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  • After voluminous jackets and heavy fur so want to feel the spring lightness and put on something bright and stylish! Spring women's coat does not lose its relevance is not the first season. For the spring and autumn of 2017, the modelers offer trendy coats in a wide variety of colors and colors, stylish silhouettes will not leave anyone indifferent. It remains only to choose a model to your liking.

    Distinctive features of the fashionable coat of 2017:

    • bright colors and calling print;
    • an interesting fabric texture;
    • impeccable style;
    • availability of decoration;
    • original cut of the collar;
    • length: maxi, midi, mini.

    The choice of colors and fabrics

    The most popular colors for spring and summer were:

    • warm coral;
    • dark turquoise;
    • saturated emerald;
    • a noble burgund;
    • bewitching indigo;
    • classic black;
    • caramel and cream shades.
    • The whole range of warm pink shades will be popular in the spring of 2016, and the leading place was taken by rich coral color. And this is not surprising, because it is the coral that best emphasizes female beauty and adds a spring mood. Do not lag behind in popularity and dark turquoise, reminiscent of the sea wave. This color is suitable for models in vintage style.
    • It would seem that the emerald, burgundy and indigo color are meant for fashionable coats for autumn. But the stylists proved the opposite and created unique models for the spring days.
    • Traditional black will never go out of fashion, and this season it is customary to dilute it with a contrasting finish of red - lining, edging, cuffs, collar, buttons. Light caramel shades make the female image especially refined, in the spring romantic.

    Do you think that the monophonic top is boring? It does not matter, at shows this season, you can see the varieties of a variety of prints.

    At the peak of fashion - a strip of transverse and longitudinal, Scottish cage, peas, animalistic print, geometry, complex ornament. The flower coloration has not lost its relevance in this season, only now flowers have blossomed in 3D format, giving the female image a French charm and English elegance at the same time.

    From the materials designers gave preference to classic cashmere and draper for a coat in retro style. For warmer days, you can choose denim, leather and natural suede. And fashion models of suede and leather should not be supplemented by any trim, only luxury fabrics and flawless cut.

    For summer models, shiny fabrics - satin and silk - are ideal. Luxurious and festive look summer coats of taffeta and lace, and for casual style, you can choose a cozy coat, crocheted.

    This year, designers offer so many variations on the theme of a trendy coat, which is easy and lost in this abundance of models. To make your choice, you need to decide on:

    • the length of the spring fashion coat;
    • silhouette;
    • we cut the collar and sleeves;
    • presence of finishes.

    Style oversize

    You can choose a model of any length: maxi, midi, mini. Women's trendy coats of maxi and midi are flying silhouettes and a free style, an understated cut of the shoulder line, elongated sleeves.

    The general impression is this: the coat is as if from someone else's shoulder. And this is the most popular trend of spring and summer 2017!This style in English sounds oversize, which means "over size", "more than usual size", well, and make your own conclusions.

    For finishing a coat in the oversize style, stylists chose an asymmetric buckle to enhance the effect of negligence, as if in reality in the morning rush a foreign coat was taken from the hanger.

    Style retro

    For nature more conservative will fit bulk coats in retro style. The length of the midi and the mini, the strict lines of the silhouette, the short sleeve, the symmetrical finish of the collar and pockets make this model irreplaceable for business women.

    Coat-cocoon, despite its severity, can be worn not only with short business dresses and narrowed trousers, but also combined with jeans and long dresses flying cut for each day. The coat-cocoon visually aligns the figure, suitable for women of any height. It is universal, so this model can safely replenish the base wardrobe.

    Stylists and a fashionable coat-cap were not forgotten. This flared female coat is sleeveless, with slits for hands and a fastener on the neck. This season, they carry caps of any length, and give preference to black and white.

    Some stylists have transformed the traditional Cape and left no slits for the hands. Cape began to resemble a cloak in the English style. As a fastener, brooches, buttons and lacing are used, but they wear such a coat with wide-brimmed hats and gloves.

    Women's coat-robe

    Another fashion trend is the linen style. Carelessly dressed in the morning dressing gown directly on his nightgown or pajamas - is it possible to think of something cozier? And is it not pleasant to put on a coat in the morning rush, comfortable and not constraining the movements?

    Distinctive features of coat-gown: scalloped or straight cut, simple button closure or waistband, midi length - mid-calf, no collar, straight or short sleeve, use of "home" materials - silk or knitted jersey.

    Short spring coats

    If we talk about the length of a mini, then there are no limitations in the choice of silhouette and style. Demi-season fashionable mini coats can be straight and fitted, with or without a collar, fastened with a zipper, buttons or not have a fastener at all, and a single-breasted and double-breasted suit will be acceptable.

    Especially popular are short coat-dresses. Cutting around the waist, with a bright print and original trim - they will add coquetry to the image and spring mood. Coat-dress - an excellent solution for spring, not only for adult ladies, but for girls. This model is decorated with flounces and ruffles, folds along the waist line and sleeves-lanterns.

    Fashionable A-Silhouette Coat

    A flirty image can be created using an A-silhouette coat. The model itself is characterized by simplicity and lack of unnecessary details. As a rule, a cut without a neck, a straight fastener with buttons or a zipper, a pair of patch pockets, but the effect is stunning.

    The fact is that the A-silhouette refers to the retro style, but it can and should be combined with shoes and clothes of the opposite directions, as an option - with a massive footwear on the platform and clothes in the style of sport-chic. True, this image is only for girls and very young girls.

    Women's coat X-silhouette

    Separately want to talk about fashion coats for the spring X-silhouette. This is another trend of the season, and most importantly - it fits absolutely any type of figure.

    The emphasis is on the waist line, while the chest and thighs are hidden by a loose form. The fashionable silhouette of the "hourglass" harmoniously fits into any style: classic, retro, casual, oversize, military, business style and style college. A little thoughtful negligence, accessories, stylish shoes - and a unique spring image is ready.

    Fashionable coat, style boho

    What is the style of boho? This is a complex combination of colors, ethnic ornaments of different cultures, a mixture of styles and trends in fashion. At first glance, what could be simpler? But to create an ensemble in the style of boho, you need to have an impeccable taste.

    This style is characterized by a free cut, a combination of expensive luxury items and something from a grandmother's chest or flea market. If you use decor and decorations, preference is given to natural materials: leather, wood, ivory, precious and semiprecious stones. Style boho does not tolerate lurex and synthetic fabrics.

    For spring designers offer a knitted fashionable boho coat, reminiscent of a poncho. The combination of a stylized poncho with narrow trousers, half-boots-cowboys, a wide-brimmed hat, and a bag over the shoulder will make the spring image unique.

    Another version of the fashionable coat boho - a straight silhouette of a free cut and a complex ornamental decoration, made in the patchwork technique. It can be a coat with a hood or with wide lapels. For such models, stylists chose retro-style drapes.

    The knitted fashionable boho coats were also presented in other styles, the characteristic features of which are:

    • free straight cut;
    • flared hose;
    • ethnic embroidery;Fastening on buttons or lacing;
    • bulk patch pockets;
    • three-dimensional flower decor.

    Coat-2016: fashionable collars and sleeves

    When choosing a trendy coat for the spring, special attention should be given to cutting the collar and finishing it.

    • This season, fashionable collars are the rack and English. The last trend is his complete absence.
    • Fashionable collars can be trimmed with a wide contrasting edging, elegant embroidery or appliqué.Absence of a collar is compensated with accessories: scarves, kerchiefs, stoles.
    • The three-quarter sleeve in retro style remains in demand. The choice of designers is easy to explain: the truncated sleeve coincides with the hip line and makes them visually less. Especially since a short sleeve is a great opportunity to flatter jewelry and make an image more elegant, adding it with long gloves.
    • The opposite of a short sleeve is an intentionally elongated sleeve, used by stylists to create an oversize image. A long sleeve in combination with a shoulder line attached to the shoulder creates such a fashionable effect of negligence this season. And to give more volume, fashion designers again use shoulder pads, as it was fashionable in the late 90's, and cut the sleeves of raglan.

    Fashionable finish

    First of all pay attention to the lining. This season, a stylish element is the contrasting main fabric lining. In this case, it does not need to be bright colors, preference should be given to natural shades.

    The finish of the collar of fashionable coats can match the color with the lining or act as an independent decor element. The most popular 3D trim with a 3D effect.

    Overhead pockets - a hit of this season, they are decorated almost all fashion models. Pockets can be many or one, they can be located at different levels and have decorative trim: hoodies, edging, embroidery.

    Stylists use patch pockets for any styles, but they look particularly impressive on their coats in military, casual and oversize styles.

    Fashion coat and accessories

    Accessories should be chosen very carefully, you do not need to overload the image with details, otherwise the created ensemble will look ridiculous. Accessories are selected depending on the model of the coat. Let's remember several rules:

    • the more details on clothes, the less need for jewelry;
    • complex print - it means a minimum of accessories;
    • no collar compensate with a light scarf or jewelry for neck;
    • sleeve three-quarters - means, you need long gloves or bracelets;
    • monotonous coat is decorated with contrasting accessories.

    We tried to analyze what trends should be guided when choosing a coat. Modern fashion is democratic and does not drive us into strict limits.

    Fashion designers offer enough options for a fashion coat. There are no restrictions in the choice of length, nor in the choice of style and decor.

    The main trends are freedom, lightness and a little negligence. And if you add to this the good taste, sense of style and a drop of imagination, then you will get an unforgettable and bright spring image of 2017.

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