft, it is necessary to keep in boiling broth no more than 20 seconds: only under this condition their meat will acquire the necessary tenderness.
  • To give a pleasant aroma, good chefs put a bag of tea tea or half a lemon in a saucepan with boiling water for cooking mollusks.
How to cook squid quickly - video:

The second option for cooking boiled mollusks

  • Water, intended for cooking seafood, slightly add salt, bring to a boil and flavor with seeds of dill and fennel( it is also acceptable to add finely chopped dill leaves).
  • In the brine-keyed brine send the prepared carcasses of mollusks and immediately turn off the flame.
  • Tightly cover the capacity of the lid, give squids a quarter of an hour, so that they can pour in the brine.
  • After this, the boiled mollusks are reclined into a colander and cooled in a tightly closed saucepan.

How to boil squid for light snacks?

To prepare this dish you will need:

  • Squids - 500 g.
  • 1 orange.
  • Tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  • Fennel - 2 small heads.
  • Oil( olive oil).
  • Juice of one half of lemon and one orange.

Method of preparation :

  1. Well-cleaned squid films are rinsed with running water.
  2. Fennel cut into neat strips.
  3. After cleansing the orange, remove all internal films from it.
  4. In a saucepan with boiling salted water, fennel is lightly boiled.
  5. Squid is added to the fennel, the contents of the pan are brought to a boil, after which the broth is poured.
  6. Boiled squid and fennel are filled with olive oil, fruit juices, seasoned with spices.
  7. With tomatoes remove the skin and remove the seeds, cut into smooth slices.
  8. All the ingredients of the snack( squids, slices of oranges, slices of tomatoes and boiled green fennel) are beautifully laid on a painted dish. You can put several large boiled shrimps over it.

Another recipe for squid cooking - in the video:

What kind of goodies can be made from squid?

Recipes of squid cooking in modern cooking are so diverse that they can not be enumerated. We briefly describe the main ways of cooking them.

At home from squid, the following dishes are made:

  • They are stewed in sour cream.
  • Boil with onions. Prepare with vegetables and cereals. Bake with cheese and tomatoes.
  • They are stuffed, filling with fillings from cereals and vegetables.
  • Include all kinds of salads and snacks.
  • Fry in batter.
  • Used for making meatballs, cutlets, sazra, meatballs.
  • Make from them delicious toppings for pies, pies and whites.

How to cook fried squid?

Before preparing this dish, squid carcasses, of course, should be cleaned. Do not abuse the use of spices, because the specific aroma of all seafood is very easily interrupted by the smells of other components of the dish.

The squid frying time, as with all other methods of preparation, should be minimal.

Crispy squid in crackers

This extremely tasty and nutritious dish is simply irreplaceable during family holidays and friendly parties. He is credited with the properties of an excellent aphrodisiac.


  • Squids - 0.5 kg.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Biscuit crackers.
  • Sour-and-mayonnaise lezon( consisting of an equal amount of mayonnaise and sour cream).
  • A mixture of vegetable and butter for frying.
  • A set of spices.

How to cook ?

  1. Cut carcasses cut into small strips or rings. Prepare lezones from a mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream and spices.
  2. Slices of squid are dipped in lezones, after which they are properly rolled in a breading mixture.
  3. Roasting is carried out for 4 minutes on a mixture made from cow and vegetable oil.
  4. Fried rings are laid out on a paper napkin so that it can absorb excess oil.
  5. After that, the delicacy is beautifully laid out on a flat plate, decorated with greens and served to a table with pickled cucumbers.
  6. In the same way, squids are prepared in a beer batter, which is filled with egg whites, a small amount of flour and beer.
  7. This dish is perfectly combined with many types of sauces.
Fried squid rings in batter - recipe in video:

Secrets of cooking fried squid

  • Molluscs are fried in a skillet and in the oven and on the grill. The last method of preparation requires compulsory marinating carcasses.
  • For a marinade, take an onion, rubbed on the smallest grater, a few cloves of garlic, passed through the press, juice squeezed out from a whole lemon, season with salt and pepper. Lovers add a small amount of paprika.
    • After keeping clams in the marinade( several hours), the carcasses are sent to the grill, periodically pouring them on top of the remains of the marinade.

    It's time to sum up some results. Having learned how to choose, clean and boil squid carcasses, preparing them for cooking various dishes, the hostesses will be able to diversify the ration of their family, enriching it with a tasty and useful product.

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