Photoshoot in the style of thrash

We will tell directly, in itself, style thrash within the limits of photosession - very much on the fan. And the point here is not that the word is translated from English as "garbage", but in the American subculture it characterizes the "white scum of society".The catch is in the other. Trash is a very emotional style, which simply might not be right for you. But he does not tolerate a parody of himself.

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The meaning of the style

Photoshoots with girls who stretch their lips and "puchat" eyes, this is far from trash, and its pathetic similarity. This style, however hard it may be to believe, was initially built on a subtle psychology, which is understandable by no means to all.

Trash is not only a complete rejection of any standards, the so-called riot against rules and generally accepted ideas.

This is a way of thinking in general. And to pass all this together through a photo session, so that someone looked and said: "Yes, this is it!", It is very difficult. To conduct a photo session in one of the genres of this style, you need to know the rules of image building.

When choosing this style for a photo shoot, you should pay special attention to image development. In short, the image should be shocking. Do not scare, do not disgust, do not be touched, namely shock, and then everything else.

Remember your reaction to the costumes of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. Surely your jaw hanging somewhere at the navel. So, this is a shock.

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Scam and shocking are the main features of the style. For example, you would be shocked by a girl in a short white dress, drenched in blood, with a sword in her hand, which just sits in an ordinary cafe. Or an innocent creation in the walls of a dilapidated house, where a skilful photographer will arrange everything to the level of Hollywood horror? Such plots in life are a "brain explosion", something that a normal person can not perceive normally. It is to a combination of adequate and inadequate in your image for a photo shoot you should strive for.

Learn about the youth style of grunge in clothes

Trash in fashion and, accordingly, in photo sessions is popular, most of all among young people and teenagers. Because of their age, they are still allowed to rebel against the world and transmit it in the photo. Those who are older can be carried away by this genre of photo sessions, but that fire, which is inherent only in a young look, those emotions, may well not be, and as a result an improbable parody will turn out. So leave a trash in photosessions for those who understand the importance of this direction is not only superficial. If you are a small percentage of such people, consider the following recommendations.

  • Play photosession in contrast. It has already been said above that this direction is characterized by a "brain explosion".The best way to achieve this is through contrasts. For example, as a set for a photo session, a crowded street is suitable, but the best business center is on the streets where there are many people in business suits, and in general there is a special business and respectable atmosphere. All these people will become decorations. Against this background, your image should be highlighted. The choice here is very big. Shocking the image of a prostitute, emo, hard punk. If you want more femininity - try the historical images in the photo session - a nun, a lady of the Middle Ages and so on;
  • The more the better. If many directions require restraint, compliance with certain frameworks, then the thrash photo lives by the principle: "The more - the better."Do not be afraid to go too far, on the contrary, to put it figuratively: bend it gently until you break it. It is in photosessions of this direction that you have a unique chance to break the templates without consequences. Experiment in makeup, always make it incredibly bright and intense or on the contrary frighteningly pale, depending on the idea. Do not be afraid to combine directions. So, if your outfit is a gentle chintz dress, and the image is all so innocent, that though cry, add to it elements of trash - a rope with a loop, a bloody ax, artificial organs from the shop of jokes. In general, manifest a fantasy;
  • Do not forget about the hairstyle in the photo shoot. She also admits an incredible flight of fantasy. The criterion here is one - the hairstyle should not spoil your appearance. In the rest, go far, as you want. It is very fashionable to build in a hairdress of a design. For example - an arrow that allegedly poked his head, an imitation of a cleaver sticking in the back of the head, a horn of a demon, an antenna of an insect, and so on.
  • The costume also must be among the main components when working out an image for a photo shoot. Sometimes the image will benefit from accessories and entourage. But if it is quite complex, for example, the image of the devil, you can not do without special training. It will take a lot of effort and money, but the result is worth it.
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