Which is better to choose a submersible blender

Every year a submersible blender is becoming more popular among housewives. Blender allows you to quickly mix the liquid and cut vegetables, greens, fruits. This is ideal for grinding a small volume of products. Therefore, more and more often the question arises: which blender is best to choose?

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to choose
  • main producers
  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Bosch
  • Moulinex
  • Vitek
  • Kenwood
  • Scarlett
  • DEX

Advantages and disadvantages of the immersion blender Among advantages to be noted:

  1. compactness.
  2. Light weight.
  3. Multifunctionality.
  4. Many baits.

The drawbacks of the submerged blender include:

  1. Relatively high price.
  2. Need to hold the device on weight.
  3. Inconvenience when preparing cocktails.
  4. The inability to process a large volume of products.
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How to choose

To select the immersion blender with exactly the functions that you need, you need to consider parameters such as:

  1. Power. It can range from 140 to 1200 watts. The level of power directly depends on the set of functions and the speed of the work of technology. So, at a power of 400-600 W, the submersible blender will be able to cope with minced meat or frozen vegetables. With a power of 500-800 watts in it, you can chop ice and constantly use it as a meat grinder.

  2. Number of speeds and how to switch them. For a home submersible blender, 5-8 speeds are sufficient. If there are more of them - you can get confused, and if less - you limit the number of products that you can grind. As for the method of switching, as practice shows, working with smooth switching is a little more convenient.
  3. Presence of pulse mode. Pulse mode allows you to adjust the speed without stopping the process, by changing the force of pressing the button. According to consumers - a very convenient feature, although not mandatory.
  4. Composition of baits. One of the most important parameters on which the device's capabilities directly depend. It can include: a main nozzle, a whisk for whipping, a multifunction nozzle, a mill and a vacuum pump.
  5. The material from which the nozzles are made. The strength of the nozzles depends on the material used, as well as their appearance and durability. All these characteristics are better for metal attachments. Plastic are less practical and short-lived.
  6. The presence( or absence) of the battery. The battery allows you to work with a blender anywhere in the kitchen, without being tied to the outlet. This is very convenient, however, it has its drawbacks - such a blender weighs more, and it's harder to work with it. In addition, it is more expensive, and its power is lower.
  7. Additional items. Complete with a submerged blender can go: mounting on the wall, stylish stand, measuring cup, rubberized handle. The last detail greatly facilitates the operation of the device.
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The main producers

Today the market of submersible blenders is quite diverse. We present you the list of the main manufacturers of submersible blenders and their brief characteristics.

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Braun is a world-famous brand whose submersible blenders, like other kitchen appliances, are distinguished by stylish design, high quality, variety of functions, reliability and appropriate price. Submersible blenders of the German company Braun allow you to grind and cut various products, prepare mashed potatoes, mix all kinds of sauces, prepare cocktails, shake various mixtures. In the list of popular Braun blenders, there are also wireless models.

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Philips - no less famous brand, recognized throughout the world. Hand-held submerged blenders of this Dutch company are easy and compact in combination with high functionality. Various models of Philips submersible blenders allow you to quickly process a variety of products - liquid, solid, cold and hot. The technical specifications of different Philips models vary considerably. But they all have high reliability and excellent quality.

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Bosch submersible multifunction blenders easily handle the entire list of possible tasks that are put before them: ground, mixed, whipped, sliced, shredded and shaken. A unique knife mixxoquattro with four blades, which are equipped with blenders of this company, allows processing of solid products quickly, thoroughly and silently.

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Moulinex is a well-known French brand for the manufacture of kitchen appliances, founded in 1922.The main motto of the company - "With the Moulinex technique - everything is simple and easy."This rule applies to the company's submersible blenders, which are an amazing combination of convenience, versatility and high speed.

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Vitek is a popular Russian trademark, created in 2000.The company offers various models of submersible blenders for the price and availability of functions. Their distinguishing feature is functionality, ease of operation, compactness, practicality, bright design and affordable cost. All Vitek blenders are equipped with a non-slip grip with conveniently located on it mode control buttons and various additional attachments.

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Kenwood's multi-functional, beautiful and practical submersible blenders are capable of mixing, grinding and whipping products quickly and effortlessly. This small household appliance will be able to replace a few units of various kitchen appliances, thus saving space and money in the kitchen. Kenwood household appliances are famous for their durability and durability, and will become the best assistants in the kitchen.

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Scarlett - already more than 10 years known both in Russia and abroad, the Russian-Chinese trademark registered in the UK.Scarlett submersible blenders are multifunctional, economical electrical appliances with a high level of performance. They can be used for various purposes and tasks, including - mashed potatoes for baby food from vegetables, fruits and berries. The main advantages of Scarlett submersible blenders are high power, low noise level, easy operation, easy maintenance and reasonable price.

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DEX is a Ukrainian manufacturing company that first introduced its products in the household appliance market in 2005.The submersible blenders of this company stand out with an acceptable price, a long working life and remarkable quality. Thanks to the powerful motor and the presence of turbo mode, they demonstrate an excellent speed of rotation of the nozzles, which allows you to quickly get the desired result. Stylish and powerful DEX blenders quickly and easily prepare cocktails, mashed potatoes, sauces, homemade mayonnaise, puree soups, curds, pastes and pates, beat eggs, shred vegetables and form a delicious foam for coffee.

Olga Kirova

I have a Camelot blender for three years. The thing is terribly useful, but from the experience of using I can draw the following conclusions: 1. The more power, the better( 300 W is very small, at least 600);2. Only the corolla can be useful from the nozzles, the rest( including the glass) will not be used and serve only for an unjustified increase in cost;3. The brand of the blender and the country of production does not play a special role.

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