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The ability to correctly form an image in clothing is an important quality. Tights in cold weather are an integral part of the wardrobe. With a tastefully selected item, a woman stands out, emphasizes her originality and good taste. How to wear tights, how to choose the right color scheme and what to combine products, we tell in this article.

Choosing tights

In Soviet times tights were considered an exclusive thing, so were not available to everyone. Then they paid no attention to color or density. Only the fact of owning this thing singled out a woman from the crowd.

Today, everything is different, the market is oversaturated with supply. The color palette and density can be selected for every taste and event. But the questions about what to wear tights and how to properly wear them, remain relevant.

We tried to collect the best recommendations of 2017 from the world's leading stylists, so that our readers might learn something new from the fashion world.

When choosing tights, you should:

  • Choose according to age. For example, tights with colorful ornaments or juicy shades fit girls aged 13 to 25 years. Older women are recommended to give preference to classic colors: beige, black, white.
  • Consider leg length, shape and completeness.
  • Remember, for what reason will wear tights.

To avoid mistakes and not look vulgar, it is worth considering how you can not wear tights:

  • to shorts from any fabric is better to choose monotonous tights of low-key shades;
  • black tights are not combined with white shoes, and vice versa;
  • sandals and pantyhose are incompatible, since this shoe is created solely for bare feet;
  • shoes with an open toe are not recommended to combine with tights that have a tight toe;
  • dress in stripes and net tights - mutually exclusive elements of the wardrobe;
  • tights with a horizontal pattern on full legs visually increase their volume;
  • in winter is better to wear tight tights.

Such small tricks will allow each woman not only to create a stylish image, but also to always look elegant.

Classics of the genre - black color

Pantyhose of dark color and dense structure suitable for almost any clothing in the cold season. Unlike things of corporal and white color, black tights visually extend the legs.

The most optimal options for combining clothing items and tights of dark shade are as follows:

  • Office option. A white blouse, a pencil skirt of dark blue or black and black pantyhose - stylish, comfortable, according to the dress code.
  • The party. Many famous women successfully combine dresses of light shades with dark tights. It is important to maintain the color balance.
  • Short jeans and leather shorts perfectly match with black pantyhose.
  • Attire for the club. An unusual combination of a bright dress( for example, terracotta color) with dark tights will allow the girl to look spectacular and stylish.

Note that this piece of clothing does not need to be just black. In some images, it is appropriate to have dark brown, dark gray, transparent black color. Important in selecting tights is the style of the selected clothing.

Openwork black tights fit a romantic image or style of a female vamp, and the tight structure of tights is combined with Scandinavian style( woolen dress, skirt).

White trend

White color is now at the peak of popularity. However, not every young lady is aware of what to wear white pantyhose. The answer to the question is simple - clothes and shoes for tights only light shades. No bright accents and contrasts.

White color is always relevant and looks elegant. Therefore, white tights are ideal for a classic dress with a narrowed bottom or suit. The main attributes in this image are shoes and a handbag of light colors.

As for the knitted tight tights of gray or beige shade, the stylists recommend them to use in images for walks, appointments, parties with friends.

These tights fit well with the following clothing elements:

  • colored tunics;
  • dress or sundress of denim;
  • breeches of dense fabric;
  • volumetric sweaters;
  • waistcoats and cardigans.

Suitable shoes:

  • boots and boots with lacing, sneakers;
  • shoes with volumetric heel;
  • high boots on straight soles;
  • boots in the style of "western".

A three-dimensional knitted scarf, matched to the tone, will perfectly complement the image. Please note that matt texture accessories are suitable for white tights. This option, unlike shine, is the most advantageous. If there is any doubt whether the shades are chosen correctly, it is recommended to combine things of the same tone.

Secrets of colored pantyhose

Colored pantyhose is no longer a rarity and presented in the entire color palette. A competent combination will allow both to supplement the outfit, and to emphasize where it is needed.

The following tips will help to eliminate errors:

  • Red color is effectively combined with dark, and pantyhose is no exception. An excellent solution is to put on shorts or a skirt in the tone of tights, and in the upper part give preference to contrast. This combination pulls out the silhouette and neutralizes body defects.
  • Tights blue juicy shades should also be combined with accessories: bag, belt, handkerchief, gloves, jewelry. This combination is bold though, but in general it looks harmonious. It is important not to overdo it with extravagance and use no more than three colors and things made in one style.
  • Dresses and tunics with ornaments are well complemented by colored tights, matched in tone as well as in contrast. Use the color palette of combinations to avoid making a mistake in tonality. Tights should match the color with the overall background of the garment or with its elements.
  • Elegantly look dress purple with pantyhose, matched tone in tone. However, one should emphasize details, for example, black long gloves.
  • You can dilute the image due to layers, for example: yellow tights, a skirt and a tweed jacket of brown color and a blouse in tone to pantyhose. This kind is suitable for thematic parties, visits to art galleries, autopati, etc.

Stylists note that colored pantyhose fits well with other clothing elements if they are monochrome or tone warmer.

The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and emphasize your individuality.

When relevant figures

A wide range of pantyhose with a picture allows you to create a unique image, combine bright and stylish things, and also gives a good mood in cloudy weather. But, as in other cases, there are rules in the selection of tights:

  • Large picture - for slender ladies.
  • Juicy prints, especially flowers, should be chosen with caution by all girls, since they can visually deform even slender legs.
  • The voluminous figure on pantyhose is better to combine with a monophonic garment, matched in tone.
  • Pantyhose with imitation stockings can not be worn with miniskirts and dresses in the office. Such pantyhose, coupled with a delicate dress of classical length, will be appropriate to look on a date, a celebration or at a cocktail party.
  • Tights with a seam on the back. On the one hand - a classic, but you can get into a mess. So, if tights do not fit in size, then the seam can lie ugly and will constantly creep. And if the seam is decorated with rhinestones or beads, then this kind causes a restrained smile. It is important to think seven times and only then to acquire such a model. She needs slim, even legs, otherwise the tights will underline all the defects. Do not fit such and for office style. The best solution for tights with a seam is an evening dress.
When choosing pantyhose with a picture, focus on not making the image heavier.

Sandals and pantyhose - to be or not to be?

Opinions about whether you can wear pantyhose with sandals, divided. Let's try to cover this issue in full. Let's understand whether to combine or not, and if so, how and with what. Here's what conclusions we came to.

Wear if:

  • is selected thin pantyhose with a transparent cape;
  • sandals are dark in color, and pantyhose is selected in tonality one to one;
  • shoes with wide cross straps on the heel or wedge.

Strongly not, if:

  • tights with a tight cape;
  • black tights with light sandals;The seam of pantyhose is noticeable on the fingers;
  • tights with a pattern together with sandals.
But, despite the preponderance of "no", the stylists assure that in 7-10 years this combination can become fashionable and relevant.

Pantyhose for pregnant women

The tummy during pregnancy begins to grow actively from the 24th week. During this period, the woman draws attention that the usual clothes are not so comfortable, and their favorite jeans are heavily pressed in the pelvis and waist. Therefore, for pregnant women, the questions are urgent, can one wear pantyhose and how to look stylish at the same time.

Consider the types of tights for pregnant women:

  1. Special nylon. There are models of several densities, and their classification in dens coincides with the usual ones. A distinctive feature of these pantyhose is the presence of an elastic waistband for the abdomen.
  2. Warm. They mainly include cotton and wool with the addition of elastane. This product is indispensable for a woman in the cold season and will prevent hypothermia.
  3. Compression tights not only look beautiful on the future mother, but also help her body cope with the increased strain on her legs. The compression piece evenly distributes pressure on the legs, supports, without squeezing, the tummy and has a preventive effect on the veins.

The color palette of tights for pregnant women is mostly presented in body and black. But you can find other shades: brown, gray and beige. If you set a goal, then in special online stores you can find and juicy colors. The rules for combining pantyhose for pregnant women with other clothing elements are similar to the above.

How to wear pantyhose and what to choose, figured out. It remains to add that even such a small detail can create or destroy an ideal image. Use the recommendations from the article and be able to confidently combine clothes with tights.

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