With what and when can I carry a backpack

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  • What to wear a leather backpack
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The backpack is practical and convenientAn accessory that is ideal for everyday use. It looks good with such styles of clothing as sports, casual, informal, etc. Let's look at what you can combine different models of backpacks, and with which you should not wear this accessory.

Topical models of

In 2017, the following models of presented accessories for daily use are relevant:

  1. The bag-backpack will be an ideal addition to both everyday and classic style of clothes. Especially beautiful look leather models, stylized under the bag and decorated with discreet and neat decor elements from leather or natural suede.
  2. A small neat backpack adorned with a floral print. This model is suitable for young and romantic girls. It blends perfectly with the romantic style and casual style.
  3. A spacious backpack with a lot of pockets is a choice for active people who prefer convenient and practical things. It will look great with jeans, breeches, shorts, sweatshirts, free-cut sweaters, parks, down jackets, etc.
  4. A small backpack bag, pulled together with a cord. Typically, these models are made of high-quality nylon and have a bright color. They are designed to store a small amount of things and use in an urban setting.
  5. City backpacks, decorated with a bright print, fringe and extra pockets. They look pretty neat and attractive.
  6. A backpack made of genuine leather can be easily combined with the classic and everyday style.

Where you can and can not carry a backpack

Backpack is a fairly universal thing. Today there are a huge number of models of this accessory - from elegant leather to capacious nylon with lots of pockets and belts. Backpack should be selected depending on your style and purpose of its use.

This accessory can be used in the following cases:

  • For walking in the fresh air or going to visit friends. For this purpose, an urban backpack of 15 liters is perfect.
  • For a picnic in nature, barbecue or fishing. In this case, it is best to choose a practical model made of high-quality water and dirt repellent material.
  • For shopping, a backpack with a capacity of at least 20 liters is useful.
  • For sports: running, biking, climbing, etc. Most often for these purposes, choose backpacks with a capacity of 10-15 liters. Such accessories must necessarily be comfortable and light so that they do not cause discomfort during active activity.
  • For everyday use. In this case, you can choose a small accessory made of leather, quality textiles or nylon.
  • To study - to school or university. For this purpose, you can choose a convenient backpack with a beautiful print or without it. The main thing is that it is roomy and does not put pressure on your shoulders during socks.

The backpack should not be worn in such cases:

  1. To the office( if there is a strict dress code there).
  2. On business negotiations.
  3. For banquets and various celebrations.
  4. To the restaurant.
  5. In cultural institutions( in opera, philharmonic, theater, etc.).
Please note that you can carry your backpack on both your shoulders and on one. The first option is more preferable, since in this case the load is evenly distributed on the shoulders and back.

Who is he for?

Contrary to popular belief, backpacks are not the lot of young girls. They can be worn at any age, at least 16, at least 60 years. The only condition: bright prints are more suitable for teenagers. Older women are recommended to give preference to models of restrained colors.

With what to wear a leather backpack

A leather backpack, depending on its shape and material, can be combined with different styles of clothing:

  • A small backpack can be put on a cardigan, coat or light dress.
  • The capacious baggy backpack will fit under the clothes of free cut, stylish jeans and comfortable sports shoes.
  • Backpacks-briefcases can be worn for work with casual clothes( if there is no dress code).
  • Stylish accessories with an animalistic print will look beautiful with plain sweaters of free cut, cardigans, leather jackets, skinny jeans, leather trousers, etc.

Beautiful and accurate pieces of leather backpacks produce the famous brand of fashion handbags, clothes and shoes Chanel. They can easily be combined with a classic coat or jacket. Such accessories are perfect for transporting things, documents or business papers.

Let's look at several successful combinations of leather backpacks with different garments:

  1. Baggy leather backpack, jeans-boyfriends, T-shirt with bright print and leather jacket.
  2. Classic accessory without decoration, strict dress and pumps.
  3. Backpack-bag of brown leather, a shirt in a cage for men, a white tank top, denim shorts and sneakers.
  4. Jeans-skinny, dressed in a white blouse, ankle boots on heels and with lacing.
  5. Dress in the floor of light and flying fabric, leather backpack Chanel, clogs.
  6. Chiffon dress, leather jacket and white sneakers on a low landing.

With what to wear a city backpack

City backpacks are widely popular due to their practicality, as well as the comfort that they give to their owners.

As a rule, they are combined with everyday or sports style clothes: jeans, comfortable trousers, T-shirts, T-shirts, overalls, parks, ski jackets, free-cut sweaters, etc.

Why can I wear a city-type backpack? Let's take a look at several actual combinations with this accessory:

  • Checkered skinny trousers, one-color t-shirt, shoes on the tractor sole.
  • Short T-shirt, denim shorts, low boots on lacing, stylish black hat.
  • T-shirt "alcoholic", black trousers-skinny, sneakers.
  • Casual dress with pockets, leather sandals on solid soles, denim vest.
  • Tight trousers, cardigan of medium length, solid color T-shirt.
  • Black trousers, brown leather boots without a heel, an alcoholic vest, a shirt of a man's cut.

With what to wear a backpack with a floral print

This is one of the current models of this season. A backpack in a flower can be safely worn with a youthful, casual, romantic, informal style. The only condition: clothes should be plain with no prints, because the presented accessory itself is bright and noticeable.

Let's look at several topical combinations of garments with backpacks decorated with a floral print:

  • Classic jacket or coat, jeans-skinny, lace-up shoes.
  • Casual dress in the floor made of light material, vest, open shoes with solid sole.
  • White T-shirt, denim overalls and sneakers.
  • A fitted sweater of light and natural shade, jeans, boots or sneakers.

With what to wear in winter and autumn

In winter it is necessary to ensure that the backpack is combined with outer clothing and shoes. Classic models made of leather, suede or textile look great with:

  • Warm wool cardigans.
  • A plain coat of classic cut of medium length.
  • Knitted scarves and hats.
  • Boots and boots on the tractor sole or platform.

Urban roomy backpacks will look good with:

  • Parks.
  • With medium-length puffs.
  • Coat of free cut.
Picking up a backpack, you need to pay attention to its coloring combined with the color scheme of the entire outfit. It is desirable that this accessory was made in the same tone and color as the shoes.

With what to wear in the summer

A woman's backpack in the summer can be worn with a wide variety of wardrobe items:

  • Lightweight and airy dresses made of chiffon, silk, etc.
  • Summer tightened pants and light sleeveless blouses.
  • Shorts and vests with alcoholics.
  • Jeans and T-shirts with a bright print.
  • Casual dresses made of natural materials and denim vests.
  • Summer dresses in the floor, sewn from flowing material.

Depending on the model of the presented accessory it is necessary to choose footwear:

  • Shoes or sandals on a heel will look good with classic models of leather or suede.
  • Sneakers, sneakers and sports sandals look great with city or sports backpacks designed for everyday use.
  • Sandals on a platform or on a flat sole can be combined with small and neat backpacks decorated with a bright print( animalistic, geometric, floral, etc.).

For most people, a backpack is simply an indispensable thing in everyday life. With him you can send for a walk, to study, to rest, to visit and even to work. Classic models of backpacks are perfectly combined with clothes of different styles: youth, classical, romantic, etc. Other models are best combined with sport style and casual style.

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