How to serve julienne

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Cooking is a subtle science: each dish needs its own approach. Especially when it comes to dishes of strangers coming from other cultures. Take, at least, julienne. What is it all about, how to cook it and serve it?

This is known to the French: they invented a dish, they shared the recipe with others. And they serve tasty julienes in a special way.


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Such different julien

An unfamiliar name always pushes to find out what is behind it. Julien called the dishes from so different components that a miracle is given to the one who was going to cook it. In some sources it is indicated that this dish is exclusively mushroom. In the culinary books, however, many recipes are found, where mushrooms do not enter at all, but the dish is still called a julienne.

French chefs call this term "chopped vegetables" for soup, and the dictionary fixes the value as a way of cutting food: straw.

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In the presentation of a restaurant visitor, a julienne is a dish of finely chopped onions, finely chopped onions, finely chopped mushrooms( champignons, whites, chanterelles).It is assumed a little chicken.

These ingredients are poured with sauce: sour cream, béchamel, sometimes mayonnaise. The ingredients are extinguished, laid out in a special dish - coconut, sprinkled with grated cheese of hard varieties and baked in the oven until golden brown.

What to serve as a julienne

Julien is interesting not only for its taste, but also for the way it is served. It is not in vain prepared in a serving bowl. A serving of 100 grams can be placed in the kokotnitsu. It looks like a jug or in the form of a small frying pan with high sides, or pots with one handle. There are both glass and ceramic options, however, the most common remains metal.

There are a number of recipes when a julien is cooked directly in buns, from which some of the pulp is removed. And also the julien is laid out on the tartlets - it also turns out to be tasty and convenient.

How to serve

Julien is not shifted to a plate, but is served directly in the kokotnitsa, in which they cooked. Since the dish is not cold, julien is served immediately after cooking - with heat, with heat.

Plate on which the kokotnitsu put, covered with a carved napkin. Its edges in diameter are slightly larger than that of dishes - this is an ornament. A knitter is placed on top, the handle of which is grasped with a second napkin or a paper towel, so as not to get burned while eating. From the edge, near the coconut, put a spoon: it will also be a julienne.

With what they eat

Julien - from the category of snacks. It is served only hot, and only separately.

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