Step-by-step master class on an unusual bouquet of socks for a gift to a man

Choose a gift girl is very simple. After all, the beautiful half is pleased with any little things in the form of perfume, original cards, flowers, boxes of chocolates. With men it will be more difficult. Each young lady wants to congratulate her boyfriend or husband in an original way, especially difficult to do this on the eve of February 23.It is always possible to give a deodorant and cowards banally, but you can design them in the form of an unusual male bouquet.

  • Bouquet of roses
  • Bouquet of tulips

Bouquet of roses

Material needed:

  • new socks of the right size( you can buy different colors);
  • skewers for shish kebab;
  • textile pins;
  • decorative materials: gift wrapping paper, decorative mesh, ribbons, bugs, artificial flowers.

Creation process:

  1. Unpack socks.
  2. Take one sock on a flat surface( table).The sock needs to twist the sock as shown in the picture.
  3. Begin to twist the sock into a tube from the elastic to the heel.
  4. Continue to fold the sock into a rosebud.
  5. Free part of the fabric of the sock should be filled into the formed wrinkle.
  6. Staple the rose bud with a textile pin.
  7. Put the rose on the skewer.
  8. Make the desired number of colors.
  9. You can decorate each flower and put it in a bouquet, or you can decorate a composition that was folded immediately, or put flowers in a vase.
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Bouquet of tulips

Required material:

  • new socks of the right size( you can buydifferent colors);
  • floristic wooden chopsticks green;
  • textile pins;
  • green paper or cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • plasticine silt or floristic soft clay;
  • decorative pail, vase, flower pot;
  • decorative materials: gift wrapping paper, decorative mesh, ribbons, bugs, artificial flowers.
  • loading. ..

Work process:

  1. Put socks on a flat surface( table).
  2. Break the elastic band to the heel, as shown in the picture.
  3. Twist the sock from this crease to the front.
  4. The free part of the sock fabric is fixed with a pin. Straighten all the petals of the flower. So you need to make all the necessary flowers.
  5. We take floristic sticks and fix on them the resulting buds.
  6. Cut out sheets of paper or cardboard and glue them to ready-made tulips.
  7. In a pot, vase or bucket you need to put clay or plasticine.
  8. Insert flowers into the pot and close the emptiness between the clay and the top of the container with decorative grass, hay or sawdust.
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