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Festive decoration for May 9 is not just a procedure for preparing a building for a traditional event. This is our story, pride and memory. Therefore, in addition to the classic symbolism of the Victory Day, which today can be purchased in many stores or ordered in conjunction with a service for the design of a hall or building, it is necessary to give children the opportunity to do something with their own hands.

Children will be able to join the great holiday not only as spectators-extras, but also its direct organizers. And this is already a responsibility, pride in their work and an "adult" attitude to the task entrusted to them. So the best option is to order a professional design design, in which children's work will be used.

What you can order from

professionals Each of the companies specializing in decorating rooms, open stages and other venues for various events has its own raisins and typical operating times used by absolutely everyone. Registration of assembly halls by May 9 in 2017 will be typical in terms of attributes and colors: state colors, red flag of the times of the Great Patriotic War, colors of military gymnasts and, of course, St. George ribbons.

The classic attributes of the decoration of the room are:

  • garlands of balls( including wicker);
  • picture of balloons;
  • columns of balls;
  • all kinds of crafts made of balls - shoulder straps, a star, a tank, an antiaircraft gun, etc.;
  • compositions of helium balls;
  • bright banners and posters.

If the range of classical tools for decorating the stage, decorating the hall, other rooms and the building itself is so limited, then how are the services of the firms different? Not only the cost, but also the quality of design, the material itself, the harmony of the combinations of different elements.

Decoration of the facade and interior decoration of the window openings and festive stands - all these works have their own specifics, and therefore create a beautiful, truly festive look of the building can only good specialists.

How to decorate

In the range of services of special companies - professional design of premises or buildings of any size. Therefore, the assembly hall or classroom, the windows of the kindergarten or the facade of the school will look not just festive and beautiful, but also taking into account the age of the children:

  • For pre-school children interesting intricate handicraft items depicting military symbols - weapons, stars, epaulets. Dimensions of jewelry will be in harmony with the size of the room for which they are intended.
  • For high school students, the design of the school in a more "adult" manner is suitable: strict columns of balloons of St. George ribbon, colorful banners, stands or pillars with various images - from traditional inscriptions "9 May" to the image of photographs of the Immortal Regiment.

If your children's or school has ready-made works dedicated to the Victory Day, you must certainly include them in the overall design:

  • So, the usual children's drawings on A-4 paper can be made in the style of front letters triangles, placed on the stand,which will certainly attract the attention of guests.
  • The voluminous crafts of children( modeling, papier-mache, other techniques) on military themes can be divided into composition fragments and decorated with balls, which will make them part of the overall decoration of the room.

Kindergarten for May 9

By the hands of professional designers and the kids themselves, you can prepare a unique holiday in honor of the Victory Day, which will remain in the memory of kids, teachers and guests for a long time.

  1. Young children love to play. Why not take into account this feature in the kindergarten and not build, for example, an arch of balls through which every child can pass? And the colors of the St. George ribbon on the balls of the arch will forever imprint on the memory of the kids this day, as one of the most interesting and joyful holidays.
  2. When choosing the design for a kindergarten, you need to remember that the kids love to try for strength, so the designs that should not be touched by hand should be immediately raised to the height inaccessible to the kids.
  3. What should be noted when decorating the garden on the Victory Day:
    • entrance group( columns and garlands of balls);
    • windows( poster or applications);
    • assembly hall( festive banner, garlands, pillars);
    • hall( garlands and columns of balls, stands with handicrafts of children);
    • training and playrooms( garlands, wall posters with photographs of the times of the Great Patriotic War or photos of veterans).

If you want to make the design of the garden original and memorable, order a complex decoration of the whole building - a unique atmosphere of the holiday will be created.

School by May 9

The decoration of the school by the Victory Day should bear not only a festive spirit, but also an informational and patriotic load. After all, to bring up in the younger generation pride for their great ancestors, who defeated fascism, is the main task of adults.

So, in addition to bright balls and colorful banners in the design of the school by May 9, you need to pay attention to the stands, and thematic panels, and pillars. That they were not simply decorated with holiday symbols, but there were portraits of soldiers who defended the Motherland.

The architecture of schools always provides for a large number of windows. They can and should be used to decorate the building for the holiday. On the windows of the window blocks can be placed posters. On the facade of the building, between the windows, festive garlands of balloons, flags and army banners of Soviet military units from the times of the Great Patriotic War can be hung.

Design of individual school premises:

  • in the hall it is advisable to place large banners, large posters or stands of general celebratory subjects, massive constructions of balls;
  • in school corridors and training classes - small garlands, stands and pillars with photos of military time and portraits of veterans, drawings of the schoolchildren themselves;
  • design of the stage and the assembly hall in the school should correspond to the solemnity of the holiday: a beautiful patriotic banner, military symbols and state, black and white photos of the liberators in a large format.

At school history lessons, children certainly prepared not one dozen abstracts on the theme of the Great Patriotic War. The best of the works can be used to create a festive interior: make a special stand for them, decorating it with yellow-black ribbons and models of military jars, grenades, copies of front-line letters.

Ornaments from paper that can complement the interior by May 9:

  • pigeons of the world - they can be both under the ceiling itself and on the walls;
  • voluminous five-pointed stars will look great on the walls of school corridors;
  • photographic tape from the newsreels of the war years can show documentary footage.

Window design for the Victory Day

Until recently, only new-year snowflakes were allowed on the window panes, today they are custom-made for any holiday. The ninth of May in this respect is a special day. For a long time already, from the anniversary of the Great Victory turned into a national holiday of the triumph of justice, the heroism of the people and his army. Therefore, the main symbolism of the design of windows is military. And - peaceful, after all, May 9 was a landmark time for peacetime.

  • What is best to look at the windows in kindergarten? Portraits of soldiers-liberators, stars and Eternal Flame. And also - the contrast symbolism, which is perfectly perceived by the child's psyche: flowers next to the tank, the sun and the birds hovering in the sky next to the plane.
  • For school windows, the classic poster symbols are more suitable: the St. George ribbon, the faces of the victorious warriors.
  • When designing windows, you need to consider the play of light reflected from the windows. White color in this case is "lost", but saturated, traditional colors for May 9 - red, yellow, black, green( "protective" color of gymnasts) - will look beautiful through the glass.
  • One of the classic options for appliqués on the windows by May 9 is a scattering of festive salute. And the "window" salute can be performed not only in the form of an application or a picture on a poster, but also with paints.

Facade decoration by May 9

Street art today can not afford to every institution, and therefore the festive decoration of the facades can be performed in a more familiar manner: the state flag, the banners of the Soviet armies of the Great Patriotic War, St. George's ribbons, garlands of balls, holiday banners,stretch marks.

The decor elements for decorating facades also include:

  • printing on a grid;
  • illumination( festive lighting).

Many of the works for the decoration of facades by May 9 require special qualification, since they are held at altitude. Depending on the number of storeys of the building, various means can be used for its decoration, from one banner for a small building to a full-fledged illumination and a set of stretches for a multi-storey building.

May 9 is a holiday for everyone and the whole country!

Real patriots are not educated. They are raised by the older generation by their own example of a relationship to their country, its history and the present.

The Victory Day is traditionally celebrated in our country so that every young generation can understand and feel the significance of this day in the history of our people, and veterans once again became convinced that the feat of them and those who gave their lives for the Victory will never be forgottendescendants. And this is the main goal of the festive decoration of streets, houses and educational institutions.

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