Developing black and white pictures for newborns

Any mom is interested in having her baby develop right from the first days of her life. There are many methods and recommendations that can be used without much effort and expense. One of them is the use of black and white images for the development of the vision of infants from birth to six years of age. About that, for what such images are necessary and at what here mobile for a crib, further more in detail.

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What is

for? A kid who does not have even half a year can not see the world vertically. First he lies all the time - on the back, then on the tummy. The world will feel touch, taste, and, of course, visually. Mom is happy when she sees that the child has learned to fix the sight when he learns to follow the toy when he begins to recognize the faces of loved ones.

The toddler environment should be visually enriched. This does not mean that everything around the baby should be dazzling, spinning and shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. But, simply put, he needs to consider something. Not a white wall and a white ceiling, but colors, structure, patterns, depth, space, including black-and-white pictures for the vision of newborns. If you do not stimulate this need, the child during wakefulness will be more restless than the baby whose eyes( and therefore the brain) have something to do.

Contrasting black and white, necessarily structured images - this is the right food for the visual analyzer of the baby. In the first six months of the baby's life, the eyeball develops intensively, as well as those that go from it to the brain, and, accordingly, the areas of the brain that are responsible for visualization.

If you work with black and white pictures, the child will develop:

  • Light Sensation;
  • Color perception;
  • Visual acuity;
  • Field of view;
  • Contrast sensitivity.

In a word, everything that is important for the normal operation of the visual analyzer. You can not miss this period, it is the first half of the life of the baby, he is considered the most suitable for such a "work with eyes."You can do it on the big bed or in the baby's bed, on the changing table.

Ideally, if the flow of light is behind the baby's head, it means that the child should lay his head to the window.

Next moment - black and white pictures for the newborn on the carousel. Useful for crumbs will be the viewing of a black and white mobile. It can even be hung on an ordinary hanger, making it a notch for the threads, you can use simple pencils criss-cross. Or simply on the ready rotating mobile phone to put in place of the usual toys black and white.

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Where and how to use

You can begin classes from the first days of a child's life, when he is actively awake and showing an interest in the world around him. At each age - their exercises. The baby of the first month of life and the three-month period differ significantly in terms of development level.

Classes with black and white pictures by age:

  • 0-1 month : Thin lines are not perceived by the kid, for him everything visible can be compared to a greased gray mass. His colors do not attract him, but contrasting black and white patterns will interest. Sticks( cells of the retina responsible for perception of black and white) at this age are developed better than cones( responsible for the perception of color), which is why it is precisely the black and white subjects that are of interest. In the 1st month of life the child prefers simple figures, a strip, a cage, broken and straight lines, dots. To the sides of the crib, you need to attach the printed sheets with contrasting black and white drawings. Gradually, you can replace them with black and white portraits of your parents.
  • 1-3 months : At a distance of 30 cm the kid already clearly focuses on the subject. At this time he likes circles, spots, rings. The outer edges of the picture are more interesting to him than the middle. He is already following the subject with interest, when he is taken a little to the side. On a stationary object, he can concentrate for 1-2 minutes. And he is already waiting for the object to be removed from him again. If you remove all the items from the mobile, leaving only one, you can train the simplest tracking of objects.
  • 3-4 months: The pictures become more complicated - the kid has grown up, and he is ready to perceive the curved shapes and lines. He already remembers what he saw, watches the movement of the object with interest, looks at it and can turn the head himself aside. In the retina, the cones begin to work intensely, the period of the formation of color perception has come. The first colors of the crumbs are yellow and red, enter them in the first place, a little later you can enter blue and green. With a break of half a minute, show the baby two cards - yellow with a red flower, and then red with a yellow flower.
  • 4-6 months : At this age stage, the kid already sees all the colors, he learned to focus the view both on near and distant subjects. And the images obtained from the two eyes begin to merge into one. This means that the child develops binocular vision, he begins to perceive depths in his eyes. At this age, the baby especially likes matryoshka dolls, painted cups and spoons( folk handicrafts).It's great trains the child's vision, and brings up aesthetic taste in it. Pictures can be black and white, but with all the characteristic for Gzhel, Khokhloma, Zhostovo painting patterns.
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The principle of the development of the baby - from simple to complex. The very first pictures that are offered to his attention are more than simple. Circles, lines, squares. Then comes the time of more complex figures, silhouettes of animals. It is desirable not to introduce patterns before 3 months.

How to show black and white images for the vision of newborns:

  • Keep the picture in your hands - at this time, say something to the child, he should hear your voice;
  • Distance from the picture to the baby - not more than 30 cm;
  • Pictures can be attached to the sides of the crib or on the wall, at the same distance;
  • Hang up a dense black and white card to the mobile, while drawing should be placed horizontally;
  • Picture can be put in a frame, and place it next to the place of feeding the child - during meals, he will consider the picture.
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Similar developing games are a work for the baby, which means that he works hard, and his sleep after these games will be healthy and strong.
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