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T-shirt, along with jeans, is the most democratic and widespread element of the modern man's wardrobe. This is one of those types of clothing that goes absolutely to everyone and is appropriate for people of any age and social status, but it has become especially popular among young people.

The reasons for the popularity of T-shirts are obvious: this wardrobe is all-season, it can be worn both in winter under a warm cardigan, and in summer combined with a light skirt and trousers, simply combined with almost any clothing and costume jewelry. T-shirts are easily erased and do not require special care, they can be worn at least in a nightclub, at least in the office. In order to pick up a thing inscribed in the trend of the present and create a fashionable image of 2017, it is worth taking into account the most actual trends of the coming season.

Trendy T-shirts reflect trends of style 2017goda

  • The Victorian style is current, which involves such elements as draperies, expensive fabrics, lace inserts, lush sleeves. You can buy a model, decorated with inserts of organza or lace fabric. Very fashionable is both a print in the form of lace, and independent inserts of this material, for example, part of the back, tailored from the lace fabric. T-shirts are decorated with woven lace applications, prints, where a part of the picture is decorated with a thin light fabric( for example, the image of a ballerina whose skirt-tutu is voluminous and made of a piece of draped organza).Also popular are models completely made of lace patterned fabrics.
  • Again, the sea style in clothes becomes urgent, following this trend, it is worth paying attention to t-shirts-vests and things made in blue-white-red, as well as decorated with sea symbols - prints of gulls, anchors. Such items of the wardrobe were demonstrated on their shows by the designers of Max Mara.
  • Patchwork - that kind of decor, which also went to the world podiums in 2017godu. It is worth buying a T-shirt with a print that simulates a patchwork technique( like there is, for example, in the collection of LoveMoschino), or decorated with an element broken into clear graphics zones( such models were in the collections of Diane Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham).
  • T-shirts with motifs that reflect the hippy style will also become trendy in 2017.These are models with simple floral embroidery, with elements bound by a crochet, ethnic motifs, inscriptions made in retro-shrights( rounded letters similar to those used on the label of Campbell's soup perpetuated by Andy Warhol).
  • T-shirts are also quite popular, where the front is made of smooth silky fabric( most often synthetic fibers), and the sleeves and back are made of classic cotton knitwear. The silk part is usually decorated with a romantic pattern with a graceful floral motive or depiction of landscapes.
  • Futuristic trend in clothing can be traced in the decoration of T-shirts by incorporating metal and plastic elements of simple geometric shapes, as well as decorating the shirts with a variety of buckles and carbines.
  • Asymmetry is another trend of 2017.It manifests itself in a combination of models of T-shirts with an asymmetrical line of the gates or the bottom.
  • Bright juicy colors. T-shirts of orange, emerald green, scarlet, azure shades marvelously diversify your wardrobe.

The classic T-shirt model has now undergone changes, it is possible to distinguish several types of cut of this popular clothing.

Types of cut T-shirts. What to wear with

  1. Actually, the most classic model - with short sleeves and an adjacent silhouette. This model has many combinations, and one of the most successful is wearing it with the shirt undone completely or up to the chest. Particularly relevant this combination will be for men, it creates a youthful dynamic image. Girls can combine a white T-shirt with various sundresses - denim, viscose, with a light summer skirt and a cotton jacket, and, of course, directly with jeans. Combining a t-shirt with jeans, make sure that it was decorated with a stylish print and the image was not boring.
  2. T-shirt with a sleeve of raglan, contrasting on the color of the rest of the model. This model is better not to combine with jackets and shirts, it has a certain self-sufficiency. Ideal companion of this model will be ragged jeans with scuffs and protruding threads, as well as cotton pants fantasy cut.
  3. T-shirt with a lowered shoulder line. Similar models marked the spring-summer collection of Donna Karan. Thanks to the unusual cut and free silhouette, this thing looks quite strict and elegant, it should be worn by mature women in combination with strict trousers and skirts.
  4. Another variation of the fashionable cut of a T-shirt, suitable mainly for women, is a wide krop-top with a very loose collar, often falling off when worn on one shoulder. This model has become fashionable not so long ago and has become a favorite element of the wardrobe of young girls. Such a top is perfectly combined with narrow skinny jeans and mini skirts( also mostly jeans).When wearing such a T-shirt, it is very important to correctly combine the volumes, combining a large top with a narrow, tightened bottom.
  5. Polo Shirt. Has a buckle in the gates area and a classic stand-up collar. The possibilities of combining such a t-shirt for the creation of everyday onions are many: for example, with a straight jeans-style skirt( but not with a classic pencil skirt), with jeans, cotton trousers, shorts, a meek skirt in a tennis style, etc. In general, this element of the wardrobe is appropriate both in the office or at school, and on active rest, when practicing sports.
  6. T-shirt without sleeves. The possibilities of wearing and combining it are the same as those of a classic T-shirt, with the only difference being that the images created by such a T-shirt are more relaxed and youthful. For men, this model offers the opportunity to boast of beautifully-loaded biceps.

For the first time using a T-shirt as a means of expressing hippy steel, depicting on their T-shirts pacifist appeals and symbols, political slogans.

Trendy prints

Now white classic T-shirts are inferior to the popularity of models, decorated with all kinds of images. Prints there is an infinite variety, you can highlight the most relevant ones:

  • floral motifs and ornaments, especially popular for female models;
  • all kinds of inscriptions( especially the inscriptions made in the font, common for advertising in the 60-70s: streamlined capital letters);
  • images relating to past eras are the most actual trend in the decoration of T-shirts in 2017;it can be the use of retro-frit, as mentioned above, or motifs borrowed from the work of Andy Warhol( for example, the stylized image of Marilyn Monroe), pictures of retro cars, etc.;
  • portraits of celebrities( so, still very popular print with Che Guevara, which became almost canonical, portraits of Victor Tsoi, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, etc.);
  • images of popular cartoon characters - Bart Simpson, Shrek, anime characters;
  • pictures in the style of a tattoo, with intricate patterns and fonts;
  • logos of famous fashion companies( most popular are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana, Nike, Adidas);
  • flags and national symbols of different countries, emblems. Especially popular were the colors of American and British flags, as well as the coat of arms of the Russian Federation;
  • skull and gothic entourage. Skulls are especially relevant in the decoration of T-shirts;
  • animalistic prints and 3D images of animals;
  • prints in the so-called kavain style, gained popularity in Japan( on fashionable T-shirts for girls is very common stylized image of a kitten with the inscription "Hello Kitti!");
  • photos of attractive girls on the front of the model.

To become the owner of a fashionable inexpensive T-shirt, you can decorate the thing yourself, using your imagination and applying skills in needlework.

Fashionable T-shirt, hand-made

How to decorate a T-shirt yourself? There are several ways.

Method №1

  1. Prepare the necessary materials and tools: a white classic fitted t-shirt, a spray can with an aerosol paint for textiles, a piece of lace.
  2. Put the clothes on the table covered with a newspaper, attach the lace to the area you are going to decorate, pin it with pins.
  3. Shake the can, sprinkle the lace, wait for the paint to dry, and remove the pinned piece of fabric.

Method №2

You can also decorate a T-shirt with beads, ribbons, special decals, metallic decorative elements, rivets, beads and rhinestones.

Method number 3

In order to create a fashionable T-shirt for girls in the style of grunge, you need to cut through the fabric several lines, guided by your imagination( you can, for example, simulate the cuts of the ribs in the back of the T-shirt) and pull the resulting strips, stretching them andtwisting into a tube.

In addition, at present, many companies offer the application of your favorite images on T-shirts. If you could not find the model with the picture or logo you need, you can order its execution by the workshop.

Keep T-shirts should be folded on the shelves of the dressing room. If you use hangers, it is better to choose hangers, padded with foam rubber, so as not to stretch the ugly corners on a thin fabric of clothing. Cleaning such an element of the wardrobe also does not require special conditions, most T-shirts can be machine washed using powder.

Initially, the T-shirt belonged to linen and was worn solely under outerwear;gradually it became an independent element of the wardrobe and gained several style directions.

T-Shirt Styles

  • Athletic. A classic cotton fabric jersey that suggests a concise cut, an adjacent silhouette, bright prints and inscriptions. It is worn during sports and active rest.
  • Business. A t-shirt made of cotton or synthetic materials, which assumes minimal decor and conciseness, is appropriate for sportswear by jackets and jackets at the office or at school.
  • Romantic. T-shirt, decorated with a bright print, beads, beads and lace. It may well be a good ensemble with a smart skirt or festive trousers.
  • Evening. This is a shirt made of lace, silk. Suitable for wearing with a long elegant skirt or strict cut trousers. As jewelry to such a shirt will be appropriate beads of pearls.

How to choose a T-shirt?

Special attention should be paid to the selection of sports shirts. The most common material from which they are made is cotton. Cotton T-shirts allow the skin to breathe and are very pleasant to the body, however, for active sports they are not very suitable, as this fabric is very hygroscopic, which means it absorbs sweat very well and becomes heavier.

For active movement, models from synthetic modern materials are recommended, which easily evaporate moisture and allow the t-shirt to dry quickly without making it heavier, and also have better elasticity characteristics. Cotton models, however, can be suitable for employment in such types of physical activity as yoga, pilates, calanetics, where there is no profuse sweating. For everyday wearing it is better to choose cotton t-shirts with the addition of elastane and lycra, such models are pleasant to the body and last longer keep the shape.

There are no age restrictions for wearing a T-shirt, however it is still worth observing some rules.

So, mature women should not wear T-shirts with humorous inscriptions, they greatly simplify the image. A woman in age will fit a classic white T-shirt with a semi-fitting or loose silhouette, it will look very harmonious in combination with straight trousers or jeans, it is possible to diversify such a set with a vest or a jacket for the season.

Young people need to be careful wearing fashionable T-shirts with provocative inscriptions and prints, especially if they make up a set for wearing in the office.

Girls should avoid the abundance of jewelry on T-shirts( for example, when one model combines a dense ornament, beads, rhinestones, bright colors).Also, it is better for young women not to wear long voluminous T-shirts, it does not look feminine and cheaper the image. Choosing a T-shirt, it's better to pay attention to branded things, they look most harmoniously.

Summarizing the above, it is possible to draw a concise conclusion about how to create a fashionable contemporary image with a t-shirt:

  1. Choose models with actual prints, the most popular of which are inscriptions, retro motifs and floral elements.
  2. Choose t-shirts according to the mood of the image: if you create a feminine romantic look, choose models, for example, with delicate floral motifs.
  3. When buying a T-shirt, try to make sure that the model chosen reflects the fashion trends in general.
  4. Choose a model based on your age and type of figure.

The T-shirt is a necessary basic thing in the wardrobe of a modern person living in the dynamic rhythm of a modern metropolis. Focus on your own taste, the sense of style and fashion, and the image you created will not leave you unnoticed.

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