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  • Where is it better to do nail art - in a salon or at home?
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For girls last call at schoolis a responsible exercise, to which they begin to prepare long before a significant event. They think about their onions to the smallest detail. The outfit, hairstyle and, of course, the manicure on the last bell should be flawless and create a single harmonious image.

Where better to do nail art - in the salon or at home?

Certainly, the manicure for the holiday in honor of the last call should be flawlessly executed. Now, very few of the young representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are limited to covering their nails with a varnish of neutral shade. Each young lady tries to decorate her fingers in an original and stylish way.

Ideal option is to visit the salon, where a professional will perform on the marigolds any kind of manicure quickly and efficiently. He will advise which decor is more suitable for style and age, neatly leads the marigolds in order or builds them up, decorates, besides, he has at his disposal all the tools and tools necessary to create a nail art.

However, not all girls for various reasons can afford to visit the beauty salon. In this case, it is possible to make a stylish manicure yourself. Let the drawing be performed not so professionally, but he will fully express the individuality of the girl and be unique.

You can do this in the evening, so as not to rush and have time to correct possible errors.

Advice for professionals in the implementation of the nail art

Neil-art for a solemn event is simply obliged not only to be beautiful and stylish, but also to match the age of the graduate. In this regard, do not increase nails, on young girls' hands they do not look quite natural. However, if the girl thinks that the buildup is necessary, then one should not make the nails too long and sharp, neat nails of the oval or amygdala look much more attractive and natural.

Here's what rules are recommended to adhere to the manicure on n
last call looked perfect:

  1. Too bright or dark nails are appropriate for a party or disco, but not for the school ruler.
  2. The decor should not be too pretentious, as it will attract undue attention.
  3. Before starting to perform the nail art, the nail plates should be properly processed: sand it with a fine-grained nail file, degrease with a special solution.
  4. An edging manicure is not recommended, since it is possible to injure the skin around the nail.
  5. Strongly thick layers of coating do not need. Better - two thin, so the varnish will last longer.
  6. Persistence of manicure will contribute to the use of all products( base, varnish, finish) from one manufacturer.
  7. If some detail of the decor turned out to be unsuccessful, you do not need to delete the whole manicure. Using a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover, gently wipe the spoiled pattern.

And the last thing: manicure should not break out of the general style. Agree that a gentle French manicure with a school uniform will look much more appropriate than deliberately aggressive black and red nail art a la Labutin.

In the nude style

Choosing the nude for a nude call, the girl, firstly, follows fashion trends, since the modest, discreet nyl art for many years in a row firmly holds the palm tree in the design of nails, and secondly, looks incomparably elegantand stylish, because no one will say that it does not taste.

For manicure in the nude style, you will need a flesh-colored lacquer. It would be a mistake to think that the design will turn out to be boring, since there are a lot of beige shades: cream, melted milk, vanilla soufflé, pearl, latte, coffee with milk, etc.

Stylists recommend choosing a shade of beige, guided by the following rule: for a swarthy skinit should be one or two shades darker than the skin of the hands, for the light - on the same number of tones is lighter.

Step-by-step instruction for performing manicure:

  1. Treat nail plates and cuticles.
  2. Apply a colorless base.
  3. Cover nails with beige lacquer.
  4. You can use stamping for a change. On a light manicure a variety of stamps and stickers will look charming and stylish.
  5. On one of the nails, for example, on the nameless, you can apply sequins, beads or rhinestones.

This discreet fashionable manicure for teenagers will look original and festive, making the image harmonious and complete.

French manicure

Classic nail art is very suitable for young girls. He makes the image fresh and innocent, superbly emphasizes the shape of the nail plates, visually lengthens the fingers and is combined with all items of the wardrobe. The undoubted advantage of the French manicure is the opportunity to choose one of its many options.

Variant № 1

For girls who prefer bright options, you can decorate your marigolds with charming stickers or drawings in the form of flowers, butterflies, bows, sequins and small rhinestones.

Option No. 2

A classic manicure made in light pink tones. He will emphasize the romantic nature of the young person and will look great even with an evening gown, though with a strict school uniform. To make a variety in the image, you can wear a pair of silver bracelets and a chain with a pearl pendant.

Option number 3

Nice and mischievous will look like a French manicure, decorated with attributes from school subjects, for example, stickers in the form of textbooks, geometric figures and just numbers.

Variant № 4

Recently two-color French manicure is very popular, which looks modern and stylish. To do this, you need two shades of light varnish, the ideal option - blue and pink with a gray tinge. You can complete the design with patterns, rhinestones.

Gradient nail art

This effective manicure is appropriate for creating both a daily and a holiday image. To perform it you will need a sponge and a few shades of varnish of one color.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cover the nails with a transparent base.
  2. The varnish should not be applied to the nails, but to the sponge, and then with it on the nail plates to make prints.
  3. Repeat this procedure with all shades of lacquer.
  4. Surplus should be removed with a stick dampened with a nail polish remover.
  5. Fix the nail art finish.

Gradient manicure with your own hands - video

Caviar nail art

Already a season of fashion does not come out the so-called caviar manicure, which suits the last bell.

Particles in the composition of the means by which this original nail art is performed can be of different colors, but whatever tint is chosen, on the fingers of the young graduate it will look charming.

Step by step instruction:

  1. Sand the nails and cover them with a base.
  2. Apply coating, the color of which should be the same as the "eggs".
  3. Do not wait until the varnish is completely dry, lavishly splash on the nails of the "eggs".Since the beads will be poured, it is advisable to carry out the procedure over any bowl so that they can be carefully collected afterwards.
  4. Finger pressurize the "eggs" so that they attach to the coating.
  5. Use a wooden stick to highlight a "smile" at the base of the nail plate.
  6. After 10 minutes, peel off the soft beads with a soft brush, which do not stick.
  7. Cover the nails with a colorless finish.

Fashionable velvet manicure

Design, reminiscent of soft velvet, adorned with nails, will look great on the nails of a young fashionista. It is performed almost the same way as caviar, but instead of beads-"eggs" used velvet sand - a special tissue powder( flock).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Treat nails, apply the first coat of the desired color.
  2. Paint the second layer of varnish, without waiting for it to dry, cover it with velvet. Do this with your finger, slightly pressing down the villi.
  3. After a couple of minutes, remove the excess sand

. The velvet coating is not applied with a transparent anchoring base, the whole point is that the velvet should look dull.


Today in the trend - makeup, made in the technique of decoupage. Exquisite unique patterns can be performed with the help of usual napkins, from which pictures are cut and applied to the nails.

If a girl wants to surprise her girlfriends with an amazing youth manicure, she should try decoupage.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Pick up napkins with an interesting pattern or pictures.
  2. Cut out the fragments that fit the size of the nail plates.
  3. Cover nails with acrylic( colorless) coating. Wait until it dries.
  4. Remove the lower fabric base from the prepared fragments. Thin plates should be made.
  5. Use acrylic lacquer to glue images to the nails face up.
  6. Apply another layer of acrylic coating.
  7. Circle the fine tassel fragments, add sequins, rhinestones and other decor elements.
  8. Secure the manicure with a transparent finish.

Simple manicure at the prom - video lesson

When choosing a manicure for the last call you need to stop on the option that will not cause dissonance, getting out of the general image. Experiment, look for your style, and then your incomparable nail art will not be left without attention of others.

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