Decor house for Easter: master classes, ideas

  • How to decorate a house for Easter?
  • Main Easter decoration
  • Easter wreath
  • Options for decorating eggs
  • Easter tree with own hands
  • Decorating house with flowers
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Decorating with your hands
  • Interesting ideas for easter decorations
  • Decorating table for Easter
  • Easter decor: lots of ideas for decorating a house - video

Easter is one of the main religious holidays for Christians. It symbolizes light, rebirth and a new life. Traditionally, Easter cakes are baked to this day, they paint and sacred boiled eggs. To feel the special atmosphere of this holiday, you can create a beautiful decor of the house for Easter. How to do this, we'll look at this article.

How to decorate a house for Easter?

Various natural and artificial materials can be used for the Easter decor of your home:

  • Ordinary chicken eggs.
  • Live spring flowers.
  • Lightweight and flowing fabrics of fresh and bright colors.
  • Tree branches.
  • Dry foliage.
  • Moss.
  • Tree bark.
  • Dry grass.
  • Beads, ribbons, lace.
  • Wax and paraffin candles in various colors.
  • Beautiful candlesticks.
  • Glass vases and bottles.
  • Wicker baskets.
  • Stands for fruit.
  • Embroidered napkins and tablecloths.

From suitable materials you can weave baskets and wreaths, make beautiful flower ensembles and garlands, form a kind of bird's nest, etc. In this case, you can safely experiment, showing your imagination completely and putting your ideas into practice.

Often the decor of the room uses willow branches, as well as the blown branches of various shrubs. Of these, you can make various interesting compositions that will stand long enough.

The main Easter decoration

The main easter decoration of the house are the eggs. They symbolize the eternity and the beginning of a new life. Often they are put in a basket that is a symbol of a home and a family hearth. Such an ornament will create an atmosphere of coziness, give joy and a good mood.

  • For decor you can use both natural and artificial eggs. They are painted in a variety of colors, put on their surface drawings or pasted on top decorative elements.
  • Natural eggs are colored with the help of special dyes, which are sold in the store, and with the help of natural ingredients. For example, a beautiful golden brown color of eggs can be obtained by staining them in boiled onion husks.
  • Easter eggs can be made by yourself. For example, they are made of wood or metal wire, knit or crocheted, made of cardboard or gypsum. Decorate the eggs with beads, rhinestones, flowers, small beads, gold and silver threads.
  • Easter eggs can be beautifully laid in wicker baskets, on fruit podstavochki or in self-made nests. They can be decorated with dry grass, twigs and fresh flowers. Nearby you can put figures of Easter animals - rabbit, chicken and chickens.

Easter wreath

Another traditional element of the decor of the house for Easter is the Easter wreath, which hangs on the front door or on the wall in the room. Its obligatory attributes are Easter eggs and bright flowers.

Wreath can be made entirely from any materials, for example:

  • Made of ductile metal. Work on forging a wreath is best entrusted to a professional.
  • Made of foam and decorative tapes.
  • Of felting wool.
  • Made from corrugated paper, decorative ribbons and artificial flowers.
  • Of wire.
  • Of dry twigs.
  • Of yarn for knitting. The wreath can be knitted with his own crochet or knitting needles. Especially beautiful and gentle in this case looks lace work.
  • Their branch of trees and dry hydrangeas. You can fasten the branches with a thin wire. Since natural eggs are quite heavy, the wreath can be decorated with a fake.

Options for decorating eggs

There are a huge number of egg decorations for Easter, ranging from simple staining with ordinary food coloring and finishing with surface decoration with beads, beautiful threads and various decorative elements.

Easter eggs can be decorated:

  • Beaded. To do this, apply glue on the surface of the egg, and then roll it in small beads or in beads. It is desirable to make such an ornament for artificial eggs, so that it will be preserved for a longer period.
  • Small macaroni-asterisks, which can be colored with food coloring in different colors. Macaroni paste in any order or make with their help some beautiful pattern.
  • With dry sequins of golden or silver color. For such a decor, you first need to paint the eggs with paint, and then sprinkle them with sequins. Of these, you can also perform an elegant pattern.
  • Special stickers, which depict religious scenes. They can be purchased at any grocery store or on the market.
  • Gold and silver threads, which can be glued on the eggs in the form of any elegant pattern or pattern.
  • If you have artistic talent, you can decorate your own Easter eggs with a religious image or a beautiful pattern symbolizing spring, freshness and new hope.

One of the traditional ways of decorating Easter eggs is painting them and painting them. There are the following types of paintings:

  • Pisanki - one of the most complex and beautiful ways to design Easter eggs. With the help of beeswax and multicolored paints on the surface of the egg, skilful patterns are derived.
  • KRASHKA is a color-coded egg without any patterns.
  • Krapanka - eggs, painted in a single color, against which a variety of colored spots, specks and strips are applied with the help of hot wax. Typically, this decor includes no more than 3 colors.
  • Quilts - a single-colored egg, on the surface of which, using a metal tip, a pattern is scratched. Most often, food colors are used for coloring, which are not smeared during the creation of patterns.
  • Malevanki - any pattern or image is applied to the surface of eggs, which does not bear any symbolic meaning, for example, landscape or plot pictures. Most often, the patterns are applied with ordinary paint.

Easter tree - with your own hands

One of the elements of Easter is the Easter tree, the tradition of setting which dates back to the Middle Ages. It's easy enough to do it yourself. To do this, you must perform the following procedure:

  1. Take a medium-sized clay pot for flowers and place a styrofoam inside it. From above, the foam can be covered with moss, straw or dry grass, and then decorate with spring flowers.
  2. In polystyrene one can insert a tree branch or a breadboard made of wire. The branch or wire is glued with glue and wrapped on top with colored woolen threads or corrugated paper. You can also use willow twigs to create an Easter tree.
  3. Made by hand, the tree is decorated with live or artificial flowers, as well as Easter eggs, Easter bunny figures, birds and butterflies made of cardboard or crocheted. Natural eggs can be replaced by artificial ones, since they are quite heavy. As a result, the tree can not withstand their weight and fall at the most inopportune moment.
  4. In addition, various decorative elements can be decorated and the pot itself, which has an Easter tree. Decoration of the house for Easter is ready!

Decorating a house with flowers

Often different compositions make beautiful colors from different colors on Easter. From the branches of pussy-willow you can weave a beautiful wreath and decorate it with spring flowers. Quite often Easter tulips, daffodils, fragrant lilacs, sprigs of fragrant cherry, violets, pansies and hydrangeas are often used for the Easter holiday.

Since Easter is also a holiday of spring, in house decorations with live flowers you should not limit yourself. Remember, there are not many colors.

You can not only install them in beautiful vases, but also make various applications with their help, build a figure of the Easter rabbit or chicken, make garlands or wreaths.

Thanks to the floral decoration of the interior, your house will be filled with a spring scent, sunny warmth and joy. You will be able to fully enjoy the spring and this beautiful spring holiday.

Candles and candlesticks

For the decor of the house for Easter, you can use colored candles made in the form of eggs. They are decorated with live spring flowers, dry grass and moss.

You can purchase such a candle in the store or make it yourself.

Let's look at how to make an Easter egg in the shape of an egg:

  1. First we prepare the candle molds. On the surface of a fresh egg, we make a puncture, and then pour out the yolk and protein from it. Let's dry out.
  2. The surface of the shell can be painted with paint, make a drawing on it or decorate with decorative elements. The mold for the candle is ready.
  3. Now we need wax or paraffin, which must be melted in a water bath until it is liquid.
  4. Prepare the wick and place it inside the shell. Please note that the wick can be made from a cotton lace. In addition, it can be made from coil threads, connected in a small bundle.
  5. Fill the shell with molten wax or paraffin and let it cool.
  6. The candle can be placed in a large glass beaker, on a beautiful stand or put in an elegant candlestick.

Candles do not only in the form of eggs. It is possible to give paraffin or wax absolutely any shape, using various molds, which you can buy in specialized stores.

Self-made candles are also consecrated in the temple. In this case, they acquire sacred significance, and not only act as decor for Easter.

Decor yourself

You can make Easter decorations with your own hands. To do this, use various materials: cardboard, ribbons, dried flowers, twigs of trees, fabric, thread, etc. Self-made jewelry will bring you much more joy than the elements of the decor, purchased in the finished form in the store.

Let's look at a few Easter decor ideas that you can do yourself:

  • Carved from cardboard and painted with ordinary colors figures of the Easter bunny, birds, butterflies, chickens and chickens. If you do not have artistic talent, you can print any image you like on the easter theme, paste it on the cardboard, and then cut it. Such figures can decorate the Easter tree, holiday table or simply the interior of your home.
  • With the help of an empty shell of chicken eggs and decorative ribbons, you can create a very beautiful decoration for your room. For this, the shell should be painted in any color, glue beads on top, gold threads and sprinkle with small sparkles. Next, the eggs are attached to a tape, which in turn can be attached to a chandelier, an Easter tree, curtains, a ceiling, etc.
  • You can make an yourself from woolen threads a large Easter egg. To do this, it is necessary to inflate an ordinary balloon, apply glue on its surface and wrap it with threads. After the glue is completely dry, puncture the ball with a needle and remove it. As a result, the shape of the egg will remain, consisting of a weave of wool threads. It can be decorated with flowers, bows and decorative ribbons.
  • To decorate the table and Easter baskets, you can sew the curly pads of the bright fabric yourself. Place straw or ordinary cotton wool inside the pads.

By using the above decor ideas, you can create a truly festive atmosphere in your home.

Interesting ideas of the Easter decorations

Let's consider the following variants of Easter decorations:

  1. The dining room can be decorated with festive garlands made of cardboard, felt, flowers, twigs and various decorative elements.
  2. To decorate a festive table, you can use your own embroidered tablecloth and napkins. It is desirable to select the pattern in such a way that it is combined with the theme of the holiday.
  3. Interior is best to decorate in bright and juicy colors. Among the most successful color compositions - green-yellow-white, violet-white-blue.
  4. The decor in national style will look beautiful. Decorate your house with embroidered towels, candles and pysanka.

At this Easter decor ideas of the dwelling do not end. You can fully use your imagination and implement even the most daring dreams.

Table decoration for Easter

In addition to traditional dishes( Easter cake and painted boiled eggs) on the festive table, there should be live flowers in bright vases.

In addition, on the table should be present:

  • Festive tableware.
  • Beautiful tablecloth of natural materials - cotton or linen.
  • Napkins( you can embroider them by yourself).
  • Figures of Easter rabbits and hares.
  • Baskets with Easter eggs.
  • Other decorative elements.

In the center of the table you can put a composition of willow branches. To create such an ornament for Easter, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • Take a shallow bowl and fill it with foam or earth. On top, you can lay with fresh grass or moss.
  • Put several pre-stained quail eggs on the grass.
  • Take the willow twigs and insert them into the ground in a circle.
  • Tie the tops of the branches together with a decorative ribbon and tie it to the bow.

As drinks to the festive table, you can serve freshly squeezed juices, compote or mineral water. Since the holiday is religious, it is undesirable to use strong alcoholic beverages on this day.

If you invite guests to celebrate Easter, you can surprise them with name cards that should be installed on the table near the plates. You can make cards yourself from cardboard, decorate them with rhinestones and gold threads. Next to each card, place the Easter egg and a small bouquet made of real flowers.

Easter decor: a lot of ideas for decorating a house - video

Decoration of the house for Easter should be done in advance, as it takes a lot of time to make certain decor elements. It is best to do Easter decor with your own hands. In this case, you can fully feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday and realize your ideas and dreams.

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