How to decorate a house for the New Year 2017

  • How to decorate the interior for the New Year
  • How to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year
  • How to decorate the door for the New Year
  • How to decorate the windows for the New Year
  • How to decorate the walls for the New Year
  • How to decorate the table for the New Year

In the last decades before the meetingNew Year there was a fashionable tendency to decorate their homes so as to evoke the favors of the mascot of the coming year.

There is a belief that if you please an animal to whom the Chinese horoscope takes the place of the symbol of the coming year, you can enlist its benevolence and support. Prepared for the holiday long before his offensive, we will not miss the slightest detail and will ensure our luck for the coming year.

The symbol of the year 2017 will be the red fiery rooster. Those who follow the Chinese horoscope, it is clear that the elements and the color scale of the coming year remain the same: after all, the mistress of 2017 was the red fiery monkey. This makes our task easier, because some of the decorations left from last year's preparation for the holiday can be used to decorate the house.

How to decorate a house / room for a new year with your own hands 2016
NEW YEAR DECOR |How to decorate a room / apartment / house for the New Year?
How to decorate a house for a NEW YEAR!Simple and affordable.

How to decorate the interior for the New Year

Red Rooster is an animal very stylish and elegant, so there should not be anything vulgar and screaming in the interior design. Cockerel is a pet that appreciates coziness. Hence, the atmosphere of the house must be made cozy, stylish and refined. When choosing ornaments, it is necessary to adhere to soft tones: pastel, beige, slightly sparkling. Tenderness of shades - pledge of the refined interior.

  • In order to emphasize the patronizing color of the coming year, it is necessary to add some ornaments in red or fiery red, orange tones. You can cope with this task with homemade paper lanterns, New Year's candles in red glass candlesticks, napkins, autographed paper snowflakes, exquisite vases with sparkling glass toys and other holiday trinkets.
  • The main and obligatory detail of the festive decoration of the house should be a bell, suspended at the entrance to the house or occupying a central position on the New Year's tree. Tell your guests that they can attract prosperity and success for the coming year, just by quietly ringing this bell.
  • Candle Red cock

    Fire will be an element of 2017, so in a festive interior, you must find a place for at least one candle with a picture of a cock. If these candles are several, then, putting them in different rooms, you have every chance to propitiate the wayward patron of the coming year. While engaged in serving a festive dinner, do not forget to decorate your table with such a candle.

  • No cock will give up fresh millet, so when decorating a house you should use more scenery of yellow-orange shades: both pastel and bright( the benefit that now you can do it without problems).It is enough to go to the nearest store and buy millet for germination or other interior items of red, orange or yellow. Putting them on the window sill, you will not only satisfy the aesthetic demands of the cockerel, but will also give him the opportunity to enjoy fresh wheat.
  • Among the traditional ornaments that can be used with the decoration of the house, you can list ribbons of paper serpentine, garlands in red and yellow colors, balloons, golden rain, pine or spruce twigs and silver tinsel.
  • In the festive interior, snowy branches look spectacular, which are easy to manufacture on their own. This task is best handled by conifer branches, although it is possible to cut off branches of trees of hardwood. Preparing a supersaturated solution of common table salt, dip the prepared branches into it and leave them for a while until it dries completely. Thanks to the crystals of salt, the branches start to sparkle slightly.
  • "Snow" branches can be another way: just lightly grease them with any glue and prishopishit crumbled foam. If you treat the snow-covered branches with a coniferous air freshener or apply a few drops of pine essential oil to them, you can achieve the full effect of the presence of a living tree in the house.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year

  • Decorating a Christmas tree in the year of the Rooster, preference should be given to decorations in red and orange colors, however, this does not mean that they can all be just like that. Other shades are also acceptable. You just do not get carried away and do not allow too much variegation.
  • Together with traditional toys for the forest beauty, you can hang a lot of funny cockerels: this is very like the patroness of the coming year. Mom-needlewomen can, together with their children, make up a chicken mother and her seven chickens by hanging ready-made toys on a Christmas tree or by composing a composition at her base.
  • You can completely abandon the use of toys and decorate the Christmas tree with garlands of bells or single bells, differing from each other only in the color of their ribbons. Cockerel will appreciate your choice, because we all know perfectly well that the bell is an integral attribute of it, and the quiet ringing of bells will bring happiness to your home.
  • All the males love flowers, so balls and toys are suitable for adornment of a fir-tree, on which are depicted field flowers, as well as baskets filled with cornflowers and camomiles. To grind a cockerel, enough pairs of such baskets. In addition, flowers symbolize love and romantic relationships. If you miss either one or the other, hang these toys on your Christmas tree.
  • Completely organic ornament for the Christmas tree, dressed for the year of the Rooster, will be products with a picture of a cock, as well as toys made of scraps of woolen cloth or felt. An example of such toys can serve as knitted snowflakes, tiny gloves or small hearts( hearts are very suitable for domestic males, who need the attention and care of their owners).Craftsmen, crocheting well, can make cute Christmas balls with Christmas decorations, tying an old toy with openwork sticks. In this case, you can use cotton yarn, if the house was not wool. The most important thing is to use yarn, made only from natural fibers, as the Rooster does not tolerate anything synthetic.
  • Choosing toys for this New Year's holiday, boldly use everything that at least remotely resembles cock feathers( for example, all sorts of icicles).Try to find a toy in the form of a peacock feather on a Christmas market: this will help to attract prosperity to your home.
  • Where does the rooster feel most free? Of course, in the garden with growing on it yummy: vegetables and fruits. Boldly hang on a Christmas tree toys in the form of bright carrots, green cucumbers and peas, corn cobs and ruddy apples. Gourmand-Cockerel will be delighted with this decoration. And if you can find such a toy, then you can hang it up, it's a symbol of prosperity. A quick-witted cock will not fail to throw them to the quick-witted masters who made him such a hint.
  • In some houses it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree with coins and paper bills. It is believed that this custom contributes to attracting money to the house.
  • Electric garlands made in the form of candles are very adorned with a forest beauty. In the twilight of the room their lights create an atmosphere of special warmth and home comfort, bringing us back to distant times, when the branches of fir trees were decorated with real candles, and they knew about electricity only by hearsay.
  • When decorating a Christmas tree, always remember that you should dress it from the top down, using the smallest jewelry first, saving large and heavy toys for the lower thick branches.
  • Since the patron of the year - Rooster prefers everything natural, then, meeting in 2017, it is best to dress up a live Christmas tree. If you are principally opposed to cutting down trees and prefer to decorate an artificial Christmas tree, you should limit yourself to a small bunch of natural coniferous branches: let the house smell of fresh needles.

How to decorate the door for the New Year

Preparing for the holiday, it is necessary to take into account that every corner of it should be decorated, and the guests who come to you will feel the joyful atmosphere, hardly glancing at the front door. According to tradition, a magnificent wreath made of pine branches is hung on it. If you have time and skillful hands, you can easily make it completely independently, while saving a considerable amount.

In order to make a luxurious decoration, you need to stock up a lot of conifer branches and two coils of wire: thick and thin. In addition, we will need:

  • Decorative bows made of velvet, floral net, satin ribbons and braid.
  • Threads of mother of pearl beads of different diameters and colors.
  • Natural cones( fir or pine).
  • Artificial flowers and silvery decorative branches.
  • A large number of gift boxes made of bright foil. Garland of gold and silver bells.
  • Brushes of dried berries of mountain ash or dried rose hips.
  • Silver and gold acrylic paint.
  • Polystyrene beads.

Selecting decorative elements for the future wreath, remember that the Rooster( the owner of the coming year) prefers the design, aged in red and yellow tones.


  1. Having made a ring of thick wire, we create a frame for festive decoration.
  2. Begin to decorate the frame, filling it densely with short( no longer than 15 cm) coniferous branches. We use thin wire as an anchor.
  3. Having finished modeling a wreath from coniferous branches, we begin to decorate it with various decorative elements available at our disposal. The elements should be positioned on the joints of the branches fastening to make the joints imperceptible.
  4. Additionally we decorate the cones with the help of gold and silver paint.
  5. You can use finely crumbled foam to create the effect of snow-covered branches.

Instead of a wreath, you can make a garland of natural sprigs of spruce and pine. The technology of its production is no different from the technology of creating a wreath. The only difference is that the frame should not be enclosed in a ring. Wishing to decorate the entrance to the house, the garland is placed above the doorway, like an arch. There also put a decorative horseshoe, which is designed to attract happiness and wealth to the house.

How to decorate the windows for the New Year

Tastefully decorated windows too can( and should) become part of the festive interior. Let's fantasize, how can you decorate them?

  • The most simple and traditional variant of decorating windows can be considered decorating them with the help of snowflakes, cut by hand.
  • Another common way is to paint window panes with gouache or special stained-glass paints. In the case of their absence, some use ordinary toothpaste. Despite the unpretentiousness of this material, if you have certain artistic abilities, you can create a sufficiently expressive winter composition. Painting windows is not only fascinating, but also able to rally the whole family, because it can attract the smallest of its members. New Year is a family holiday, so let every inhabitant of the house make a contribution to the process of preparing your favorite holiday.
  • You can cut out stencils from the paper with a picture of New Year motives, put on their contours artificial snow from the can, accompanying the composition with congratulatory inscriptions made with the help of the same aerosol.
  • Recently, in departments selling Christmas ornaments, appeared volumetric gel stickers, specially designed for decorating windows. They are bright, funny and able to serve you more than one year. If you are limited in time, choose the pictures you like and use them to decorate the windows. The process of gluing will take you no more than a few minutes. Of course, the Rooster must certainly be on one of the pictures.
  • Having decorated windows, do not overlook the windowsills. Beautiful compositions from coniferous branches with cones, glass or wooden candlesticks with twisted candles, transparent vases with mysteriously shimmering mirror balls inside them - all this will work to create a complete festive interior. And decorative compositions can be placed both indoors and outside( especially if you live in a country house).Decorating the window sill, located outside the window, you can use flashlights with candles: purchased and homemade. A very simple imitation of a street lamp can be made from an ordinary glass jar, placing in it some pine branches, a pair of bright balls, a thick candle and wrapping the neck of the jar with several turns of paper twine decorated with a pair of beautiful pine cones. On the snow-covered windowsill this simple composition will be extraordinarily organic.

How to decorate the walls for the New Year

To decorate the walls in the house you can use:

  • Purchased or homemade garlands of bright paper and cardboard .Making such garlands is a very fascinating activity, which both adults and children will enjoy with pleasure. Christmas chains, garlands of merry snowmen, lanterns, flags and snowflakes - let your imagination know no limits. The most important thing is that it should be festive and beautiful. And if you make a garland with funny cockerels - luck will settle in your house for the coming year.
  • Brilliant tinsel and rain : beautifully shimmering, they are able to give the room a festive look. However, the use of rain may pose a health hazard to domestic animals, which, for reasons that are not completely understandable, are very fond of eating it. If in your house there are such "lovers", it is better to decorate the walls with bright strips of paper serpentine: it is just as beautiful and absolutely safe.
  • New Year pictures from plastic and cardboard : they are in a large assortment offered now in any department that sells Christmas tree toys.
  • All kinds of wreaths and pendants , made by hand or purchased in the store. Making such jewelry, you can use old Christmas toys, artificial twigs, ribbons and braid.

How to decorate the table for the New Year

The New Year table, covered in honor of the coming year, Cockerel, should resemble a green lawn, on which he eats millet with pleasure. That is why it is desirable that the tablecloth on it was sustained in light yellow-green tones. Best if it is the color of a young grass. The tablecloth can be both monophonic, and with ornament. Welcome embroidery and drawing in the form of bright colors, because from this analogy with a blooming lawn only intensifies.

Given that 2017 is the year of the red Rooster, you can also cover the table with the lightest shades of red and yellow. If you do not have a red or yellow-green tablecloth at your disposal, white is fine, only in this case you will have to light a large number of candles to create a festive atmosphere. A warm flame of candles, reflected in the faces of crystal glasses, will give him festivity in any serving.

Sometimes( if the table itself is a work of carpentry, being made of expensive wood) are dispensed with without a tablecloth, serving the table using only linen napkins. The beauty of a natural tree in itself makes the table elegant and unrepeatable.

  • The refined Rooster does not tolerate vulgar color contrasts, so the dishes for serving a festive dinner should be very simple and dazzling white. Its only decoration can be a modest gold or silver bezel that fringes the edges of the plates.
  • The element of the year of the Rooster is a fire, and this must be reflected in the serving of the New Year's table. Fire can be present in the handles of cutlery, with its image can be made holders for pepperboxes and saltcellars, as well as vases for fruit.
  • In the table setting, the use of table linen is very important. Stylish cockerel recognizes napkins only from natural materials. Especially his love uses a linen of bleached thin flax. On the eve of the New Year holidays, determining the number of guests and the color of the tablecloth, you can make a set of linen napkins with edging from hand lace or with exquisite embroidery. The color of the napkins should be slightly darker than the color of the tablecloth.
  • When meeting the Rooster, remember that he likes fresh greens. Therefore, to design a festive table it is desirable to use live flowers, and not massive chrysanthemums or pompous roses, but modest bouquets of small flowers with decorative red branches. If you can not get fresh flowers, the original compositions from twigs of pine and artificial flowers are quite suitable.
  • Some online sources give such advice: to attract good luck for the coming year, it is necessary to put a crystal vessel in the center of the New Year table, filled to the brim with clean cold water that has never been used before. Water will absorb all negative energy, leaving a positive potential.
  • When preparing for the year of the Rooster, one can put an individual small candle in each cutlery: this will give special warmth to your holiday and additional beauty to the table.
  • On the table you can create a spectacular composition of floating candles. For this, a shallow amount of water is poured into a shallow container, the candles are lowered into it, and all are decorated with bright floral petals.
  • Some put in the middle of the table a tiny podkovku and under the battle of the Kremlin chimes, they make their most cherished desires, not taking their eyes off of it. It is believed that the desires, conceived in accordance with this condition will necessarily come true.

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