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How many women, so many opinions andpreferences! Some choose beauty in the form of a braid below the waist, others - minimalism and ease of care, the third taste of the average length of hair. The latter gives a huge field for experiments with styling and the ability to visually adjust the shape of the face due to the hairstyle. Haircuts for medium hair is the arithmetic mean between very short and very long hair.

Femininity, elegance, style, relative simplicity in care, the ability to transform without changing anything radically, all this is medium length hair. Women's haircuts for this length of hair are no less diverse than the tastes and preferences of women themselves. Here and the latest trends of fashion, and timeless, always topical classics.

Kare: from the depths of the centuries

The carving of the square has been known since ancient times. Yes, and the goddess of ancient Egypt depicted with this haircut. Having undergone many changes, but at the same time retaining the features inherent in him, the quads have survived to this day, becoming classics.

Perfect silhouette, flawless lines, restraint - just like all ingenious. An excellent solution for exemplary schoolgirls and those women whose kind of activity requires a strict style.

Nevertheless, the classic quads are not only a self-sufficient hairstyle, but also the basis for a number of new fashionable haircuts and styling. Experiments with a bang or a complete lack of it, thinning, grading, asymmetry - all this can be supplemented by the classic quads, creating new original images.

Bob - laconically and distinctly

"From the stigma of shame - to the last squeak of fashion!" - so you can briefly describe the history of a medium-length haircut "Bob".At the beginning of the last century, the wearing of a short haircut was considered bad form, so not all barbers took up the invention of the hairdresser Antoine de Paris.

Conservative views began to come to naught after the unique haircut of Coco Chanel was decided upon by the bob haircut.

The classic version of such a haircut is similar to square. The square is also often performed at an angle( the length of the hair increases toward the front).The bean is characterized by a minimum length of hair behind and a pronounced volume. To date, the bean in its various modifications is chosen by women who prefer the principle of "simple and tasteful".

Age in the style of "page"

Restraint, elegance, impeccability. It's about the haircut page that has become an integral part of the image of the legendary French singer Mireille Mathieu. Initially focused on a short length, the page later entered the list of haircuts for medium hair.

Classic version of the page - uniform elongation of the silhouette from the bangs - is already considered a retro. To date, there are modernized versions of the page with a short bang, graduation or filing. It is a tribute to fashion and traditions at the same time.

Cascade - volume and structure of

Cascade haircuts for medium length hair - this is a real godsend for stylists! This haircut is much younger than the previous three, the peak of its popularity fell on the late 70's - early 80's of last century.

The technique of cascade execution, which consists in increasing the length of the strands from the crown( there is the shortest) to the lower part of the head( here the longest), allows you to add extra volume to your hair, so this haircut has become widespread among the owners of thin and not very thick hair.

Today, fashionable hairstyles and hairstyles are created on the basis of cascading techniques with pronounced stepwise transitions from one length to another, torn strands, asymmetrical silhouette.

An excellent addition to this option is the highlighting, emphasizing the original silhouette.

A novelty called "pixy"

Originally popular and fashionable now, the pixie was among the only hair cuts for short hair. But in a relatively short period of time, innovation has spread to medium-length hairstyles. However, in this case it will not do without the ultra-short strands, which are typical for the haircuts of pixies.

One of the extended options is the pixy-bean, combining the light negligence of the modern trend and the smooth lines of the classics.

It's all about the bang!

The presence or absence of a bang is one of the key points of any medium-length haircut. And it's not just about originality! Due to bangs, you can achieve the following effects:

  • Visually adjust the shape of the face, forehead.
  • Emphasize the dignity and, on the contrary, hide the flaws in the facial features.
  • Make an emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows.
  • Give the image originality.
  • Harmoniously or contrastfully emphasize the silhouette of the haircut.

Indeed, with the right choice of bangs, you can effectively highlight the dignity of the person, and hide flaws, shifting the focus to more advantageous features, and give the image a romantic, extravagant or strict.

So, a straight bang in the French style will help to hide a short forehead and visually make a more rounded outstretched face. For chubby girls, a long slanting bang is a good solution, which, moreover, is capable of masking such a disadvantage as a big nose, and visually making it more tiny. And with angular cheekbones, you can choose the arched version.

The long bangs have a number of advantages compared to the short one:

  1. The long bangs look great, covering the forehead and eyes, adds intrigue to the image.
  2. A long bang gives more space for experiments compared to a short one.
  3. If necessary, a long fringe can easily be stabbed or removed with a hoop.
But the bangs go far not all. On straight hair, it looks chic, and for curly or wavy it is often a problem.
Therefore, owners of this type of head of hair most often choose a medium-length haircut without a bang. But such forced constraint is compensated by a natural frame of the face oval, romantic and gentle.

Mixed types of haircuts for medium hair

In search of new solutions hair stylists use a mix of techniques for performing different haircuts for medium length hair.

For example, as a result of the synthesis of the classic square and cascade stepped technique, a graded square was obtained. In this haircut, the correct shape is retained, adjusted to one final length. But before this final length the strands are cut off stepwise, as when performing a cascade haircut. On the output you get a square with a ladder - a stylish and original youth hairstyle with an extra volume. Or Bob-kar with volume from the first component and ideal forms from the second.

The graduation of the classic page can also be attributed to the modification using cascade techniques. Which of the two components will prevail in this or that case, depends on three main factors: the ideas of the master, the wishes of the client and the features of her face and hair.

Asymmetry on medium-length hair

Asymmetric haircuts made on the basis of classic, are still in trend, despite the inconsistency in fashion trends. The uneven length of the strands from different sides is original, original and stylish. This is an opportunity to create an extravagant image or hide some nuances of the form and features.

Asymmetric quads with oblique bangs and graduations for extra volume - this is the whole field for experiments with styling and hairstyles. And if necessary, observe the severity of the hair, asymmetrical strands are easily removed with a hair clip.

Graduated asymmetrical haircut for medium hair - video

Styling and hairstyles

The average length of hair allows you to create a wide variety of hairstyles. A quads or pages of medium length can be gathered in the tail, in the absence of a bang - completely open the forehead and face, leaving one strand on each side. If the bangs in the haircut is present, she will focus on the eyes - it is an advantageous option for a spectacular evening make-up.

The beauty of the average length of hair is also that, if desired, you can increase their length with a chignon, which is conveniently attached to your own hair. More modern types of medium haircuts - graded, torn - have the embodiment of the most unusual and extravagant stylistic decisions.

The effect of easy careless disheveledness, characteristic for Boho style, deliberately allocated stepped silhouette structure, disheveled vertex and perfectly straight hair below the nape, oblique parting with asymmetrical haircut - these and many other methods of hairstyle and styling are available in mixed versions. Curls and curls made with the help of hair curlers or curling irons, or perfectly bald hair - that's what you want!

On medium-length haircuts, you can create a wide variety of hairstyles, starting with everyday styling and ending with masterpieces of hairdressing art. By the way, haircuts for medium hair are very unpretentious in terms of everyday hairstyles: after washing your head, it is enough to dry the hair with a hairdryer, creating volume with the help of fingers or comb.

To which haircuts are suitable

Not all kinds of haircuts for medium hair are equally good for different types of hair and face. The most universal is the classic square - this haircut is good for any purpose. By choosing the angle of the silhouette, you can adjust the shape of the face oval, and the presence or absence of a bang - to emphasize or visually correct the incision of the eyes.

For a strict style or older age, the standard version of a square is suitable, for young people it is graded or milled. No less universal is the cascade. Due to various techniques of implementation, the stepped structure can either be made smooth and invisible, or, conversely, emphasize only the silhouette itself.

The first option looks good on curly and wavy hair, the second - on the owners of straight hair.

But the famous page can not be called universal. This haircut is suitable only for thick straight hair and a correct face oval. On thin hair the page will not give the necessary volume, and a round, elongated or "square" face will look with such a haircut not in the most profitable foreshortening.

However, the cascade can not be called absolutely universal: in view of the specific technique of execution, this haircut is contraindicated for women and girls who have damaged or split hair.

Choosing a haircut for the color of hair

  • Again, the most versatile is the classic carat, which is suitable for strands of any shade, starting with a platinum blonde and finishing with coal black.
  • Hair of any shades looks good and cascade, but on dark strands it is better to see its stepped structure.
  • Classic page is an option for dark-haired girls.
  • Bob or pixy look great on blondes.
  • All colors and shades are submissive to asymmetrical hairstyles. If there is a graduation, a good stylistic solution is melioration or coloring.

Hair care of medium length

Many girls and women prefer medium hair due to the relative simplicity of caring for them. And it really does not have anything complicated, it's enough to wash your head regularly with a shampoo that matches the type of hair.

If the hair is exposed to permanent stylings using a hairdryer, curling iron, ironing, varnish, and foam, and also dyed, then it is necessary to regularly treat the hair with nourishing masks in order to maintain the health and beauty of the hairstyle.

Masks that strengthen hair and toning the scalp can be purchased in ready-made form in cosmetic shops or made independently by folk recipes, of which there are a great many. And of course, do not forget about the need to regularly adjust the length of the haircuts, if the hair growth in the plans is not included. Related Videos:

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