Repair in the apartment. Which wallpaper to choose? Also what now in a fashion?

  • What color to choose wallpaper
  • What type of wallpaper is best
  • What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?
  • Which wallpapers to choose for the hall?
  • What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom?
  • Which wallpaper to choose for a child( for a boy, for a girl)?
  • What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bathroom?
  • Which wallpaper to choose for the corridor in the apartment?
  • How much does it cost to paste wallpaper?

Those who start repair, spend a lot of time and energy on the choice and purchase of finishing and building materials. This is a rather difficult task. Therefore, on the general background of preparation for repair, the study of the assortment of wallpapers seems to be a pleasant and easy exercise.

In reality, the consumer faces many problems. After all, when choosing wallpaper, you can not consider only your aesthetic preferences. In the epicenter of attention - a lot of factors, in particular - a combination of wallpaper in the interior. It is important that they are sustained in one style and harmoniously complement each other.

  • Please note that wall coverings with large patterns are not suitable for small rooms.
Vividly enlarge the room will help bright solid wallpaper. If you want a wall covering to have a print, then in this situation only a small picture is allowed.
  • Black wallpapers can not be glued in dimly lit rooms. Optimal choice - white wallpaper.
  • If you have a small apartment, then wallpaper stripes you will not fit. Such a pattern only visually reduces space.
  • Hide wall irregularities, layout defects and other shortcomings will help texture wallpaper or wallpaper with flowers.

What color to choose wallpaper

The color of wallpaper should be chosen not only in view of personal preferences, but also depending on the light exposure. Rooms that face south, cover with cold wallpaper, to the north - wallpaper in warm colors.

  • Green wallpaper is not too flashy and not too bright. This universal color is suitable for any room.
  • Lilac wallpaper will bring a light note to the atmosphere.
  • Violet wallpaper is cool and fresh.
  • Turquoise wallpaper will promote relaxation, removal of irritation, fatigue and even stress. This is an excellent antidepressant! This choice is especially justified for a bathroom.
  • Yellow, red and orange are relevant for kitchen walls.
  • Pastel shades are the best choice for a bedroom, whereas in a living room you can show complete freedom of expression.

When choosing the color of wallpaper, check whether it is combined with a range of textiles and furniture upholstery. And remember that saturated and deep colors are appropriate only in large rooms.

What type of wallpaper is better than

The next step in choosing wallpaper - is determined with the material. Today, the market offers extraordinary diversity.

View video on how to choose wallpaper:

  • Fabric wallpaper is very refined, but strongly prone to dirt. Therefore most of all they are suitable for offices and bedrooms.
  • Textile wall finishing - felt, linen, jute, velor, silk wallpaper, as well as products on a synthetic basis.
  • Non-woven wallpaper has good wear resistance.
  • Fluorescent wallpaper is a choice of bold, non-standard and creative personalities who want to be surrounded by a suitable atmosphere. Luminous wallpapers are simply created for such people.
  • Vinyl wall coverings are characterized by water resistance, which is important for bathrooms. Vinyl can be represented in different variations. For example, wallpaper "under the brick", which give individuality to corridors and hallways. For country houses an excellent interior decoration will be wallpaper "under the stone."Wallpaper "under the tree" look no less stylish and fashionable. This can be a classic "vagonka", an imitation of an unprocessed board or exotic species of trees.
  • Bamboo wallpaper in the interior will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. They have a trendy appearance, oriental flavor, magic and mysticism. Such a natural finish will make the atmosphere exquisite and beautiful, highlighting the excellent taste of the owners and bringing a piece of nature to their homes.
  • Glass-fiber wallpaper is the embodiment of the best qualities of modern wallpapers: fire resistance, water resistance, resistance to mechanical damage. Suitable for public premises and kitchens;
  • Liquid wallpaper - imitation of decorative plaster, which provides good heat and sound insulation. Their surface repels dust, and also effectively hides wall defects. Optimal choice - sticking in offices and corridors.
  • 3D wallpaper - this is the latest innovation in the world of finishing materials. Panoramic fashion wallpapers deserve special attention. They can be photographic or painted, horizontal or vertical. Depending on the plot, this cover can decorate any room.
  • Elite wallpapers deserve special attention. From conventional analogues, they are distinguished by several characteristics: naturalness and innovation, author's design, complex technologies, limited series, original decor, excellent quality and high cost.

The choice of wallpaper depends on the purpose of the room in which you are going to glue them.

What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

Kitchen is a room where surfaces are heavily soiled. So, it is here that most often there is a need for repair. Therefore, looking for the answer to the question of how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen, first of all pay attention to the practicality, durability and the possibility of caring for them.

View video with wallpaper testing for the kitchen:

The most accurate solution is washable wallpaper for the kitchen. With such a surface, it is easy to remove all contaminants, and wet cleaning does not negatively affect the aesthetic and functional qualities of the coating. In addition, washable wallpaper is pretty dense, which ensures the durability and durability of the walls.

When studying the assortment of wallpapers, pay attention to such an important parameter as vapor permeability. This property is necessary for the drying of walls and a healthy microclimate in the room.

There are other nuances that should take into account when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen:

  1. Light fastness - resistance to UV radiation and burnout.
  2. If you buy a wallpaper for painting, take a product suitable for multiple staining.
  3. Pay attention to product labeling. The "wave" icon indicates moisture resistance, and "wave with brush" - for resistance to mechanical damage.
    Paper wallpaper - not for the kitchen. They absorb soot, smoke and unpleasant odors. And also quickly become dirty and lose an attractive appearance.
  4. Choosing the color of wallpaper for the kitchen, consider the interior of the entire apartment, the design of the room and its dimensions: a small picture will visually increase the space, and a large one will reduce. Do not choose too dark or too light colors. The kitchen should please the eye. An interesting solution is a combination of several shades for zoning the room.

What wallpapers to choose for the hall?

The hall is a general purpose room where families spend their evenings, receive guests, relax and talk. Therefore, the question of which wallpaper to choose for the hall, you need to approach with skill.

Pay attention to a number of criteria.

  • Modern wallpaper for the living room are paper, textile or vinyl varieties.
  1. Paper is environmentally friendly and affordable. But they burn out under the sunlight in rooms with a lot of windows and are not very durable.
  2. Vinyl wallpaper for the hall in the apartment perfectly hide the unevenness on the walls, do not accumulate static electricity, have a special texture and are easy to clean.
  3. Textile wallpaper will make the decoration of the room especially luxurious. They are durable, aesthetic and ecological.
  • For the hall are preferred saturated shades - cherry, burgundy, blue, juicy green.

To make accents, you can choose a cover with golden or silvery patterns( they can make up a frieze or be concentrated in a certain zone).A small room is decorated in pastel colors: lavender, peach, mint, the colors of the French rose.

Discard horizontally oriented drawings in favor of decoration with floral motifs and monograms. For the halls in which the sun is hot and sunny in summer, a cold wallpaper with a metallic luster( pale blue, lilac, aquamarine) will suit. The optimal pattern is a simple and classic pattern.

  • For the zoning of the living room, the wallpaper-companions are appropriate. This interior looks stylish and elegant.
  • During the renovation of the living room will need and curbs for wallpaper under the tone of the finishing material. These are strips of small width for decorating the surface. Usually they are glued in the lower third or upper part of the wall( along the perimeter of the ceiling).In the first case, such a strip distinguishes between different wallpapers( for example, a dark bottom and a light top), and in the second - creates a decorative edge for greater comfort.

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom?

Wallpapers in the bedroom interior play an important role. After all, in this room a person rests, relaxes, sleeps and restores strength. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type, pattern and coloring when selecting the finishing material.

So, for a bedroom these types of wallpaper fit:

  1. Paper - affordable and environmentally friendly, but short-lived.
  2. Textile - beautiful, safe, but expensive.
  3. Non-woven - an ideal choice: durable, air-permeable, easy to glue, but are not cheap.

Vinyl varieties for the bedroom do not fit, because, despite their durability, they do not let in air, which prevents normal rest.

Drawing and color of wallpaper for the bedroom visually changes the shape and size of the room. Therefore, remember that a warm range visually increases the space, and the cold - reduces, but gives extra comfort.
  • A warm hue of wallpaper with a horizontal pattern will easily solve the problem of a narrow and long room. They are glued to the narrowest wall to give the room the right shape.
  • The diagonal pattern on the finishing material visually hides the defects of the walls, saturating the interior with dynamism.
  • The non-ideal height of the ceiling is corrected with wallpaper in a horizontal strip. Also, the problem can be solved if the color of the ceiling coincides with the pattern of the wall covering. Low ceilings seem to be higher due to vertical stripes.

The most successful choice of colors for the wallpaper for the bedroom - pastel shades: blue, lilac, soft yellow, beige, etc.

Which wallpaper to choose for a child( for a boy, for a girl)?

Children's wallpaper for walls must be high-quality, durable, eco-friendly, beautiful and durable. After all, they will have to endure many trials, since children are capable of much. And the state of health and health of the child depends on the wall covering. And parents, studying such products, try to keep within the family budget and dream about that the next repair was not soon.

View variants of the wallpaper for the children's room in the video:

When deciding which wallpaper is best for the nursery, consider the following.

Age of the child

Of course, you can not choose the wallpaper that your child will arrange from birth to adolescence. And the most resistant coatings will still lose their original appeal for such a long service life.

  • For newborns, pastel colors are relevant, since bright colors excite the immature nervous system of crumbs. The wallpaper with characters from cartoons or fairy tales is also inappropriate, because you do not yet know about the preferences of your son or daughter.
  • For children of kindergarten age the wallpaper of brighter colors with drawings of animals, letters, numbers, etc. will approach.
  • For those who already go to primary school, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper location. But tell the child that you need to take it seriously seriously, because in a few days, because of changing the preferences of the child, you will not begin to paste the wall cover.
To a teenager, let us have complete freedom of choice. At this age, the child wants to be independent in everything, and it is not worth stopping such a striving.

Child gender

Drawing is the main criterion of choice. The children's wallpaper for the boy can be decorated with typewriters, dinosaurs, animals, courageous heroes of cartoons and fairy tales.

Children's wallpapers for girls are distinguished by various amusing creatures from their favorite stories. They can be decorated with princesses with locks, teddy bears and other cute elements.


Choose wallpapers that serve for a long time, are difficult to get dirty, easy to clean and absolutely safe.

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bathroom?

Reflecting on the design of the walls of the bathroom, many do not even stop on the option of wallpaper. After all, most people perceive them as a paper product. And what kind of paper will withstand the constant tests of moisture? Therefore, wallpaper for the bathroom can not have a paper base. But there are finishing materials with a special impregnating composition or having water repellent properties.

This washable wallpaper , which is impregnated with liquid, which prevents moisture from entering the deep layers of the finish. This prevents the soaking of the coating. In addition, such a surface can be easily cleaned of any contaminants, which positively affects the durability of the wallpaper.

The moisture is not afraid and vinyl wallpaper .They have a polymer, absolutely non-hygroscopic coating. Their price is high, but you pay for the excellent quality and long life. Their kind - self-adhesive wallpaper - is ideal for a bathroom. On the reverse side they have an adhesive base, that is, you just need to cut the canvas into pieces of a certain length, moisten with water and glue to the wall.

In the bathroom are appropriate and liquid wallpaper .This is a kind of plaster on a water basis. The wall in the room is primed with special bases, then the liquid wallpaper is applied, fixed with a water-repellent, colorless varnish. Such a coating resists splashing, steaming and constant moisture.

Steklooboi also deserve attention. They resemble the elongated plexus of thin threads of glass. They are extremely practical, since they do not absorb moisture, they can be painted and, accordingly, the bathroom interior is updated.

Bathroom design can complement and wall-paper . They will make this room bright, interesting, fresh. The main thing is to choose rolls with a moisture resistant coating and special glue.

The tone and wallpaper design for the bathroom should be selected, based on the style of the room.

  1. High-tech - liquid wallpaper with a variety of fanciful drawings, colors, reliefs to give the room individuality.
  2. Classical / Provence - neutral light wallpaper of beige or white tones.
  3. East, pop art, avant-garde - colorful wallpaper: 3 walls are covered with a coating of a soft scale, and the 4th is decorated with a bright color.

Which wallpaper to choose for the corridor in the apartment?

The wallpaper selection for the corridor should start with an estimate of its dimensions. If the room is not long and wide enough, then the best wallpaper in this case - monochrome, with flowers or ornament. Visually increase the ceiling will help a vertical strip.

But the long and narrow corridors do not allow the gluing of dark wallpaper and the use of contrasting, large drawings. Ideally, you should choose light wallpaper with simple ornaments, without contrasting and bright details.

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, consider lighting. If the room is well lit, then use different colors and patterns. For dark corridors, dark colors are contraindicated. It is better to give preference to saturated, but not too bright shades of a warm spectrum: pink, orange, yellow. Just remember that with artificial and natural light, a certain color looks different. So study the sample in different conditions.

Exclude white and light wallpaper if the front door of the apartment immediately goes into the corridor. After all, in this case, the coating quickly becomes dirty and will lose its presentable appearance. Better choose wallpaper with a pattern and, preferably, washable.

Buying wallpaper for the corridor, consider the style and color of the other elements of the interior: ceiling, floor, furniture, doors. In everything there should be harmony. You can diversify the design by gluing on the walls of different wallpapers: from above light, and below - dark with a similar pattern. At the joint, glue the border strip. So you protect the bottom of the wall from dirt, and light top visually expand the space.

In a long corridor near the front door, cover one kind of wallpaper, and the far one to the other. At the junction point, create an arch. So you divide the hallway into two rooms and fix the problem of a narrow and long room.

How much does it cost to paste a wallpaper?

High quality wallpapers in themselves are not cheap. But if you have already spent a considerable amount of money on them, then it is better to invite them for gluing the specialists who will professionally perform this work, which will positively affect both the aesthetics and the durability of the wall covering. Today, on average, prices for these services vary in the range of 400-1000 rubles per square meter.m. The specific price depends on the type of wallpaper and the need for additional work.

Successful choice of wallpaper depends only on you: your taste, material possibilities and awareness. The more seriously you treat such a purchase, the better will be the result, which you can enjoy every day!

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