Cleaning the face with aspirin against acne in the home

Many women use aspirin, wanting to get rid of the headache, relieve the symptoms of colds, ease their condition during menstruation. In addition, acetylsalicylic acid, which is part of aspirin, is often found in cosmetics. This drug is able to get rid of acne and large acne, which are inflammatory.

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    • The benefits of using
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    Benefit from the use of

    Aspirin mainly consists of salicylic acid with effective anti-inflammatory properties, it copes well with the problems that are causedvarious diseases of the skin.

    This drug has a positive effect on inflammation, eliminates acne and relieves the epidermis from keratinized cells. However, aspirin does not affect healthy skin.

    How much will aspirin help? Regularly using aspirin against acne, you will get rid of them very quickly. In this case, not only acne will disappear, but also the upper layer of the skin will become much cleaner, and pollution, excess fat will become less noticeable. To avoid irritation on the skin, this drug should be applied carefully using point movements.

    Aspirin is good for women who have oily skin. Owners of dry facial skin need to add to acetylsalicylic acid, olive oil or castor oil.

    Acetylsalicylic acid has its drawbacks. Because of its effect, this drug increases the flow of blood, expanding the vessels. The use of aspirin as a cosmetic product can lead to the formation of a vascular network and the expansion of blood vessels. If you use scrubs, masks from aspirin, which are endowed with drying, degreasing properties, to treat the problem skin, you can increase its sensitivity.

    Due to the fact that aspirin dries the skin well, at the time of its use, it is advisable to treat the face with sunscreen every time before leaving the house. To avoid dry skin, it is not superfluous to use moisturizers.

    Acetylsalicylic acid can be found in the form of tablets, pastes, powders, aqueous solutions. These funds effectively treat lichen, seborrhea, relieve pustular rash. Using aspirin can eliminate many skin imperfections. Aspirin tablets for the treatment of skin imperfections can be applied in several ways. Dissolve this drug in water, and putting the product on a cotton swab, point it to all the inflamed places.

    Masks from aspirin have a great effect. They well relieve inflammation on the skin and prevent them from reappearing. And these masks are often used to remove black points on the face, which do not give rest to many women. If you regularly use masks from this substance, the spots that remained after the pimples will quickly disappear, leaving no traces behind.

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    The best masks from acne

    Here is a list of well-received masks.

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    To combat skin imperfections, a yoghurt mask is often used to remove acne from aspirin, which is excellent for sensitive skin. Take a large spoonful of yogurt( it is better to give preference to a natural product without dyes) and combine it with two tablets of this substance, carefully crushed into gruel. Spread the product over the skin, leave it for half an hour. Remove with warm water. After using the mask, the skin can be treated with a light cream for the face.

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    If you have oily skin, try making a mask with aspirin and lemon juice. Several tablets of this drug should be crushed thoroughly and poured with diluted lemon juice( the proportion of juice and water - 1: 2).Apply the mixture on the face and hold for a few minutes. To wash it off you will need warm water and soda. This mask can not be used for dry skin, as well as when it has any damage or fresh wounds.

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    The facial mask with aspirin and honey is also effective. Mix this medication with honey and pour the mixture with water. The mask should not be very liquid, so that it does not spread over the face. When applying the mask, special attention should be given to black dots and large pores. After washing the mask with water, do not forget to moisten the skin.

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    You can also prepare apple-vitamin mask from aspirin. For this, the grated apple pulp must be combined with natural yogurt, adding two tablets of this preparation and a few drops of the oil solution with vitamins A and E. The mask should be made pasty. Hold it on your face for about half an hour and rinse with cold water.

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    To cure flaws on the skin, you can also use a coffee mask-scrub. For its preparation you will need two large spoons of white clay, a little carefully ground coffee and four tablets of pre-chopped aspirin. Pour the mixture with mineral water to form a thick gruel. Treat the entire face with a mask( you can make a light massage), while avoiding the area around the eyes. Scrub the face with aspirin should be washed off in half an hour. To the effect of the application of peeling was even more noticeable, before applying, wipe the face, in particular, the inflamed areas and acne itself, with an ice cube.

    Applying any masks with aspirin to treat skin imperfections, remember that your face will not be hindered by additional moisturizing with a nourishing cream. If you are not sure that the mask of this drug will be absolutely safe, first apply it to the wrist, where the skin is the same on sensitivity, as on the face. Wait a day, if the skin on your wrist does not turn red, you can safely use the mask on your face.

    Please note that masks with aspirin, although considered very effective, they can not fully cope with the problem. These funds only relieve swelling and reduce the inflammatory process. Wishing to achieve maximum effect from the use of masks from this drug, you will need to do at least four procedures. So have patience and you will be able to return to your skin beauty and health.

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    Many women are delighted with the use of aspirin as a cosmetic for the face. But there are also such women who remained dissatisfied with the effect of the use of acetylsalicylic acid. Therefore, the result of treatment is determined by the characteristics of your skin.

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    It is strongly advised not to use aspirin for the face of women who have an individual intolerance to this drug. Also, the use of acetylsalicylic acid should be abandoned by future mothers and breastfeeding women. And even aspirin can do harm if you have cuts, scars on the skin, because this drug significantly reduces blood coagulability. It is forbidden to use aspirin for the face in the event that you have an exacerbation of any disease, especially kidney disease or asthma.

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    Care should be taken to use this medication on the face, if you like sunbathing under the sunlight or visiting a solarium soas agents with aspirin often cause pigmentation spots. Try as little as possible to use scrubs created from aspirin, honey and water, because intensive rubbing of this product into the skin can trigger damage to small vessels. If you doubt the safety of this drug in this form, it is not out of place to consult a doctor.

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