The relationship between a guy and a girl

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Relationships with a guy are largely determined by the presence of the girl some of the qualities. After all, relationships are also a kind of work, so first of all you should start working on yourself.

Relationships with a guy

Men have a number of differences from women, and it concerns not even differences in physiology, but in psychology. Different education, different outlooks on life and various events, as well as a certain life experience create a guy the way he is now.

Of course, from the moment of communication begins, the guy gradually opens his inner world to his chosen one, thereby enabling him to understand. But at the same time, the girl should learn to accept the guy exactly as he is, not counting his ideas about him as the only true ones.

More details about the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman can be seen there
Men by nature are conquerors, therefore, in order to establish relationships with a guy, one should not forget that a woman is more interesting to catch up and conquer than if she did it herself. Although at present many girls are so emancipated that the initiative comes easily from them.

So, how to build a relationship with the guy , who likes it?

Rules for dealing with a guy

. Between two loving people quarrels often arise, which dislodge and negatively influence the mood. Why is this happening? After all, a guy and a girl can have different life positions, different views on certain things, and their opinions on the same issue can vary greatly.

And from here there are quarrels. To maintain a warm and trustful relationship, one must learn to compromise, listen to someone else's opinion and be more tolerant of the differences between you.

The main points that cause quarrels between a guy and a girl are the following:

    • Inability to keep silent .Especially it is typical for girls, therefore, in order to establish relationships with a guy, one should first of all learn how to back away from participation in disputes. After all, unnecessary disputes very often cause wrong words. A feature of many girls is the desire to talk a lot. There is nothing surprising in this, this quality is given to most girls by nature. Therefore, the ability to control their words is necessary for any girl to be able to establish relationships with a guy.

    • In the event that in the verbal skirmish of the injured party is you , you should learn not to take too close to the heart the evil and careless words of the guy. After all, he could talk a lot of unpleasant things under the influence of emotions, which, as is known, are not the best advisors in matters of relations.

    • The ability to forgive .And it does not matter what exactly to forgive - words, deeds, even looks. It is through the ability to forgive that the necessary wisdom is acquired, which helps to maintain the relationship, without focusing on small things. Learn to forgive, especially men are more inclined to accumulate a grudge for a long time, and at some point splash it. It also happens with girls, so try to show wisdom and treat it with understanding. After all, every person can ever stumble, but at the same time he should give a second chance.

  • Aspiration to see in a guy the positive qualities of .We all have our own peculiarities of character and behavior, commit some unseemly acts, so remember your mistakes and be lenient towards others. And the ability to see the good among all the bad - this wonderful quality will help to establish relationships and maintain a positive outlook on life in general.

How to keep a relationship with a guy?

In order for the relationship to last for a long time, you should apply all the above tips, as well as constantly work on yourself.

A girl should always keep an eye on her appearance, even if the relationship with the guy is long and stable. Often many girls in this situation make a mistake - they are less concerned about themselves, considering that once the relationship has already formed, then it is not necessary to apply too much effort to maintain the most advantageous opinion of oneself. It is not right. Well-groomed hands and hair, neat and natural make-up, clean and time-consuming clothing will keep your senses fresh for a long time.

In addition, the relationship is more successful, if the girl is always to keep abreast of the affairs of the guy. Being interested in his affairs and hobbies, the girl thereby creates an opportunity for the most versatile communication, thereby strengthening the relationship and creating a need for his company in the guy.

Now we need to consider how the relationship between a guy and a girl is built, as well as the main recommendations for a guy.

Relationship with a girl

The relationship between a guy and a girl is constantly changing. They are not always of the same size, so to improve the relationship, the guy, like the girl, should constantly work on himself.

The psychology of men differs from women's, so recommendations for guys will differ from advice for girls. Knowing the characteristics of the behavior of women in general, you can more easily find contact with girls.

Let's consider in more detail how to establish relations with a girl.

How to build a relationship with a girl?

The girls who love attention to themselves will always appreciate the guy's ability not to forget such "important" moments from their point of view as the first date, the birthday of a favorite cat and the date of the first kiss. Yes, this is at first glance strange and, from the point of view of most of the guys, it is not clear, but the timely donation of the bouquet to the next date of of your first meeting will significantly improve the relationship.

If there was an quarrel with the girl , then it is recommended to show your ability to find a way out of the situation and even to go first to reconciliation .And then it's not so important who was right in the quarrel or guilty, it is more important who will be the first to make a step forward.

It can be difficult for guys to often to show their care and love to , but it is such manifestations that make relations especially tender and trusting. Each girl will appreciate your affectionate words, as well as careful attitude to yourself.

If there is a quarrel between you, then do not delay the moment of reconciliation. After all, a girl can during this time again consider the situation and make some wrong conclusions - because girls are very influenced by emotions and feelings. Also, their role, which is likely to be negative, can be played by so-called "well-wishers", which will only provoke the girl to readiness not to end the conflict.

How to keep a relationship with a girl?

The sincerity of 's interest in the affairs of the girl, her hobbies and hobbies, imbued with her ideas - all this will only play a positive role in establishing lasting and lasting relationships. Mutual interest should be present in relations not only at the stage of acquaintance, but also with further joint development.

All girls are striving to create strong relationships that will become a source of positive emotions for both. Therefore, in case of the desire to create a lasting alliance, the guy should continue to work on himself, to develop, and do it together with the girl, inviting her to participate in all her affairs and entertainment. After all, this is the closest thing possible and allows you to feel like a single whole.

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