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The company Lebel Cosmetics was founded in 1977 in Japan and for 30 years with great success is engaged in developments in the field of hair care: develops, manufactures and offers to hairdressers all over the world high quality products: shampoo, masks, conditioners, styling products, paints, SPA-programs for the treatment of hair.

Representatives of Lebel Cosmetics are developers of hair care technologies based on knowledge of the laws of physics. For the first time, these technologies were purchased by the Goldwell concern 20 years ago and formed the basis for the popular in Europe service of elution. Subsequently, the company Framesi produced a range of similar dyes, based again on the technology Lebel. For this period, the very idea of ​​ionic staining has gone far ahead. The most recent achievement in this field, which has great advantages over all previous versions, is the newly developed Color Prefel( Lebel) ion dye technology, which we would rather call BIO lamination and that's why.

Imagine that you wrap each hair with a breathable film of natural cellulose( substances like juices of milky-wax squash juice or dandelion stem juice).What makes this possible, how does the composition work? Coloring pigments, Color Prefel, charged negatively according to the laws of physics are attracted to "+" charged hair. Reduced PH-conditions serve as a catalyst for the process. RRT( compound protein), a hair-essential ingredient, gives hair flexibility and shine, protects hair from damage. The cellulose film prevents the ink from washing away.

The line of Lebel Cosmetics products includes both products for professional salon use( especially the already well-known in Russia Eight-Phase Restorative Treatment), and products for home use, whose action is aimed at solving various problems of hair and scalp.

BIO-lamination Lebel Cosmetics is an ion-encapsulation process with the formation of a cellulose coating that smooths and smooths the surface of the hair, gives them extra volume, elasticity and glossy shine. A colorless or colored ionic gel with a low ph level( 2.75) creates a healthy, slightly acidic environment necessary to maintain the naturalness of the hair: it improves the structure of the hair and increases the density of the hair.

Overlapping hair, "TRANSPARENT GLAZING" is held at the expense of discharged ions, contains protein complexes of pearls, providing smoothness of hair. Cellulose film, covering the surface of the hair, prevents the washing out of the paint. Your hair is protected and well-groomed, they become shiny, bulky and flexible!

What do you feel while doing this, and how will your hair behave?

First, the shell "seals" the unevenness and roughness of the hair, especially pronounced in traumatized, split and overdried hair, and its smooth surface will acquire an amazing shine.

Secondly, , each hair "thickens" by at least 10% due to an additional layer, respectively, and the volume of your hair increases by the same amount.

Thirdly, , hair gets amazing elasticity, which makes it easier to lay without any styling. It is no coincidence that we mentioned the juice of dandelion stems - after all, natural rubber is obtained from it. And how it behaves when heated, everyone knows: it becomes plastic and easily formed. So the hair, wrapped in a cellulose coating, when heated by a hair dryer, is ready to "remember" the shape permanently attached to it.

Fourthly, the , the shell, as it were, retains the color inside the hair and does not allow to "wash off" the color of the hair obtained as a result of the previous staining. After all, it's no secret that many dyes( especially sparing) are very short-lived. And, it is necessary to wash your head several times - instead of your favorite shade, you will see the "dead" color of the etched hair. As a result of the same BIO-lamination, your shade will not move until BIO-laminate is completely washed away.

Fifth, , BIO laminate exists both in a completely transparent version, and in 20 color shades, which gives the creativity of the master and your imagination in the key of VIP-toning.

How long does bio-laminate keep on hair?

On average, it begins to wash out after a month. This process is very smooth. At any convenient time, you can repeat the procedure, oversaturation does not occur. Hair takes exactly as much composition as it can take.

Is BIO hair laminate harmful?

On the contrary, the cellulose film has a protective, hair-protecting effect against damage, and it also has a light moisture-repellent effect( which leaves the hair stuck in damp weather, and the chemistry does not "push").Thus breathes both hair, and a skin of a head. By the way, in addition to cellulose proper, BIO-laminate contains valuable components of plant origin that care for the hair. After treatment, the hair looks bright and smooth, thanks to the coating of PPT, extracted from pearls. The composition has no diamine base, so they do not smell and cause no allergic reaction.

It should be noted that the BIO-lamination service is perfectly combined with such already popular in many salons services, like BIO-styling and BIO-curl.

In this case we are talking about a certain synergy of action. After all, the essence of services is reduced to giving the hair volume and fixing a certain shape while maintaining the viability of the hair and their natural appearance.

In general, having tried BIO-lamination on your hair, you will understand why, when making a compliment to your hair, the surrounding people will choose the phrases: "looks expensive".

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