How can you beautifully wear a tippet

Such an original piece of clothing as a tippet can become a kind of highlight, giving its own special feature to your image. But in order to look beautiful, using this element of the wardrobe, you need to know how to properly wear it. In addition, choosing this attribute of clothing for yourself, you will have to constantly monitor your posture, otherwise you can turn yourself into an image of an unattractive old woman.

  • Tippet to the dress
  • Practicality of the cashmere stole
  • Tippet for different styles of clothing

Tippet to the dress

A great silk cape will be a perfect addition to your evening gown, hiding your shoulders under which you will successfully emphasize your graceful image.

Picking a tippet for an evening dress, you must comply with a number of requirements. So, this accessory should be either in the tone of the selected dress, or combined with the dress monochrome, or be of contrasting color.

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For example, under a red dress you can pick up the same color as a red stole, or a tint of another red hue( monochromeoption), or a contrasting stole of white, black or golden color.

Another example, under a blue evening dress, a blue tippet, or a turquoise stole, or a contrasting emerald or blue color, will do.

The best material for an evening accessory is silk, chiffon and real fur.

As for the other styles of dresses, the best stitch is suitable for a dress-case of classical length and length just below the knee. For everyday wear, choose a stole made from loose fabrics and calm colors.

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Practicality of cashmere stoles

You can combine soft cashmere stoles with coats of different styles, as well as with sheepskin coats, leather youth jackets and fur coats from natural fur or from eco-fur.

In this case, the color palette is better to choose a bright, accent, and to muffle the saturation of the stole, you can add to it a more relaxed headgear and solid gloves in the tone of the hat.

Palatine can act as a headdress. You can wear it like a scarf or just throw it over your head and twist it around your neck.

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Tippet for different styles of clothing

For official and business style, choose soft and tinted stoles, or with a fine pattern, without fringe and additional decor. In this case, they must necessarily be in harmony with the basic clothing.

For the English style, choose stoles of noble natural shades( burgundy, terracotta, blue, dark green) with geometric patterns, for example, with a cage.

Stoles in ethnic style can be decorated with various ethnic motives. To this accessory are selected quiet colors and cut things, because it is the palette will be the main one in the image.

For a romantic style, you can use all sorts of knitted lace stoles. Such accessories are suitable for a cool summer evening.

For the French style under the palette you can pick up a beret in tone. Delicate pastel colors are popular, especially peach, sand and celestial.

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