Makeup Basics

  • Evening and daytime make-up( video lesson)

The French claim that there are no ugly women, women are not well-groomed. Having carefully studied her face, a rare woman remains pleased.
Beauty is the main weapon of a woman. And in order to succeed, you need to learn how to use this weapon.

Nature has given a woman the opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the appearance with the help of make-up and hide her shortcomings.
Experts believe that properly selected and performed makeup can affect the mood and even relieve depression. A woman needs to thoroughly study her face, decorative cosmetics will help to change and improve his forms and colors.

There are several important rules for doing makeup. First of all, you need to cleanse your face with cleansing milk or a cream suitable for your skin type. The moisturizing cream will serve as an excellent basis for toning, it also protects the pores of the skin from getting powder in them.

The tonal cream or cream powder not only aligns the complexion, but also helps to hide small defects. So that instead of the face the mask did not turn out, a voice-frequency cream should be chosen on tone darker than natural color of a skin and at drawing it to not forget about a neck. It is more appropriate to use the tone for evening make-up. Moderation - the main thing in doing makeup. It is important to determine what to focus on.

To emphasize the eyes, you need to combine eyeliner and shadow with the intensity of the eye color.

Correct pencil shape will help correct the shape of the lips. With it, you can reduce too puffy lips and too thin to increase. Lipsticks are recommended to use blondes, and brunettes should be preferred to more vivid tones.

When choosing makeup, makeup artists advise women not to forget about their age, you can not blindly imitate young girls when you are already over 40. And a girl with a painted face like a clown looks funny. A beautiful young skin, a burning look and elastic lips can not be replaced by any make-up.

There is still a very important rule. Even if you are fatally tired, you need to take off your makeup. Do not leave cosmetics on the face for the night!

Evening and daytime make-up( video lesson)

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