With what to wear ornaments from pearls

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  • What color pearls should I choose?
  • How to preserve the beauty of the pearl necklace

Many people love pearls for its versatility. It is suitable for men and women, young people and people of advanced age. At the same time, women of fashion who want to look stylish and elegant, wonder what it is preferable to wear jewelry made from pearls. Before you answer it, you should understand what pearls are and how it happens.

Types of pearls

1. Natural wild. It is a special organic mineral that grows in its shell sea or freshwater mollusks. The pearls raised from the bottom of the seas and oceans are large in size and highly valued. River pearls are much smaller, and its cost is much lower.

2. Currently, the production of wild pearls is almost stopped. For this reason, jewelry usually uses natural minerals grown on pearl farms. For the first time, Chinese began to grow pearls in the 13th century, and on an industrial scale in Japan, at the end of the 19th century. There are several types of natural cultured pearls:

  • Pearls of the South Seas are an elite species. It is grown on the coast of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The size of the pearls varies from 9 to 20 mm, and they have warm shades.
  • Akoya is a pearl that is exported from the islands of Kyushu and Honshu. Pearls grow relatively small( from 6 to 8 mm).Usually, Akoya has a light green, silvery or golden hue. Occasionally come across copies of pink and blue tones. Now pearls and ornaments from it of "Mimikoto", "Misaki" and "Mikura" are very popular.
  • The black pearl of Tahiti is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties of pearls that is cultivated in the South Pacific. The price of one large pearl reaches 10 thousand dollars.
  • Cortés pearls are a mineral that is produced off the coast of California. Large( up to 14 mm) and with numerous layers of mother-of-pearl.

3. Artificial. It began to be manufactured in the 1st century. The Romans were filled with paraffin and covered with a composition of fish scales glass balls. And the Indians made beads of mother-of-pearl or clay covered with mica.

  • An artificial mineral of a very high quality, from the end of the 19th century, is made by the Spanish company "Maiorica".It is distinguished by its durability and its characteristics are as close as possible to the natural counterpart.
  • Popular and inexpensive jewelry with mime pearls is also popular. It consists of a natural shell, grown in a sink, which is filled with epoxy resin and covered with mother of pearl.
  • In the 20th century, the American imitation of a natural mineral, known as Shell Pearl, spread. It is a bead on which many layers of varnish are applied.

Fashion for artificial pearls was introduced by Coco Chanel. She often wore several beads from him at the same time.

Where to put on pearls

Pearls favorably differ from many other ornaments. It will be appropriate in any situation. The main thing is not to make mistakes with the color, the size and the number of simultaneously worn ornaments.

  1. On daily walks or meetings. Pearls will look great in combination with everyday clothes. If it is a string of river pearls, then it will fit any dress or blouse with a cutout. A pendant made of pearls on a long chain will be appropriate on a closed dress or even a jumper.
  2. Into the office. According to the etiquette, screaming ornaments are not recommended for office work. Pearls perfectly satisfy the requirements. To an office suit or dress, short necklaces from river or sea pearls, pendants, small earrings-studs, gold and silver rings with one or several pearls will suit.
  3. At the wedding. Pearls for the bride's attire are an ideal decoration. By its color, it should be as close as possible to the color of the wedding dress. According to the etiquette the wedding necklace should end just below the collarbone, and long earrings should be worn only for a high hairstyle.
  4. To the celebration. Pearls can also serve as a decoration for the evening toilet. Here, the owner of jewelry is given complete freedom of choice.

Under a monophonic evening dress, jewelry made of white pearls is suitable. Depending on the cutout, they can be long or short, multi-layered or in one thread.

To focus on decoration, you can prefer long beads of unusual color. In addition, a string of beads can be decorated with a suspension of the same quality. Usually the tone of the suspension is selected for the color of any accessory, for example, shoes, clutch or belt. With a color dress will harmonize a string of light pearls or a short necklace.

In the evening toilet can be worn at once a few ornaments. For example, beads, earrings, a ring or a bracelet. You can focus the attention of those present and on one of them. For example, make a high hairstyle and wear long earrings, a pendant or cameo - under a dress with a neckline, a bracelet - for an outfit without sleeves.

Pearls and style

Pearls are suitable for any style of clothing. The main thing is to pick up ornaments that fit well into the overall ensemble.

  • For a small black dress in the Chanel style, one or more strands of white pearls are ideal. The image can be supplemented with small earrings. This image is good both for a romantic evening, and for visiting the exhibition or theater .
  • With a suit or dress of strict cut, characteristic for business style, it will be good to combine necklace choker( up to 45 cm) or slightly longer matte( 50-62 cm) of white color. The denser the fabric from which clothes are sewn, the larger the pearls in the necklace.
  • To fly outfits of light fabric in a romantic style will suit different types of necklaces, from 35 to 120 cm in length. They can be wrapped around the neck or tied in a knot at the chest level.
  • To create an image in the casual style, you can use medium-length necklaces and beads, consisting of one or two threads. They are well suited to dresses of simple cut, monophonic blouses and turtlenecks, jeans and trousers.
  • With blouses, tops and dresses in youth style will harmonize ornaments from small pearls of different colors. Especially unusual will look beads of baroque-pearls( irregular shape) or several long threads of artificial and natural mineral, worn simultaneously. They can be combined with metal chains.

With what it is not recommended to wear pearls

  1. With everyday clothes of pastel tones. First of all, it concerns the sand color and the color of beige.
  2. With bright outfits in which violet, red and yellow predominate.
  3. With clothes decorated with rhinestones or sequins.
  4. With too colorful, multi-colored dresses and costumes.
  5. With dresses of unusual cut in avant-garde style.
  6. With thick knitted sweaters.

Rules for wearing pearls

  • For a dress with a large neckline, you can wear several jewelry at the same time. But, they do not have to be massive.
  • For clothes with a shallow neckline, it is permissible to wear only beads or earrings.
  • If the decorations are massive, then you need to make a choice in favor of one of them( necklace, ring or bracelet).
  • To a necklace consisting of several threads or large pearls, only small stud earrings will fit.
  • Women who prefer long nails should choose their elegant rings.
  • Ornaments made from large spherical beads of equal size are suitable for respectable women of mature age. Young girls such an ornament will grow old.

What color pearls should I choose?

The choice of the color of pearls depends on many factors. First of all, it should be in harmony with the clothes, the color of the eyes, hair or skin.

  • White pearls are the most versatile. It is suitable for women of any age and with any type of skin.
  • Minerals of a yellowish shade and gold color are ideal for women with swarthy skin.
  • White natural brown-haired women and blondes are recommended jewelry with pink or blue beads.
  • Samples of chocolate shade are suitable for women of fashion with brown eyes, preferring clothes of coffee color.
  • With special attention should be given to the selection of earrings and beads with black pearls. They will look good on women with a bright appearance. White, with small, unobtrusive features, they will make even more faded.

How to preserve the beauty of the pearl necklace

Because pearls are a special kind of mineral, it is not as durable as other ornaments. With due care, he pleases his mistress for about half a century, and then begins to fade and gradually dies. If the pearl is not worn for a long time, it will fade even earlier. This is due to the fact that he needs moisture, which is just the human body.

To restore the decoration to its former shine, it should be placed between two pieces of red meat for the whole night. During this time, he will be saturated with their juice and shine, as before.

When putting on jewelry with pearls for a party, remember that the mineral does not tolerate contact with champagne. If it receives at least a few splashes, it will fade and may deteriorate.

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