Events in honor of May 9 in educational institutions

  1. Exhibition of thematic drawings. You can draw students from different classes in this lesson. Usually children are happy to show imagination and draw. You can depict scenes of war or just the symbolism of Victory Day. Or hold a contest for the best drawing, then to choose the winner all together. The guys will only have a pleasant experience. At the same time, they will get acquainted with the events of wartime.
  2. The contest of readers. Poems dedicated to the war, you need to read with a special feeling and expression, otherwise you will not be able to convey the mood. Not all children manage to do this, some are shy or afraid. The contest of readers will help them not to be embarrassed and to read the whole work with an expression.
  3. Review of the military patriotic song. Similar events take place in many schools. Children sing singly or in groups. During the performances the best and well-executed song is chosen. The works of the war years are carried away by many, create a special mood. At the review, you can call the veterans, who will be pleased to hear the familiar songs in children's performance.
  4. monument If the Victory Park is near the school, the guys can carry a guard there. Do this one by one. The disciples like to watch the order and watch the Eternal Flame.
  5. Excursions to the museum. If the city has a museum where the relics of the war years are located, you can bring the guys there. Although it can be done on any other day, but just before the Victory Day, the children have an interest in the events that occurred during the Great War. Such an event is more suitable for high school students. The museum can take children aged 12 years. Kids will quickly get tired and understand much will not.
  6. Action "Gifts to veterans".Many children like this event. It gives an opportunity to communicate with war participants, listen to their stories and just congratulate. It is possible to help veterans and visit them all year round, and before the Victory Day such a visit will especially please them. What can I take with me? Congratulatory homemade greeting cards, children's drawings, finally, a treat. It is better to take fruit, candy, cookies. Very opportunely there will be flowers. It is better to hold such an action to the pupils of the upper grades, they will not get lost.
  7. Meeting with participants of the war. The event can be held in the library. If there is an opportunity to invite a person who would tell about the events of the war and see everything with his own eyes, why not take advantage of this? Children are always interested in listening to such stories. And teachers will not remain indifferent.
  8. Cognitive quiz. Modern children are rarely interested in history, so some events may simply not know. Do not let this happen. Shame on this will be primarily the child himself. Remember the events that you learned about from books, it will be easier with the help of a quiz. Children can answer questions about battles, commanders, awards, memorable heroes and events. A great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and erudition.
  9. Souvenirs for veterans. It is not necessary to make drawings, you can use the imagination and make original handicrafts using ribbons, natural materials, plasticine, cardboard, paper, balloons. An exciting lesson for the youngest.
  10. Military sports games. One of these is the well-known Zarnitsa. Almost all children like to overcome obstacles and pass tests. There is a spirit of struggle and patriotism. If on the eve of the holiday there were warm sunny days, why not take advantage of this? This game can be conducted for students of all classes.
  11. Laying flowers on plaques. In this event everyone can take part. Nice as beautiful wreaths of fir branches, and just modest tulips. Each child will be pleased to put a flower on the monument.
  12. Competition of drawings on asphalt. You can conduct it among students of lower grades. On a clear spring day, they are happy to depict on the asphalt with colorful chalk pictures of a great war and victory.
  13. Meeting. Without him, the Victory Day celebration is not complete. This event should involve all students.
  14. Concerts. Festive concerts, where children can perform songs and tell poems, take place in almost every school. In addition, you can play skits. Children can perform folk dances, play the piano, accordion, other instruments.
  15. Finally, you can just arrange a lesson of courage before the holiday in school. Tell the children about the war, battles, events, heroes, commanders, veterans.
  16. Some schools send pigeons into the sky as a symbol of peace. It will be very good to repeat this tradition more often.
  • Activities in the school
  • Decoration of the hall
  • Scenarios

9 May is a holiday, which children should remember first of all. It is a day of gratitude and warm words to the great veterans who fought for peace and peace on earth.

That's why you should prepare well for the celebration of the Victory Day. All poems and songs should be performed with pride and with the most kind feelings. What events can be by May 9 and how to best conduct them, we tell in our article.

Activities in the school

Usually already in the kindergarten of children begin to be introduced to this great holiday. This is understandable, because it is easier to collect the kids, they are inquisitive, attentive. Raising respect for the veterans of the Second World War is necessary from childhood. The guys get used to it and then they themselves happily take part in all the events dedicated to the Victory Day.

Traditionally in front of a holiday or on a day of celebration in many schools concerts are held. Students read poetry, perform songs, play skits. Sometimes veterans and those who were touched by the war are invited to such events. But it is not necessary to dwell only on this, because there are a lot of other equally interesting activities. Here are the main ones that can be held in 2016:

Decoration of the hall

To ensure that spectators and participants can feel the atmosphere of the celebration, the hall should be properly decorated. A beautifully and tastefully decorated room will help convey the mood of the war years. It is better to involve and children, they with pleasure will take part in an ornament of a hall.

The scene can be decorated in different ways. The most successful way to decorate - flowers and balloons. Flowers need to be purchased in advance, otherwise at the right time to find them simply will not work. First you need to think over the scheme of decoration.

  • You can find a red canvas that will serve as a background. Decorate it with balls. For example, on the edges of the stage you can decorate with balls of black and orange colors, imitating the St. George ribbon.
  • Or do the same in another way: make a big ribbon of ribbons with the colors of the Russian flag. This symbolism is also popular.
  • From the balls you can make thematic figures of soldiers, stars, inscriptions "May 9".Such figures can be placed in the middle of the scene. At the edges it can also be decorated with helium balls.
  • It is not necessary to use balls, you can do a huge drawing. Several children can draw it. The basis for a large drawing can serve as a fabric or separately fastened sheets of Whatman.
  • You can decorate not only the scene, but everything that is nearby. For example, the pillars braid with luminous garlands.
  • You can bring flowers in pots, which are always a lot in school. It is especially good to use plants with large red flowers.
  • If the event is held in the library, it can also be formalized accordingly. For example, hang military drawings or a large poster.

If the event is held in the library, it can also be formalized accordingly. For example, hang military drawings or a large poster.

How can children get dressed? Guys can come in a formal school uniform. Well, if you can get special suits. Each of them can be handed a George ribbon or a red star


Many scenarios in schools are approximately the same:

  1. The host gives a solemn speech in honor of the holiday.
  2. Then the songs and poems are played.
  3. Scenes are performed, children play musical instruments.

You can move away from the usual script and slightly diversify the program, which will not lose its solemnity

Much depends on the room. In the library and assembly hall, the events will be held in different ways. They should begin with a minute of silence and a few memorable words.

One such scenario is

  1. First, the first presenter talks about memorable days - June 22 and May 9.Sounds about the heroism of soldiers, commanders, patience and courage of the common people. Then follows a minute of silence. Veterans and war veterans are given gratitude.
  2. Another presenter can read a small poem on the theme of war, victory.
  3. You can start the concert with a little digression into the story. Tell the audience about the attack of the fascists, the defense of Russian soldiers. About the Brest Fortress, the courage and courage of its defenders. Students can read poems about Brest, the beginning of the war, the June 22 attack.
  4. Then the two leaders talk about the future course of the war: the battle for Moscow, other battles.
  5. Then poems and songs again sound. They should be the main battle: the Battle of the Kursk Bulge, the defense of Sevastopol, Stalingrad.
  6. Do not forget about the blockade of the city of Leningrad. There are many words, poems, songs related to it. You can read the pages of the diary schoolgirl Tanya Savicheva
  7. Separately it is worth talking about Stalingrad, Berlin. Particular attention should be paid to the Victory Day itself. Why did he start to celebrate, and what happened that day at that time.

After the concert pupils can give veterans souvenirs, drawings, hand-made articles. Performing ditties on the war, showing that even in hard and difficult times do not need to lose courage and the ability to rejoice. Chastushki can sing girls in white dresses and boys in military uniform.

You can play scenes related to military everyday life. Children will need suits, shoes, hats. Waltz "Blue Handkerchief" will be a memorable number of the whole program.

If you correctly approach the design of the room and show imagination, you can arrange wonderful events for the Victory Day. They will like veterans and children, for whom it will be possible to experience the atmosphere of past events.

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