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Fur vest is extremely practical and versatile. And after studying the fashion trends over the past few years, you can be sure that it is also always relevant.

Fashion once again made a turn, once again returning to the podium once the beloved hippies and adherents of the style of "boho-chic" the subject of the wardrobe. In this regard, the question is urgent, with what to wear a fur vest. Answer it!

How to choose a vest?

The first question that arises before deciding to purchase this wonderful thing is to give preference to a model from natural or artificial fur. With him closely related issues of price and quality. Of course, unless you ignore fur for ideological reasons, the first option is preferable and "status".But now even eminent designers sew vests from artificial fur. With a kind of difference is almost not visible. So why pay more? But the final choice is yours.

  1. The next thing to choose is the style and color. The most interesting are the painted classical models and, on the contrary, variants of natural fur of fantasy cut.
  2. Slender tall ladies can afford any model of the most luxurious furs.
  3. It is better for small fragile women to wear short or cut-to-length fur designs up to the waist or covering the buttocks.
  4. A few extra pounds will hide the elongated waistcoat up to the middle of the hip from the fur with a short pile. To hide the tummy, tie a belt.
  5. Carry out an audit of your own wardrobe. If there is a predominant clinging clothes, it looks better with a long pile waistcoat. And vice versa.

Fashion trends

With what it is proposed to wear a fur vest in 2017:

  • With blouses in ethnic and folk style.
  • With light chiffon or silk dresses. Folds, drapes, frills, flounces and ruches are welcome.
  • With narrow trousers and maxi skirts with a cut to the hip and tight-fitting sweaters and turtlenecks.

Win-Win Combinations

With what to wear a fur vest? Most often it's just a beautiful accessory. Therefore, you can create images in any style.

  • With jeans. Different styles look great and with classic jeans, and narrowed, and with models that expand from the waist. The bigger the waistcoat, the jeans should already be. And vice versa. Shoes - boots, ankle boots or high-heeled shoes. For an image in the casual style, a flat sole is also appropriate, but not thick and not rough. Stylish expensive sneakers and a leather backpack - this is a sporty chic.
  • With trousers. Any style - from the classic with arrows to resemble pajama trousers. The colors are also entirely up to you. The brighter they are, the more neutral the top should be. Separately worth mentioning leather pants. Those days, when they were considered the exclusive prerogative of glam rock-style dressers and branded as "vulgar", passed long ago and irretrievably. Now they can afford to wear any lady. In combination with fur, the skin looks very impressive.
  • With skirts and dresses. The shorter the waistcoat, the longer the dress can be. Versatile options: dress-sweater, dress-case, skirt-pencil. This is a luxurious addition to an evening or cocktail dress.

Vest from fox

Models entirely from fox are rare. Most often, only the front strips are sewn from this fur, and the back is made of leather. The styles are very diverse.

  • High-growth ladies with a slender figure can rely solely on their own taste.
  • It's better to choose fragile and tiny models with shortened models.
  • A leather waistcoat with fir trim on the collar accentuates the breast. This is wonderful for full ladies, usually with a chic bust.

With what to wear:

  1. A chic version for a business woman: a vest over a dress-case or a pencil skirt with a tight cashmere pullover.
  2. A casual image: narrow dark trousers or jeans and a bright monochrome sweater or a classic shirt. Shoes - boots or ankle boots. Accessories in tone of clothes.
  3. Extravagant combination: a fur vest over a thin leather or denim short jacket. Bottom - a pencil skirt or classic trousers of neutral tones.
  4. Any model will be an excellent addition to the evening gown in the floor. It is interesting in this case look models with a hood.
  5. An image for a young girl: denim or leather shorts, tight black pantyhose and high boots. Or ankle boots and the bright leggings dropped on them.

Vest of a fox

A fox fur vest looks really luxurious. But it looks great in everyday ensembles. Ladies who like to combine it with dresses and skirts with fur trim on the hem, all the time it should be remembered that it is important not to overdo it. Accessories with a similar finish will be clearly superfluous. In addition, it is absolutely unacceptable not only to combine natural and artificial fur, but also natural fur of different types.

With what to wear:

  • In everyday life - with leggings under your skin, pencil skirts or narrow skirts into the floor with a high cut, narrowed trousers and jeans. The top under it should be as simple as possible: a sweater, a turtleneck of neutral color. Required high boots on the stud.
  • For short jeans shorts, put on bright turquoise, crimson, emerald or violet tights. Shoes - ankle boots or boots.
  • In severe winter frosts, in order to warm it up more, wear it over a sheepskin coat or a drape, cashmere, woolen coat.
  • In the office, he looks great with a classic tight-fitting blouse, tucked in a black or gray skirt-pencil or skirt year. Black shoes with heels are strictly required.
  • Image in the style of "Hollywood chic" of the 30s of last century: midi cocktail dress, black lacquered high-heeled shoes and long satin or lacy gloves in the shoe tone. Dress choose black, dark brown or golden-beige.
  • Elegant combination - with narrow trousers and top or blouse of an interesting cut from expensive thin fabric( silk, satin, lace, moire).It will be complemented by its large bijouterie of famous brands.

Mink vest

Mink vest, especially if the model provides a belt, will perfectly hide the small flaws in the figure.

  • By preference for tight pants and high heels, models will fit the waist.
  • If the wardrobe is dominated by skirts and knee-length or floor-length dresses, buy an elongated version up to the middle of the thigh.
  • With evening or cocktail dress, very short models to the shoulder blades, similar to the bolero without sleeves or to the stole, look spectacular.

Its worn:

  1. With narrow trousers and jeans.
  2. With dress-cases and pencil skirts and high-heeled shoes.
  3. With velvet skirt of the same color.
  4. With thin summer chiffon or silk dresses, and also with thin smooth jersey.
  5. With leather trousers and an original tight-fitting blouse or top.

In spring and summer

It is not necessary to wait for winter or deep autumn to put on your favorite thing. In spring and summer, the long nap, of course, looks quite ridiculous, but the cropped fur or mink can be worn.
We should not forget that this is a spectacular accessory to the wedding dress.

Unbeatable options for cool weather:

  1. Narrow leather trousers, turtleneck and shoes on a wedge.
  2. Jeans, stylish sneakers and cashmere sweater with a collar of "golf".
  3. Dress-case or dress sweater and ankle boots or closed shoes with high heels or graceful wedge.

But most often it is suggested to play on contrasts. Fur vests are combined with long sarafans, skirts on the floor in fine pleating, lace short dresses and skirts, light dresses of silk and chiffon, denim and cotton shorts. The main thing - to choose the right style. Only shorter models are relevant here.

Correctly combining a fur vest with other things, it is possible to create set of smart and remembered images, appropriate in any conditions.

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