Manicure by Feng Shui

  • Correctly prepare nails for transformation. Fundamentals of manicure for Feng Shui
  • Define your elements to create an effective manicure for Feng Shui
  • Secrets of Feng Shui. Manicure: the importance of fingers
  • Select fingers on feng shui
  • Manicure on Feng Shui: a combination of colors

Now Feng Shui is very popular. Famous actresses and TV presenters, singers and Hollywood stars prefer to use the secrets of feng shui to create an image, a memorable image. Of course, every person hopes that compliance with certain rules will help him achieve success, attract luck, achieve what he wants.

Manicure can also be done on feng shui, decorating their marigolds and giving them different shades in full accordance with the recommendations of researchers, psychologists.

Of course, a manicure while you must like it, cause only positive emotions.

It is important to know the meaning of fingers, shades, to make a harmonious combination of colors. Use the secrets of manicure to attract money, love and good luck!

Useful information, algorithms and recommendations will help you to make up your nails by all the rules of feng shui. And then your well-groomed fingers will certainly be able to draw what you want!

Correctly prepare nails for transformation. Basics of manicure on Feng Shui

There are many interesting techniques and techniques that allow you to provide the necessary emotional mood during the application of nail polish on Feng Shui. Hands and nails must be properly prepared. It is desirable to psychologically tune in to a responsible procedure.

You need to correctly identify the place in which you will do a manicure, because not all areas of the apartment are suitable for this. Let's highlight the main points, so that you can do a manicure according to all the rules, turning your fingers into real tools for attracting good luck and love.

Zone for manicure

First of all you will need to choose the right zone in the apartment, in order to create your manicure in it. Some masters of feng shui believe that you need to look after yourself only in special places. It can be a cozy corner in the bathroom, a special place in the bedroom. The emphasis is on caring for the body.

Others believe that it all depends on the purpose with which you do the manicure. It is easy to implement different techniques, preparing a place for nail care.

  • If you want to use the manicure to attract money, it is better to paint your nails exactly in the place where your income is usually sent in the form of money, products or things. Suitable place at a table or bar in the kitchen, near the refrigerator with delicacies. Excellent, if you paint your nails near the nightstand, where you store your savings, wardrobe with clothes and coats. Do you need money to buy a TV, a new mink cloak? Then choose the place where the desired thing will go next.
  • Manicure on Feng Shui need to attract the love of ?Of course, it must be done in the zone of love! Go to the bedroom and settle there as comfortably as possible. You can choose a bathroom, if it is in it you are daily engaged in cosmetic procedures, apply makeup. The connection between female beauty and love for a man is obvious. Girls who dream of marriage, do not make mistakes if they do a manicure in the kitchen. There are stored products for the whole family, there is a table behind which all loving people get together.
  • When you paint the nails of to attract the luck of , it all depends on your specific goal. Do you want to succeed in business? It is worth choosing for the care of nails and hands the zone in the office, your workplace. This is really symbolic.
  • Some do manicure for health promotion .In this case, it is better to choose exactly the zone of the apartment where you are most engaged in yourself. Place in the living room or bedroom where you do gymnastics, the bathroom in which you are used to doing the procedures, the kitchen.

The opinions of Feng Shui experts are often divergent, but you can choose the most appropriate option subjectively. The main thing that he liked you. But the basic rules need to be remembered.

The correct emotional mood: to paint nails on Feng Shui should be in a good mood!

In any technique of feng shui, your emotional mood, psychological state, energy, radiated by you play a huge role. Be sure to take care of the inner mood, and only after that, take up the manicure, take a lacquer and special accessories!

Tune in to create a manicure emotionally. If you are engaged in auto-training, take a few minutes.

Simple tips and algorithms will help you:

  1. First of all, create a good atmosphere around. You can put your favorite music CD, pull out the curtains, turn on the bright light.
  2. Great, if you do not get in the way. Do not hurry during the application of varnish, do not look at the clock.
  3. It is advisable to specifically indicate your goals, write down everything that you expect from your new manicure on Feng Shui on a separate sheet. You can save it by folding a tube and putting it in a safe place, for example, in your dressing table.
Creating a manicure in a bad mood, you can achieve the opposite effect.

Imagine: you specifically select fingers that are responsible for love and success in business( nameless and medium), apply varnish. .. But you are tormented by bad thoughts, burdened by uncertainty, you are annoyed. It turns out that you draw attention not to fingers expecting luck, but to their problems.

Tune in and try to enjoy the process!

We prepare hands and nails for manicure on Feng Shui

It is important to properly prepare your hands, nails for manicure. First, remove all old varnish using a special tool. From compositions with acetone is better to refuse, as they are harmful to health and strongly irritate mucous membranes. Necessarily need to thoroughly clean the nails with a brush, lemon juice.

When your nails are freed from the old varnish, cleaned, you need to take care of their shape. Excellent, if you have several nail files, rather tender, not injuring nails.

How exactly is it better to cut and trim nails on feng shui :

  • Round nails should not be grown. They look attractive and harmonious.
  • Rectangular, oval marigolds can be grown, trimmed. It all depends on your desire.
Manicure on Feng Shui is better not to do with excessively long, pointed nails. They will "dissect" the positive energy and reduce its strength. Try to refrain from aggressive forms of nails; they should not be associated with horror films.
  • It is not recommended for holders of wide palms to grow long nails. They will look ridiculous. Just gently trim them, and then gently treat with a file.
  • Pay special attention to the presence of burrs on the nails. Each nail should be perfected, so that the edges are smooth, pleasant to the touch.

Have you already given the nails the right shape? It's time to take care of the nails and hands additionally. Apply a special cream to your nails, moisten the cuticle. Lubricate the hands with cream, make sure to massage, working on the biological points on the palms. Your mood, too, will rise even more, and your hands will be ready for manicure on Feng Shui!

Define your elements for creating an effective manicure on Feng Shui

Painting nails on Feng Shui - a whole art. You need to master all the basic rules, so that your manicure really becomes a wonderful means of attracting money, success and love. It is necessary to determine your element. This is done fairly simply, but it is important not to confuse anything and to recheck the result several times.

A huge role is played by colors, in which your nails are painted. In many respects, the choice of shade depends on what kind of element you have. Of course, you can stop on other color solutions, but to attract positive energy you need to regularly paint your nails exactly in colors that correspond to your elements.

Define your element:

1. The first method is the easiest. You need to pay attention to the last digit of your birth year. For example, all those who were born in 1978, the last figure - 8. It is on this and you need to determine the elements. There are five elements in total, each of which corresponds to its own figures:

  • earth: 8.9;
  • metal: 0, 1;
  • wood: 4, 5;
  • fire: 6, 7;
  • water: 2, 3.

2. This method is a little more complicated. You will need to use a special formula. Women need to take the last two digits of the year of birth, and then subtract the four. The difference must be divided into nine. In the remainder there will be a figure, if there is no remnant - you belong to the element of fire. Let's list other elements and corresponding figures:

  • water: 1;
  • wood: 3, 4;
  • earth: 2, 5, 8;
  • fire: 9, 0;
  • metal: 6, 7.

Do not you have the same elements according to different methods? Then consider that you have something from each of the two elements. Use their color in the manicure. This not only guarantees its effectiveness, but also allows you to diversify your personal style.

Choose the color of the manicure nail polish according to the element of

Now it's time to find out the matching colors of varnish and elements.

  1. More often use all shades of red, burgundy color, add a golden, orange, if your element - fire .
  2. Everyone who belongs to the elements of of tree, first of all, pay attention to blue, blue, green colors and all their shades. In addition, the perfect black nail polish.
  3. When you have determined that you belong to the earth , you should immediately purchase a nail polish yellow, brown and red. The nails of beige, pink color will also perfectly match your element.
  4. Elements of metal correspond to shades of yellow, brown, and also silvery, white.
  5. The widest choice of manicure options for feng shui for all who have found out that their element is water .They can paint their nails in almost any color, including black, silver, golden, pale blue.

Now you know which colors suit you best. But that's not all. When it comes to the real manicure of feng shui, just to give all nails a shade is not enough. You need an effective manicure to attract love, money, luck. It is important to find out the values ​​of the fingers and the successful combinations of shades. Then you will be able to select the right fingers, but at the same time make the manicure harmonious.

Secrets of Feng Shui. Manicure: the importance of fingers

Remember the value of your fingers to find out exactly which nails you need to select. Be sure to write down the meaning of each finger on the feng shui, if you want to do a real manicure.

The right hand

  • The thumb symbolizes miscalculations, errors. He is responsible for any events related to intellectual activity, as well as for victories and successful transactions, discoveries, unexpected successes.
  • The value of the index finger is dissatisfaction with itself, with surrounding people. It is this finger that symbolizes any manifestation of selfishness.
  • The middle finger of is responsible for anger and quarrels, mutual resentment, dissatisfaction in sexual life.
  • If you decide to attract love, you should definitely highlight the ring finger on your right hand. This method is used by many fans of feng shui, since this finger is responsible for sexual, love affairs, acquaintances and unions. In addition, it symbolizes a strong friendship.
  • The little finger is responsible for family ties, peace of mind, harmony and human harmony. It is he who becomes the main symbol of well-being. It can be distinguished, but some fans of feng shui prefer not to focus on this finger.

Left Hand

  • For troubles and empty hopes, vain efforts and minor misunderstandings answers thumb .
  • The index finger symbolizes fears and injuries, unjustified risk, insecurity.
  • The middle finger of is responsible for sensuality, sexual discovery, good luck in family life.
  • Parting, loneliness, separation and frustration symbolizes ring finger .
  • The value of the little finger is a deception, loss and treason. He is also responsible for pretense, flattery and gossip.

You learned the meaning of all the fingers on your hands, but you still need to determine which fingers you best highlight.

Select fingers on feng shui

Undoubtedly, finding out only the meaning of fingers, it's difficult to immediately choose the right nails to attract love, money. And someone should "lure" the success, use a manicure to "attract" good luck in business, work. Consider the main options for manicure Feng Shui. Remember how to paint your nails, what color set to use.

  1. Most often people distinguish between middle and ring fingers on the right hand. What do they want? It turns out that such a manicure on Feng Shui will attract prosperity, excellent financial position and stability, love and mutual understanding.
  2. Dedicated little finger of a fan of feng shui signals about the main dream of its owner: a person wants to achieve complete harmony, enjoy peace, prosperous life in the family. Harmony in the soul is his goal. It is the selected little finger and can attract it.
  3. Someone's main emphasis is on the thumb. These people are most eager for career growth, they dream to conquer new peaks and achieve success in their work.
  4. Native leaders, accustomed to excelling in everything and not wishing to give their laurels, create an emphasis on the index finger. He is responsible for power, strength, the will to win, the ability to manage people and always achieve the desired. This finger is universal in its own way, as a successful strong man is able to build a career, achieve financial prosperity and find his love. True, it is worth noting that the romantic relationship here still has the smallest place.
It is best to select fingers on the right hand. It accumulates energy, and the left most often takes it.

You know which nails to allocate to achieve what you want. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with the information about the meaning of the primary colors.

Color values ​​for feng shui

All shades of red are responsible not only for romantic feelings, but for vital energy in general. It is worth giving preference to red, burgundy, cherry tones, when you want to attract love.

Purple color has become a symbol of harmony, strength and perfection. It is he who is most important in feng shui. If you want to make your finger a real magnet to attract the right energy, boldly paint the nail with a purple varnish!

Goodwill, peace and harmony symbolize shades of beige, apricot. Optimistic mood gives orange color, blue and pink colors should be used to suppress aggression, negative energy around.

With green lacquer on the nails, you can gain self-confidence, increase self-esteem, and gentle shades of blue will help you focus faster. Fans of feng shui, who want to strengthen health and enhance the body's defenses, allocate nails with turquoise varnish.

Feng Shui manicure: a combination of colors

The combination of colors also plays a big role in manicure on Feng Shui. It is important for you to follow a few simple rules so that your well-groomed hands can attract the desired, attract valuable energy.

Three rules for combining colors on feng shui:

  1. Remember those shades that match your element of Feng Shui. Combine them exactly. Then your manicure will be harmonious, effective.
  2. Be sure to consider your taste. Nails should like you, cause positive emotions. Manicure should give you only positive impressions. For example, someone does not like multi-colored nails, and focus on some fingers you want. Do it simply: apply rhinestones, drawings, applications on the nails. They can be barely noticeable. The main thing that you were completely satisfied with your nails!
  3. Use the above label. It will tell you which color combinations are the most harmonious. If the ensembles of certain shades do not appeal to you, choose the colors close to them.
Now more and more people are trying to attract by means of feng shui positive energy, lure money and love, success in their lives. And they are absolutely right.

It's time to change your life with Feng Shui! After all, a person does not lose anything by using techniques. You will bring bright colors into your life, get a chance to see personally the effectiveness of manicure on Feng Shui.

Learn how to make a color manicure:

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