Sms congratulations on the New Year 2015

  • Sms congratulations for Mom and Dad happy New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for a friend and a friend with the New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for the girl with the New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for the husband and wife Happy New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for the son anddaughters Happy New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for grandparents Happy New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for a colleague on the New Year 2015
  • Sms congratulations for your sister and brother Happy New Year 2015

A wonderful holiday is coming - the New Year. You need to choose a meeting place for the New Year, choose an outfit, take care of gifts and, of course, remember to congratulate relatives, friends and colleagues.

The most convenient way to congratulate a modern person is to congratulate them via SMS.Short, original sms congratulations will help you to cheer your loved ones and wish them happiness and positive in the coming year of the Blue Wooden Goat. Simple sms and sms greetings in verse - choose what you like.

Sms congratulations for Mom and Dad happy New Year 2015

Sms congratulations in verse for mom

Happy New Year, dear mom!
You know how I love you,
This year let it be the best,
Bring luck to your life!
The year is approaching the sheep -
Fluffy, white and funny. Let our house - a quiet place -
Always will be warmed by you.

You, Mom, tenderness and care,
I wish you do not get sick,
Let work make you happy,
Do not let the soul get old!
New Year, New Year,
Let it be without worries,
Let dreams come true,
Mom, you are the best in the world!
Mom, I love you,
This sms I give:
A glorious New Year's holiday
It does not bring any hassle!

Let's all be with a bang!
Happiness, Joy of the Mountain! Let the service respect,
Let the eyes always shine!

Simple sms congratulations for mom

  • Mom, let the New Year 2015 bring you happiness and luck!
    Continue to please us with your warmth and care, and we will give you joy and a great mood!
  • Let the Year of the Goat be prosperous, fun and interesting! And your kids will try to make you happy more often and less sorrowfully!
  • Mom, you're the best! Let in the New 2015 Year you will have more joy and fewer sorrows and worries, let your smile shine everyone, let the mood always be excellent!
  • In the New Year of the Blue Goat every day will be filled with joy and happiness, let each week be remembered by successes and achievements, even if every month consists of successes and smiles - you deserve all the bright, wonderful and kind, Mom!
  • Mom, this year, as always, remain caring, gentle and wise! I wish you health, humor, kindness and patience for us, your children, good luck, good days and quiet nights!

Sms congratulations in verse for dad

Dad, you are a hero for us,
Had escaped us to the first class,
Helped us gnaw science,
You always drove boredom.

Let the new year give you
Bring luck to fate
Joy, happiness and luck,
Dollars bag in addition,
And health, and dreams,
Best of all you!
Dear, beloved daddy,
Since you were a child, you support me,
I can be weak with you,
You can be kind, funnier.

Let the coming sheep year
Bring you success,
Happiness, joyful encounters,
Prosperity, tenderness, laughter!
Our dad is the most fun,
And brave and strong, hero!
With you interesting fun,
In any alterations, you're your own!

So let the new year give us
More joint victories,
Let him get wise - he will not get old,
Let him sweep without trouble!
In the year of the goat it is quite appropriate
Wish cabbage carts,
So that everything was wonderful,
To bring happiness to the year!

And in the goat year
We will live without hassle,
Because we goat
Will bring luck to kazan,
And a basket of happiness, laughter,
And another can of success!

Simple sms greetings for dad

  1. Daddy, we want to congratulate you on the new 2015 and wish you Siberian health, Japanese longevity, American money, French wines and German cars!
  2. Daddy, Happy New Year! With all my heart we want to congratulate you and wish you good luck, happiness, prosperity, professional achievements and new horizons! With love, your children.
  3. Dear Dad, may the New Year 2015 bring you happiness, health, great news every day, interesting discoveries every week and an excellent salary every month!

Sms greetings for a friend and a friend with the New Year 2015

Friend of

Friend, let the new year give you a car without a roof, cheese with mold, old wine and a girl without brakes! The main thing is not to mix up! Happy New Year!

Let Kozel in the coming year
We'll bring cabbage!
I want to wish, my friend,
To get a thrill from life,
To have a better rest,

To come true, that was dreamed!
To chew not only hay,
And caviar certainly!
That the girls adored,
To be respected in the service!
Happy New Year! One two Three!
Let them not be silent until dawn
Shouts of joy and toasts,
Let the stars go out,
Than we go to rest,

Let's celebrate the whole day,
And yell, and have fun,
Do not hurry!
With new happiness you, people!
Let the year be great!
Do not drink from the hoof, even a year and a goat,
Do not wear horns, do not shake your beard,
Grab success with brave lion,
Dare, love and be yourself!
I wish to be drunk without a hops
From happiness, love and victories!
Let it be a week after week
Runs perfectly, without troubles!

I wish to be ill only with passion,
I wish success in everything,
Let your house pass bad weather,
Let everyone be happy in it!
Who's knocking at our door?
With an udder horned beast!

Not a cow or a lama
In the door to us knock stubbornly -
This is the new year of the goat-
Fast-paced egg.

Let it be cool, bright,
As a gift for gifts!


Dear friend, let the Year of Goats save from goats and rams!

A new goat year rushes to us,
Bring presents, presents and prizes!
Let it be fun, wonderful, mischievous,
Let happiness bring to loved ones and relatives!
Our merry new year
We will meet brightly, without worries,
Let's drink and have fun,
Let's sing, dance, frolic!

Will be a glorious year, girlfriend,
We are with you, beauty-darling,
Let him bring good luck
And lovers in addition!
Happy New Year! With magic!
Let the prosperity come to the house!

Let the glasses ring in unison,
Outside the window in December, the snowy,
We dance and laugh,
This year we'll succeed!

Happiness, joy, prosperity,
And good luck, and sweet life!
Let the hostess-goat
Give us a gift
Happiness, joy and success,
Joy, positive and laugh!
With new happiness, with a new laugh,
With new joy, with success,
Let the new year present
We have the prosperity without the hassle,

Let evil sufferings pass,
Let the sadness go any way.,
Let the whole year reign of luck,
Let us become richer!
Happy New Year to you, friends!
Let the goat please you,
Let it give you laughter and joy,
Let the heart be sweet,
Let the house fill with happiness,
Let everything go smoothly in it!
In the new year I'm writing smsku,
I want to congratulate my girlfriend.
Today I'll tell you honestly:
I've got you as I'm learning!

You are beautiful, kind, you know how to do everything -
I wanted to be the same,
All successful, nicer, wiser,
What beauty should I wish for?

Be happy, merry, good,
Dear my friend!

Let the horse carry away all sorrows,
Let the goat not offend you!
I wish you, darling,
Happiness for the health and the carriage!
Let the business life get better,
And about personal: let him meet!

Sms congratulations for the girl with the New Year 2015

Happy New Year, my beloved!
I love you so much!
New Year let us happy,
Happiness is bright, like a rainbow,
Let it shine, my beloved,
Dear and sweet!
I want to admit to you
Under the merry fight of the clock:
I want to meet with you,
For you at all ready!
Let happiness and joy present the coming fifteenth year,
Let laughter and smiles fill the flying weeks, round dance,
Let every passer-by give you your admiration,
I trust you my warm heart!
Happy New Year, with new happiness,
Dear my friend!
Let the disappearance disappear overnight
The critic, the liar and the rude.

Let there be
with you. He who loves, who understands.
The one whose heart does not cool,
Wind, cold and ice.

Look around, do not be afraid:
Honey, it's me!
Make a wish for this night:
See more often, together be,
Let us part the shreds of the shreds,
We are forever bound by the destiny of the thread.

This night of chimes, tangerines,
Let it come true, what did you think,
I want to be with you, my goddess.
Without you my world wilted, frozen.
I dream of giving you tenderness,
Watching how quietly you sleep.
This holiday let the snow-white
Do it all, whatever you want, baby!
Dancing snowflakes, and soon
There will be a midnight hour.
Let the bright pre-holiday city
Remember the poem about us:
We love each other,
And next we would like to be forever,
Let the blizzard pass us by,
Let us always be around.
My dear little goat, happy holiday!
Let the whims come true!

Let everything be as you wish, prankster,
Let lucky every day and everywhere!

Sms congratulations for husband and wife Happy New Year 2015

Adorable husband

Happy New Year, my dear,
With new happiness and with a goat!

Let's sing and chant,
Have fun before sunrise!

Wish us luck
And a bag of victories in addition!
I want to congratulate you
Under the fight of New Year's clock.

Let the coming year bring
us joy, happiness, ranks.

Let it be good,
Let it be full of joy, laughter!
New Year's hurry to visit us,
It brings success,
He's got to let's ask
Joy, happiness, children's laughter.

Let our family grow,
Let the fun only live in it,
And let it blossom in it!
Dear my husband, congratulations!
The year is yet another one for us.

I will wish you from the heart:
Let him only success will light.
Happiness, happiness, dear,
To me, you and us with you!

Let the goat bring prosperity,
Let's be merry, rich!
You are my protector and hero,
I am always happy with you,
Let the new year give us happiness,
Let us pass the bad weather,
You are the first, the best, you are a native,
You are the most-dearest!
Salutes, tangerines, cakes,
Fun, TV, toasts -
The year begins as before,
The year is new here, which means
That we are with you as before,
Melike this order:
Being together days, weeks, years,
Passing misfortunes and adversity.
Dear, your lamb
Will now be perfect:
And cook and wash,
Ironing, clean, clean!

Do not you be a sheep, darling:
I'd throw cabbage?
In the new year, I detained -
There was not a penny left!

All for fruits and salads,
Cake, wine, raisins, oil,
And for a holiday, dear, I
Look at 5 must!


In the new year, dear,
I'm happy to be with you,
And I wish you:
Be always yourself.

You are tender, dear,
My favorite,
I adore you,
I'm sad without you!
I congratulate you on the New Year,
. My happiness is so insignificant.
Let all the adversity pass you by,
Let things rise sharply in the affairs,

Let the joy surround you,
Let the tenderness come to our house,
Let the angel see you off,
Covering from the bad weather with the wing.
Flying snowflakes and noisy salutes -
A cheerful holiday fills every house.
Until the new year just a minute,
So let us expect it in it

Fun, joy, laughter, warmth, hope,
Comfort, harmony, love, dreams, warmth!
Let's be together forever as before -
With you, I'm very, sun, lucky!
New Year comes to visit,
Bute clock twelve times,
We'll ask you now
Passion, tenderness reserve,

I love you, dear,
And from the bottom of my heart I wish
Happiness,kindness, warmth
And good luck in all matters!
My wife, fairy tale and tenderness,
Hearthound Keeper,
You are my heart, serenity,
You are the most important to me.

Congratulations on the arrival of
Fun, cakes, tinsel,
With another joyous year,
We will live together with him!
You are happiness, you are joy, you are tenderness,
You are a passion, you are a dream, you are a love,
And on a snow today's holiday
I'll tell you again and again:

I love, I adore, I wish
I appreciate, I admire, I want,
You're the best - I know it,
I treat you like wings!
My precious little wife,
We will have an incomparable life,
The year is approaching the Blue Goat
We are promised presents, prizes,

It will carry all doubts,
It will bring execution of
Glorious desires and fairy tales,
Joy with you I celebrate!

Sms congratulations for the son and daughter with the New Year 2015


My dear little son,
Happy new year, my dear! Let the dreams come true,
You are the best in the world!
Happy New Year, son, happy new year!
Let it be more beautiful than it was,
Let the fertile shoots rise,
Let the children's ardor go on.

Be, as before, cheerful and kind,
Be calm and proper be.
Be responsible, honest and built,
You start your own way!
Happy New Year, my young hero,
With new happiness, with gifts, Christmas tree,
Santa Claus let him play with you,
Let all the snow on the needles shine,

Let sparklegarlands and bumps,
Let the light dreams come true,
You are a wonderful and cute boy,
The best for mammy you!
Happy New Year, son, with new happiness!
Congratulations to you, son.
We want to live without ravages,
Remember our small town.

Let in a distant big world of yours
Guarding you with our dreams,
Do not stay in a huge apartment
Without a beautiful and kind wife!
Our beloved son, happy new year!
Be brave, fearless and bold.
Let the star on your firmament
Give everything that no one owned!
Let the new year sheep
Give a new house,
Let the
be durable. Comfort and joy in it.

Now you, too, dad -
And the joy and success of
You let them guard
And gentle children's laughter!

To daughter

Dear daughter, happy holiday!
Happiness to you and love!
Only good stories
And joy live!

Let the coming year fill
with Love and warmth,
Let the good come true,
As a gentle child's dream!
New year to us rushes,
Joy he carries,
Fresh snow sparkles,
Santa Claus sings!

Let's hope
Come true now,
Happiness let a lot,
Money in reserve,

And health too
Year let it bring,
We'll help you,
Let's get lucky!
Happy New Year to my daughter,
I wish happiness and health,
Let dreams and dreams come true,
Let misfortunes and misery pass!
Year of the goat to us rushes
Cheerful, naughty,
Let the good happen
With daughter dear!

I wish you happiness
And joy, goodness!
Let the bad weather pass,
You're always right!
Happy New Year, my dear!
Let the lights shine on the tree,
I congratulate you today
Let the year be happy, good luck beckons!

Have fun, be loved, rich,
Let the goat bring joy to you,
You are my golden joy,
Let the luck wink you!
Happiness is my daughter,
Joyful, merry days,
And good luck, and success,
And wealth, songs, laughter!

Happy New Year, dear,
I wish you everything,
What do you want yourself,
Let everything be on a hooray!
With new happiness, daughter,
Will everything you wantyou!
Happiness, joy and luck,
And a bag of love in addition!

Sms congratulations for grandparents Happy New Year 2015


Dear grandmother, happy new year! You are the most caring and kind grandmother in the world! Let the goat-lady of the year bring you health, prosperity and a good mood!

Happy New Year, my dear grandmother!
I wholeheartedly wish you
Be healthy, do not get sick,
Everything you want will be in time!
Grandma native, you are a support
Our large family,
New year will come soon
We wish you wish

Happiness, long years, health and smiles,
Joy, harmony, warmth,
Let the coming profit come in the year,
Let things work!
Happy New Year, Grandmother-Old Woman!
With new happiness, with a new holiday!
Let your hut stand strong,
It always rejoices in thunder!
Grandmother, joy, happy new year!
We want today to wish
Sunny and affectionate weather,
No worries forever know,

Strong health and success,
Long years and joy in everything,
Happiness and prosperity, songs, laughter -
Let them fill this house!
Happy New Year I want to congratulate
And from your heart I wish you
Smile and grief not know!
Who bakes pies for us and knits socks?
Who reads us a fairy tale and sings songs?
With whom we play, walk, do not know anguish,
Who will support, help, embrace, understand?
This is our grandmother - care and happiness!

Let all the diseases, misfortunes let you pass,
Let the upcoming cheerful naughty new year
Only joy and happiness bring you!
Our grandmother, congratulations to you
And from the bottom of our hearts we wish
To be cheerful, healthy and joyful to be,
Never get sick and let your luck in!
Bute clock twelve times
We wish now
All health and good luck,
Dollars bag in addition!

I wish my grandmother
Let all the days seem like paradise,
And prosperity, and heat,
So you were happy!
New year on the threshold - hurray!
Cheerful this time:
Everywhere snow, tangerines and Christmas trees,
Tinsel, fireworks, needles!

Let the current year take
All the bad and leave,
Let the coming year come
And we will bring joy!


Grandfather my dear, congratulations,
This year come I wish
Happiness, health and bright wonders,
Reward, good luck andbright skies!
Why do we need a grandfather frost,
When do we have you?

You can make us laugh to the tears
And fulfill your dreams.

You are the best and most loved,
We are very lucky with you!
Happy New Year, grandfather,
Celebrating with you,
Let the passphrase pass by,
Let go of the crowd!

Let joy come to us,
Tenderness and success,
Let it be sweet,
Let the laughter live in it!
Grandfather, let the new year
Give you health,
Let it bring you
Sani with good and love!
Grandfather, I wish you
To live another hundred long years,
Happy New Year, I congratulate you,
I send you a big hello!
Happy New Year, great grandfather!
Live a hundred years without trouble!

Let the lucky year,
Let to you success will come!

And you have health!
Happy New Year! Grandson, with love!
New Year's night will surround with magic,
Let it leave as a gift
Health, cart with prosperity, good,
Let the year be bright!

And you, our father, grandfather and friend,
We wish good luck and happiness,
Be healthy, let the disease pass,
Let the misfortunes disappear in a year!

Sms congratulations for a colleague on the New Year 2015

Happy New Year, colleague!
Let the year be bright,
Let money like snow
For repairs, for a car, gifts!

Suppose the boss is not angry,
And more premiums,
Do not puff on credit,
And leave a little longer.
Dear colleagues, with a goat!
Let her finish it with gold!
After all I would like more, I will not hide,
Money, premiums now, not then!
Let the new year be a blizzard,
We all are not afraid of blizzards!
I wish peace to you with wife,
Health and tight pride!
What to wish for in the new year?
Happiness, luck without hassle,
Cheerfulness, strength and success
And on vacation abroad to leave!
Let the boss in the year of the lamb
Will be kind and tame,
Will be nice to the wards,
Will be soft and funny,

And let the salary raise,
Desire fulfills,
Let the year be fun,
Let us be lucky together!
Raising the salary, money, joy, mind,
Let the goat bring us the gold of the can itself,
Let the health do not fail, let the mood blossom,
Let everything be the best on this holiday, in the New Year!
New Year will give a fun,
Joy, happiness and a luxurious table,
Let the jingle now merry trill
Congratulations - the holiday came after all!

Year runs on small hoofs,
Soon-soon it will be with us,
New page will open,
Have fun at this hour!
Congratulations on the new year
And I wish I
Become wiser from winter arrival,
Let everything be with you!

Sms congratulations for your sister and brother Happy New Year 2015

Sister Sister

Lovely little sister, dear,
Happy New Year, all the best to you!
What to wish you - I do not know,
Let success everywhere be waiting for you!

Let everyone around adore you,
Let them appreciate and understand you,
Let colleagues respect you very much,
Let your prince find you soon!
My dear sister, I want to congratulate you!
Let the coming year enter the house
And the troubles will fix it!
I wish you joy and happiness,
I wish sun and good luck,
Let there be a lot of passion in life
And the tasks to be performed!

Let, my dear sister,
Always in all you luck!
Let all adore you,
Let you have fun waiting!
Sister, happy new year!
Let you be lucky!
Let the jump at full speed
Merry new year!

Let the
come to you Good luck, joy in the house,
So that the business becomes profitable,
So that there were days in it!
I wish that the money was flowing,
I wish that the joy was,
So that time always was,
So that you, like a lilac, blossom!
Happy New Year, you are my friend
And my first teacher,
Let the outside of the evil blizzard ring,
You, as before, are happy for me!

Wish you, sister, I want
Joy, health, warmth,
Best of all in the world you!
New Year will bring us fun,
Happiness, tenderness, wealth, warmth,
Zamkachayut colored carousel
Firs, candles, salutes, glass,

Let today glasses fill
Not wine, butgood and dreams!
Let a year of new hope fulfill,
Let us give love and flowers!


Dear Brother, Happy New Year!
Congratulations to you joyfully!
Let it whirl the merry round dance
Snow on the last evening of December!

Let the glasses ring, pour drinks,
Let desire for joy and success,
Let the sheep year be merry, quick -
We will be presented with happiness, tenderness, laughter!
Happy New Year, my brother, with new happiness!
Let this year keep for you
A casket of happiness, a bag of sweetness
And warm, positive without lying!

Be brave and brave and honest,
You are just and kind,
Let it be alive, interesting,
Only, my brother, do not forget me!
My little kid, with new happiness!
Let the angels keep you from harm,
Let not find you, my brother, bad weather,
Let the year give happiness for a hundred years!
Brother, I wish you today
Kindness, warmth and good luck!
Let the year of the new be free
And does not put forth the most difficult tasks!

Let it come true,
Let success wait in everything,
Be strong like a tiger or a cougar,
Let things look awesome in business!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Let the prosperity come to the house! Let the goat be lucky
And a bag of wonders to boot!

Let him fill his life with heat,
Happiness, laughter, gold!

Original sms congratulations is a great opportunity to cheer up family and friends and wish them happiness, health and success. Send beautiful and cheerful wishes and please your friends, colleagues and family.

Happy New Year!

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