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Fur vest is an incredibly stylish, noticeable, beautiful and comfortable part of the women's wardrobe. This garment can be found in the collections of almost all famous fashion designers. It is not only a stylish accessory and an excellent addition to any woman's wardrobe, but also an excellent alternative to bored cardigans, coats and jackets.

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Product variants

When buying a fur vest, you should pay attention to several characteristics of models. They are needed in order to buy a decent, high-quality and suitable in all respects the thing.

Fur vests are also popular because every woman can afford them, because this product is several times cheaper than a fur coat.

They can be made and different fur, both expensive( sable, mink), and more affordable( beaver, fox, Arctic fox, rabbit, mouton).In addition, vests made of artificial fur are quite common.

The heat insulation and practicality of the product depend on the material of the waistcoat. It must be remembered that natural fur requires more attention than artificial fur. Certain storage conditions must be observed. At the same time, natural fur is much warmer and more beautiful than artificial fur. If you want to wear a fur vest in the cold season, it is better to buy a vest made of natural material.

Also vests come in different styles. They can be loose cut or stitched, long or short, with a hood and without it. From what style you are going, the universality of this thing will depend. For example, a hood with a hood is suitable for walking with friends or sports events. But you can not wear such a thing if there is a dress code in the office.

Those girls who have a slender figure can wear any style vest. A fitted and shortened model can emphasize an ideal figure. If you need to hide some problem areas, then it's best to buy a waistcoat with a free cut.

The owners of wide hips can afford an elongated waistcoat, which should be up to the middle of the thigh.

For disproportional thighs, a fur product will fit the area completely.

With a successful choice of style vests can hide all their shortcomings and emphasize the advantages.

According to the texture, the waistcoats are divided into: fluffy, smooth and sheared. If you decide to buy a waistcoat with fluffy and thick pile, then it will add extra volume to your figure. That is, girls with lush forms of such a thing will not work, as will visually make them even more. Vests with smooth fur fit them. Long pile in this case can act as a decor. For example, the waistcoat is made of one material, but the fur is not cut on the collar. Due to this, the girl's bust will look more visually.

Fur vests can be attributed to one of the most versatile hit items of the women's wardrobe. Not only can they be worn, combining with so many styles, so this thing also fits all types of physique. It is only necessary to correctly determine the shape of the waistcoat and the choice of wardrobe for this product.

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Combination with other items of the

wardrobe If you have not already purchased a fur vest, but are already asking yourself the question "What is it to wear?", You need to choose it depending on the purpose of use.

For example, if you are going to wear a fur vest exclusively for celebrations or meetings, you can choose expensive furs( sable or mink), they never go out of fashion. But such sleeveless jackets are perceived rather as an accessory, not suitable for daily use.

If you are going to wear a fur waist every day, then it is preferable to stop for quality but less expensive furs( beaver, fox, Arctic fox).When the funds are tight, you can safely pay attention to vests of artificial fur or eco-suit.

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When choosing a waistcoat with which you are going to wear different items of your wardrobe, consider also the features of your figure. In general, these vests can be called universal, they fit girls of any height and build. The main thing here is to correctly choose the structure of the fur, the size and length of the product, because it, however you may say, adds a figure of volume.

Girls who do not have problems with the figure, can wear short vests of polar fox with fasteners in the form of lightning or buttons. In this case, the length of the product can be up to the belt of the trousers or to the waist line. Such a waistcoat will advantageously emphasize the dignity of your figure.

The vest of Arctic fox will look great together with narrowed trousers, as well as with skinnets.

By choosing a contrasting color or finishing the waistband suitable for the waistcoat, you can make your waist more visible by placing an accent on it. If the waist needs a visual reduction, choose models from a short-cut short fur to the middle of the thigh. They should be free cut, which would smooth the waist and hip lines.

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In spring and autumn you can wear a fur vest instead of light jackets, putting on top of warm sweaters with a throat, and combining with trousers, and also low boots or ankle boots.

If the outdoors is cool enough, you can wear a sleeveless fur jacket over a leather jacket or a wool coat.

If you do not know what color you want a vest, then it's best to choose a classic white or black color. These vests will look great with any thing in any style. This universal colors will give an image of tenderness, lightness and mystery.

Fur vests, especially of fox fur, perfectly combined with classic clothes. You can wear them on top of a business suit, with a classic skirt or trousers, complementing the ensemble with a blouse or a thin turtleneck. This classic version is suitable for those who do not have obvious problems with the figure. In this form, you can safely recover to a business meeting or to work in the office.

Many stylists recommend putting on a sweater or cardigan for a vest, but this is only for thin people, since with overweight such a layering will add to them at least one more size.

Waistcoats with belts will look good with cocktail dresses, and with a long evening gown wear a short fur coat or a cape. To this image it is fashionable to add high heels and gloves and get the image of a fatal woman. Usually for these events, famous designers recommend wearing a vest from a fox. This immediately shows the status of the woman and makes the image even more luxurious.

Waistcoat can be worn with a knitted dress every day.

It is advisable to avoid images where the fur is located on several things at once. This applies to accessories. Do not wear fur hats or take a bag of such material. This will immediately make the image heavy and ridiculous.

With a fur waistcoat, be sure to wear the accessories and ornaments suitable for style: wide belts, long gloves, clutch bags, chains with pendants, beads, brooches, bracelets.

Belt with a wide buckle will help to emphasize the waist. With short fur, you can wear a scarf and gloves to the elbow.

A great combination of fur and leather, so a handbag made of such material is never superfluous. If you wear jewelry, then it should be made of quality material. It is desirable that the medallions are large, but without fanaticism.

As for shoes, the fur vest will look great both with high-heeled boots, and with autumn boots.

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