How to remove the riding breeches on the hips - exercise at home

Every woman wants to be beautiful and uses all possible means for this. Some do not like the skin of the face, others - the condition of the hair, and some think how to remove the breeches, which appeared on the hips. This phenomenon can be observed at any age - much depends on the figure, heredity and way of life. However, there is no specific way to return the figure to its previous form. The problem should be solved in a complex way( massage and physical exercises).

  • Diet
  • Massage
  • Effective exercises
  • Warming up muscles
  • Walking the pope
  • knee to the floor
  • hips Designer
  • Lunges
  • Rope
  • Squats
  • Planck
  • Raising the knees when standing


Nutritionists give general recommendations, as weight loss is impossiblein specific places of the body by order. Very often, losing weight, the woman is still watching the riding breeches, especially after childbirth. Try not to eat sugar, fatty foods, sodas and fast food. Also, remove heavy and sharp foods from your diet. Maintain a fractional diet, preferring small portions 4-5 times a day. The diet should be useful and not cause harm.

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If possible, contact the massage therapist, in this case you can quickly achieve the desired result. It is important to go through the entire course and not miss a single session.

You can also self-massage the hips, paying more attention to the problem area. The basic tricks: grinding and kneading - help the fat cells to quickly dissolve, make the skin supple. Massage movements from the bottom to the top. Do not exceed 10 minutes, but every day. When massage, you should use oil( you can add citrus essential oils) or cream.

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Effective exercises

The fastest way to remove the breeches that appeared on the hips is to help special physical exercises, they are not new, but very effective. There are a lot of similar complexes. They can be performed on the floor, using a gym ball.
A simple version of the complex of exercises includes:

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Heating the muscles

Bend the left leg, sitting on the floor, right - in the "frog" position. Move the weight of the body to one buttock, leaning on the hands, and make rotational movements - at least twenty-five times in both directions. Exercise to do for both buttocks. In this way, you can warm up the muscles in the right places and prepare them for the subsequent exercises. Do them slowly while the buttocks do not appear warm.

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Walking on the ass

Sitting on the floor with straight legs, walk ten times forward, alternately pushing the hips and buttocks. Then move back.

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Knee to the floor

Lying on one side, stretch your arm in front of you. Bend the leg in the knee, and the other, straightening and leaning on the arms, lift up. When doing exercise in muscles, there should be tension.

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Thigh constructor

Lying on one side, lift your leg up and gently bend at the knee, gently move the thigh in, the heel above the knee. Rotate exercises do from yourself, do for both legs. Do all the movements in the optimal rhythm for you, but not too fast.

To protect the skin from stretch marks that can appear after losing weight, follow the recommendations given in the article
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The falls

They should be long, obliquely, make sure that the knee at the end point of the exercise was above the heel.

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Jumping is a positive influence - the rope promotes weight loss in the hip area, as well as running and simple walking.

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You can use dumbbells to increase the load. Squats work on the buttocks, when exercising, set them back. Otherwise, you will load the front muscle of the thigh, which in time will increase the riding breeches on the hips.

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loading. ..

There are several variants of the bar for strengthening the muscles of the press, hips and back. Having taken a pose, it is necessary to sustain up to 30 seconds. The bar is repeated 2-3 times with interruptions of half a minute.

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Raising knees in standing position

Become straight. Legs shoulder width apart. Weights can be used. Slowly lift the legs, bent at the knee, alternately, along the way, leading them to the side.

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