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Experiments with appearance for so many girls include the item "I'll try to be a blonde."The desire is understandable, because men pay more attention to the fair-haired ladies. But how to lighten hair at home, so as not to spoil the hair? This is exactly what we will talk about.

Unfortunately, bleaching hair with chemical preparations with hydrogen peroxide, "eating out" a natural pigment, can end in a fiasco. Instead of the desired color, you can see on your head something indigestible. In addition, there is always the risk of spoiling the hair so much that it will turn into a lifeless, faded mass, reminiscent of a disheveled bast.

What to use at home?

When there is no confidence in the safety of the formulations offered in beauty salons, or previous experiments with chemical dyes brought nothing but disappointment, it makes sense to think about how to lighten hair without paint. Fortunately, in folk cosmetology there is for this a lot of means that not only do not harm, but will go to the hair for good.

These are masks made from natural products. If folk remedies are used correctly, they will never cause harm.

The effect of lightening, of course, will not be achieved as quickly and radically as when using artificial colors, but the strands will remain alive.

Natural components of clarifying home masks do not destroy, but strengthen the structure of the hair shaft and follicle, so after the execution of the conceived there are no problems with loss, dryness, necrosis, brittleness.

Plus, the use of self-made compounds from quite ordinary, affordable products is very beneficial in terms of saving money. And, finally, at home, you can repaint yourself at any time, when it is convenient and does not distract from business.

The only drawback of folk ways of lightening the hair at home is the need for repeated repetition of procedures. Dark curls do not instantly discolor, if you use only natural cosmetic compounds. The effect will become noticeable only as a result of repeated use of clarifying masks.

What products can brighten hair without harm? Let's consider the most popular variants.

Chamomile broth

Of all medicinal herbs, chamomile is recognized as the most useful and safe hair remedy. Chamomile treats fragile, damaged ringlets with strongly split ends. Decoctions and infusions of this unique plant help to get rid of dandruff. And the chamomile also has the property of making strands of sunny, summer shades.

Alas, for brunettes and brown-haired daisies it is almost useless, but it is quite capable to lighten up fair-haired hair or to give brighter shades to straw curls.

The most popular way to use chamomile for lightening and hair care is to rinse the broth:

  1. In 500 ml of boiling water, brew 2 tbsp.l.dry flowers.
  2. Then warm up for 15 minutes on a steam bath and insist in a closed container.
  3. Cooled to a comfortable temperature rinsed hair after each wash.

Intensive clarification as a result of the application of chamomile broth will not be, the curls will only acquire a pleasant golden hue. But the therapeutic effect will be felt immediately: the condition of the hair and scalp will noticeably improve, the curls will become obedient, they will acquire a satin shine.

If you need to achieve a much lighter color, you need to prepare a stronger chamomile broth, reducing the amount of water by half. Add 50 ml of glycerin to it.
Get a wonderful mask for lightening and treating overdried, weakened strands. Glycerin creates a thin protective film on the hairs and glues the scales. The dyeing pigment of chamomile is as if sealed inside the hair, due to which the effect of clarification can be strengthened and prolonged.


In recipes of different masks lemon juice is often used. Lemon is the source of many vitamins, microelements, organic acids and minerals. In this case, experts warn that, among other things, the compositions with the juice of this citrus have a clarifying effect due to the ability of citric acid to partially destroy the pigmentation pigments. Apply these masks are recommended with caution, especially if the hue of the hair needs to be preserved.

But that in some situations can give an undesirable result, in others it will only be on hand. With the help of lemon hair lighten, taking sun baths or making special masks and rinses.

The first option is simple to primitive:

  1. Lemon juice is applied to strands and rest in the sun for two hours.
  2. Then take a break for 1.5 hours and again put the hair under direct sunlight for half an hour.
  3. After such a long, but pleasant and uncomplicated procedure, the strands are thoroughly washed with running warm water and applied with balm. You can use the method not more than once a week. You can immediately notice the change in color.

To lighten the lemon hair with a normal texture, it is necessary to squeeze out juice from 4 fruits of medium size and dilute it with a quarter cup of warm water.

If the hair is dry, then instead of water in the lemon juice add air conditioning.

It is useful to add a little honey to this solution. It well nourishes the skin, hair follicles and the hair itself. In addition, like the lemon, honey has a decolorizing effect, due to which the effect of the clarifying mask is enhanced.

Another way to lighten hair with lemon involves the preparation of a special multicomponent mask. It consists of:

  • A glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • 500 ml of vinegar.
  • For 20 g of dry marigold and chamomile flowers.
  • 50 g of acacia honey.
  • 30 g of rhubarb root.
  • 50 ml of medical alcohol.

How to prepare a mask:

  1. The rhubarb root is boiled for 10 minutes in vinegar over low heat under the lid.
  2. Pour half of juice, sprinkle with herbs. Cook for 5 more minutes.
  3. Decoction is removed from the plate and cooled.
  4. Add the remaining lemon juice, honey, alcohol to the warm mixture. Stir.

The composition is very concentrated and corrosive. If you use it as a mask for strong clarification, then you can keep on strands for a maximum of half an hour, otherwise the hair will "burn".On average, the procedure should last up to 10 minutes.

Gentle method provides a dilution of 1 tbsp.of the product obtained in 1 liter of water, which is used to rinse the hair after washing.

Important! Use lemon juice in its pure form can never be, because it dries the hair drastically. Do not allow the acidic composition to hit the scalp, so as not to get a chemical burn.

The method of lightening with lemon is more suitable for women with oily skin. If the skin is a dry type, it is better to choose another way of lightening the hair, for example, using a sour milk mask.

Clearing mask on kefir

For lightening of hair with kefir it is desirable to use not fresh, but beginning to spoil a product, as the maintenance of acids in it as ripening rises. To prepare a clarifying mask you will need:

  • Kefir warm - 0.5 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice - 4-5 tbsp.l.
  • Yolk - 1 pc.
  • Vodka - 2 tbsp.l.
  • Shampoo - 1 tbsp.l.

All ingredients are mixed until uniform. The mask is applied to the roots, and then the comb is spread over the entire length of the strands. On the head put on a plastic shower cap and tie a warm handkerchief on top. The mask is kept on the head all night, and in the morning it is washed off with water and shampoo.

With this composition, you can lighten dark colored hair, not just light brown or natural. In order not to confuse the specific smell remaining from yogurt, it is recommended to add extracts of medicinal herbs or essential oils( calendula, chamomile, lavender) in the amount of 5-6 drops to the mask.


About useful properties of cinnamon it is told much. But very few people know that cinnamon can not only season different dishes and pastries, but also discolor hair.

To make a mask from cinnamon for lightening hair, you need to mix 4 tbsp.l.powdered spices, 250 ml of conditioner and 125 ml of honey. This mixture is applied to the hair and allowed to stand for 90 minutes under polyethylene and a towel.

Or mix the same amount of cinnamon with olive oil( 3 tablespoons), honey( 200 g) and dilute in a glass of warm water. The mask is kept on the hair for 4 hours.

At the end of the procedure, the hair is thoroughly rinsed, dried and combed to remove cinnamon grains stuck in the hair.
After the first session, you will notice unusual softness and silky curls. And the color will become lighter gradually. The more often you use a mask with cinnamon, the greater the effect.


Everyone knows that henna is a natural color. Previously, it was used to lighten dark hair, which, under the influence of henna, became fiery red. Today, henna is used more as a medicinal preparation that helps to strengthen follicles, normalize fat production by sebaceous glands, restore and treat hair. With proper application, the method works safely and allows you to give bright colors to the natural color of the curls.

If we talk about the clarification of hair with henna, then something needs to be clarified. It is necessary to use not ordinary, but colorless henna. The peculiarity of this product is that it is obtained from other raw materials, so it does not have a coloring pigment - the hair will not turn red.

To prepare colorless henna before use, it is necessary exactly according to the instructions given on the sachet. It is important to keep a mask on your head for a certain time. At the end of the procedure, the composition should be washed off with water. You do not need to use shampoo.

Finally I want to say that hydrogen peroxide or hydroperitol lighten hair is highly undesirable. Yes, these funds can even brighten black curls to light up to the color of straw. But it will take a very long time to pay for the desire to be a blonde.

Peroxide not only burns the pigment, but completely destructs the hair shaft, in other words, kills it. Restored drained curls are no longer subject. To get rid of the "washcloth" on the head, you have to wait until the hair grows and they can be cut. There is no other option to remove the effects of the action of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is better to choose means for lightening the hair not so effective, but more sparing and safe.

Lightening the hair at home( video)

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