Optimal female wardrobe for a trip to the sea

Planning a vacation at sea, women first think about the wardrobe, what to take with them on the trip to look nice and stylish, especially when you are going to spend 2 weeks or longer on the sea. But it is not necessary to collect heavy suitcases if you know the basic rules for choosing a basic wardrobe for rest.

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Beach and spa fashion is very different from everyday, but also has similarities. The basis of the resort style should be the maritime style( the colors within the framework of white, red and all shades of the sky and the sea, natural and flying fabrics, sea symbols and themes, recognizable striped prints, and so on).Variations of bright ethnic styles are also appropriate: African, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Greek and so on.

How to make a base summer wardrobe read here http://woman-l.ru/spisok-veshhej-garderoba-na-leto/

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A popular and universal attribute of a summer suitcase is a dress-transformer thatwith certain manipulations will help create you several different images.

Another good option is a light, plain cotton or linen dress with a long knee-length or short, for example, flared double-layered with thin straps. Demanded and colorful and vivid options, especially in the marine palette.

You can also choose models with flounces and elastic band on the shoulders.

Hide the shortcomings of the figure will help dress-shirt and A-silhouette, and dresses with an overstated waist will help visually lengthen the legs and emphasize the chest, any type of figure will suit a dress-case with a deep neckline and sleeves or without them.

You should also pay attention to light tunics with floral, Hawaiian and marine motifs.

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It is advisable to take at least two different models with you, that is, denim and cotton, it can be either one-color light versions or bright summer prints. Depending on the shape, they should be short or longer( knee or slightly above the knee).Popular lace and lace shorts to go to the beach.

Shorts can be part of a summer suit.

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Another essential part of the summer wardrobe is the skirt, because in combination with t-shirts or tops you can create several more bright images. For relaxation, a long skirt of silk, chiffon, polyester or other light fabrics and a short trapeze from jeans or cotton will suit.

The skirt can be part of a summer suit.

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T-shirts, shirts

Everyone needs to put in a suitcase for 2-3 options. Popular for young girls are croep-tops, but they can be worn only if they have a perfectly flat belly, and double-layered or openwork not fitting tops is also in demand.

For girls with an ideal figure, a tight-fitting version with a belt or monophonic design with a V or U-shaped neckline is suitable.

Women with a problematic tummy should stop on long versions with a free cut and deep neckline, young ladies with fluffy hips can choose models with a large cutout, bright prints, flounces, frills or sleeves-lanterns.

The informal atmosphere of the resorts welcomes the unusual in prints and colors of T-shirts and T-shirts. Admissible marine themes, comic themes, Hawaiian and so on.

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It is advisable to purchase a piecework model and a separate swimsuit model.

Owners of ideal shapes can afford the style of a bando( swimsuit without straps), such bikini girls also like them.

The V-neck swimsuit is suitable for women with lush breasts and broad shoulders, and a light top and dark bottom should be selected if the shoulders are too narrow with respect to the hips.

To visually increase the breast, you should choose a bodice with ruffles, folds or drapery.

To adjust the zone of the abdomen, swimsuits tankini consisting of T-shirts and shorts or swimming trunks are ideal. Also fit pieces of tankini or tankini dress.

To hide the completeness, you should prefer a swimsuit with a pattern of large peas or with contrasting side inserts.

You can choose the color of the swimsuit, based on the color of the eyes or hair( blue, chocolate, green).

White, light blue, gently pink colors are well polished on swarthy girls or already decently tanned. Light-skinned young ladies are suitable for soft colors, pastel colors. Blue, red or Beaujolais are considered classic and win-win options for all types.

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The most comfortable shoes for a trip to the beach are rubber slates, pantoles or flip-flops, which can be selected for the color of a swimsuit or take simply bright options.

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For a walk fit comfortable sandals on a flat sole made of genuine leather, popular are elegant models with a T-shaped fastening and flashy decor.

Under evening dresses it is desirable to have sandals on a small heel, it can be models with cork heels and paintings in an abstract style or restrained models on a hairpin or sandals. An alternative to a heel will be sandals on a wedge. Ballet-boats are also appropriate.

Stylists do not recommend buying shoes for the resort wardrobe at high speed.

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Among the accessories that can complement your images, there must be beach volumetric and woven or fabric bags with ethnic or marine motifs.

To go to the beach you need a beach tunic or a pareo.

A small handbag with a long strap or a simple clutch can be used to go for an evening walk, they can be picked up to match the color of the outfit or buy white, beige, black, which will suit any image.

Among the sunglasses fashionable this season are chanterelles, tisheids( round), broulayers( only with the upper frame) and retro models of the wyfareers, you can also buy a versatile option - they are aviators.

As for the headdress, the straw hat with wide or medium shape-free margins or margins is suitable for women of all ages, depending on the type of person you need to choose the style and length of the fields. Girls with an oval face will suit any model, if the shape of a square face is worth choosing a model with wave-like fields, you can lengthen a wide face by wearing an object in the shape of a crown. Chubby women need to pay attention to hats with an overpriced crown and wide margins.

If you dress in a sporty style, then as a headdress you can choose a baseball cap or cap. Also girls and women of middle age will go handkerchief tied in the form of a turban or panama.

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