How to learn how to sew, cut and decorate clothes

Almost every girl at one time came up with the idea that it would be nice to learn how to sew. But, in most cases, the thought remained intangible. Of course, we can not say that it's so easy to sew, but it's quite possible to make simple and at the same time stylish clothes with your own hands. And this master class will teach you how to properly organize your work in this process.

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      • What is a
      • pattern? What is a pattern of
      • ? An example of a garment

      . Materials and equipment required.

      . If you are going to sew a single thing and abandon this hobby, then there is no sense in completing a minimal, but if your intentions -this is to create the lion's share of your wardrobe with your own hands, then we recommend starting with this.

      Your minimax is a personal space, a minimum is a corner in the room, a maximum is a separate room, where, above all, there must be a sewing machine that can easily handle both delicate or conventional fabrics( silk, chiffon, cotton) or moredense( jeans, felt, corduroy).

      Also need a convenient table, preferably folding, so as not to take up much space in the assembled state. It should be convenient to work with volumetric patterns. In extreme cases, you can do it on the floor, the main thing is that it is hard.

      Further, indispensable in your endeavors will be a dummy for sewing, or the so-called "silhouette".It is desirable that the basic proportions of the dummy( girth of the waist, chest, chest, thighs, arms, etc.) coincide with your proportions or exceed them by several centimeters. This will make it much easier for you to work with patterns, and you can even try Coco Chanel's famous technique - when the fashion designer simply dumped the fabric on the mannequin and formed the future style without patterns, using as a fixation the sewing studs. By the way, you will also need them, moreover, in unlimited quantities, because they are always missing.

      In addition, a full-length mirror is required that does not distort the display, as well as all kinds of boxes and boxes for decorative material, starting with buttons, ribbons, beads and ending with buckles, strips, rivets and the like.

      But the most important tools in your workshop are threads, needles, pencils, a centimeter, a meter long, crayons, several types of scissors( tailors, ordinary, with rounded ends) and paper for patterning.

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      What is a pattern of

      Any sewing starts with an idea. If you have an idea, but there is no pattern, we suggest finding a similar pattern and modifying it.

      Read about how to sew in patchwork technique

      Having understood a little, you will be convinced that at the heart of those or other models lie similar patterns, the difference is the samemake up the details that you have the right to change at your discretion.

      Pattern is part of a product that can be cut from a variety of materials, such as paper, cardboard or oilcloth.

      Thanks to different patterns, you can quickly and easily make a blouse, dress and much more. In fact, this is a ready-made stencil with your specified parameters. You individually cut these details out of the fabric, and then with a sewing machine you collect them in one piece.

      Sometimes you can find standard patterns in special magazines. There they depict various contour lines and accompanying symbols. It is better to translate them with a copying cutter. Under the pattern is better to put a sheet of paper the right size. You can also use tracing paper or papyrus paper. Be sure to transfer all the designations to the pattern. So you will know where it is necessary to sew the elements of clothing with each other.

      With the help of a pattern, you can change clothes yourself, namely, remove and add new items in clothes. This can be a pocket, collars and much more.

      Here is a photo-list of interesting patterns in your piggy bank novice master:

      Straight trousers,

      Simple raincoat.

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      Sample clothes decor

      Now it's time to go directly to the decor of the clothes. Here is an example of how quickly you can reanimate the old clothes with your own hands. In this case - a T-shirt. You will also need tulle, fabric glue, round shapes, scissors and a marker.

      First of all you should turn the T-shirt inside out. Next, take the template as a circle and circle it with a marker. You can make them all over the front of the T-shirt.

      Now they need to be cut. Then you need to transfer the circles to the tulle and also cut. After that, take tulle from the tulle and glue for the fabric, and glue them to the T-shirt.

      loading. ..

      And here's a T-shirt as new. And no one will even think about the fact that yesterday it was still ordinary.

      Here's a simple way you can decorate any thing. The main thing is to have a desire and a fantasy. In a short time, old things will become unique and the second one will not be the second.

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