Fashion of men's jeans in 2016

  • Classic styles in a new way
  • Ragged jeans in 2017 and their distinctive features
  • The cliche or the latest squeak of the men's fashion
  • The actual colors of the season
  • The secrets of choosing fashionable men's jeans in 2017

Jeans are an indispensable subject of a wardrobe that men of all ages adore. Simultaneously comfortable and stylish, they can transform every fan of fashion. Despite the fact that this part of the men's wardrobe rarely undergoes global changes, the changes in styles are still possible.

Fashionable men's jeans in 2017godu take a step towards reducing the length, paying tribute to the trend and the flares. What models of men's jeans pants in the new season will be the most in demand?

Classic fashions in a new way

In 2017, the classic will continue to be relevant for men of all ages, however, and here small changes are inevitable. If only 5-6 years ago actual straight jeans of normal length were considered, now fashion designers are experimenting more and more with the narrowing of their trousers. Many famous fashion designers, including Tom Ford, relied on slightly narrowed and slightly truncated models that were relevant for women's shows last season.

Despite the love of narrow trousers, fashion designers still refuse excessively narrowed models. What are the main trends observed in the new rethinking of the classic style?

  • Fashion designers recommend to abandon the inflated models, relevant for women's collections, in favor of jeans with a normal waistline.
  • The colors are dominated by models of blue and gray.
  • Despite the fact that the classic style is trying to introduce uncharacteristic zaushennost, for models is still actual straight trouser style.
  • In the new season of 2017, fashion designers preferred to abandon patch pockets, patches, zippers and other decoration elements in favor of low-key classics.

Choosing models for everyday wear, a man should dwell on standard-size jeans without numerous designer ornaments. The pants themselves can be tucked under, but only a couple of centimeters. Such an insignificant at first glance, the detail can add the image of great emancipation.

Ragged jeans in 2017 and their distinctive features

There is a stereotype that ripped jeans fit exclusively "young and hot."But not only young men can wear such pants, and on mature men they look amazingly appropriate. The main advantage of torn jeans is that they competently and skillfully add to any image of the spark, making even the everyday output an event. In 2017, there are the following trends regarding torn jeans:

  • The choice should be made in favor of torn models of calm blue flowers, because they are at the peak of popularity because of their combination of classics with the notes of protest.
  • Modelers are increasingly adding to the cuts and holes on the legs a variety of decorative elements( for example, patches).
  • Jeans with abrasions on the central part of the leg below the knees are especially relevant, but it is better to abandon models with holes on pockets and lower cuffs.

Despite the fact that with each season on the fashionable stage ragged jeans is becoming more and more, fashion designers are slow to overload their models with decorative elements. Large cuts and scrapes are less common, and fashion designers prefer to complement the image with one particular decorative element( for example, it may be inscriptions or patches).

Choosing ragged models of jeans, a man should not forget about another current trendy trend - a reduction in the length of trousers. Turned models in combination with several holes on the trousers will help make the image even brighter and more interesting. To combine such pants follows with T-shirts and sweaters of a free cut, various colors.

Cliche or the latest squeak of the men's fashion

Being subjected to the law of cyclicity, fashion is repeated all the time, and that is why modern podiums, both on men's and women's fashion weeks are strewn with flared jeans. Many fashion designers hastened to express their love for flared jeans, while experimenting with an already bright fashion. What decorative elements are most often added to similar models?

  • Designers prefer to decorate their models with small patch pockets, as well as bright patches.
  • Actually, a combination of wide jeans with a variety of suspenders, which makes the image of a man emphasized bright.
  • Men's jeans are also common, not on buttons, but on adjustable rubber bands.

However, not all flared jeans will be relevant in 2017.So, fashion designers urge to abandon models with a low fly. These jeans, popular only 3-4 years ago, are now considered hopelessly outdated. Leave in the past( at least for a while) you need and a model of flares with excessively wide to the bottom of the pants. Fashion designers call to choose pants, in which the flare starts from the knee, and the size of the extension of the leg does not exceed a reasonable scale.

If a man is not afraid to take risks and chooses flared jeans, he should give up excessively provocative decorative elements. Choosing models, flared to the bottom, and even with a bright finish, many men run the risk of being laughed at. Combine these jeans is worth with neat, classic belts, a medium-sized buckle. Also, preference is best given to models of flares of reserved shades. Excessively bright jeans are unlikely to fit into the everyday wardrobe of the mod, even if he is a fan of shocking.

The great advantage of these models is that they fit almost any male figure. A free style allows you to hide the possible shortcomings of the figure, making the male image more perfect.

Actual colors of the season

The right choice of fashionable style is far from everything on which a man should sharpen his attention. Designers are also urging to choose the right colors of the season, which will help to increase the practicality of jeans clothes.

In 2017, the classic blue jeans continue to be popular with scuffs and white patches. In the winter season, preference should be given to gray or black models. These jeans can be easily combined with both everyday and business style.

Brighter models remain relevant. So, for example, on the fashion podiums last year you could meet male models of green and red. This year, color experiments are being handed back, and therefore fashion designers are betting on partial blotches of bright colors in men's fashion. For example, popular models of men's jeans are classic blue, which have lapels of bright green or red shades. Thus, wrapping his trousers, a man can add to his image of originality, observing at once two fashionable trends( for bright decoration and for wrapped parts of jeans).

Jeans with numerous color patches are also popular. Sometimes such patches are inserted in the same places where there are holes and scrapes, which makes jeans even more vivid and informal. Popular as plain patches, and those inserts of fabric that imitate a certain pattern( for example, models with khaki color inserts).

Now on the trendy catwalks you can find actual models of classic blue with a variety of applications and even with inserts from denim of other shades. Such a color diversity is sure to help men not only experiment with their image, but also always remain in the trend.

The secrets of choosing fashionable men's jeans in 2017

The variety of topical models of men's jeans poses a logical question: how to choose the right pair of pants. What should be guided when purchasing such fashionable and always necessary clothes?

  • Choose jeans should be based on the characteristics of its shape( full of men, for example, jeans flare fit, and representatives of the stronger sex of small growth should better abandon the inflated models)
  • Do not rush to extremes( it is better to give up jeans with a large kleshem or with excessivebig holes, because they do not look fashionable, but comical).
  • The style and color of the jeans should match the age of the man, his position in society.
  • When choosing the next denim clothing should think about how it combines with the rest of the men's wardrobe.
  • When choosing a jeans style, always pay attention to your personal taste.

The wealth of trends allows every member of the stronger sex to find his ideal model while keeping a fashionable note in his own wardrobe. Pay attention not only to the fact that the style is relevant, but also how the model sits on a man. So, for example, you should abandon excessively low jeans and pants with a large klesh to the bottom, because such models do not decorate the figure, making the whole image comical.

Men of small stature should dwell on classic straight jeans of blue or green. Those men who suffer from excess weight, it is worth opting for a free cut and dark shades of pants. Properly selected shoes will emphasize the relevance of the style of jeans, making the image full and vivid.

Fashion trends change regularly, and paying attention to them, a man will always look attractive. The trends of 2017 increasingly hint at the adherence of modern fashion to the style of the 70's or even 80's. Perhaps ahead of the men's fashion is waiting for a new interpretation of the disco style, but so far for the catwalks are actual classic styles with barely noticeable notes of shocking.

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