Jeans flare: with what to wear in 2016

  • Rules for selecting the actual style
  • Choosing the color gamut
  • With what things can you wear jeans flared?
  • Secrets of choosing shoes and accessories
  • How can I not wear jeans flared?

Today, the fashion trends of the seventies again become lost relevance. In the designer collections of 2017 there are quite a lot of interesting solutions, one of which is flared jeans. Current models fit tightly to the hips, widening from the knee. This season in classic fashion, which look very laconic and almost completely devoid of decorative elements. So, what to wear jeans flares advise fashion experts?

Rules for selecting the actual shape

To select jeans flared, you need to consider the important rules:

  1. Length. Short models of such pants fit exclusively fragile girls of high growth. And even in this case there is a high risk of not getting a very aesthetic composition. Therefore, to choose the length of the jeans should be taken very carefully: they should end about 1-2 cm from the floor.
    In this case, the pants will cover the heel or heel when choosing shoes on a flat sole. If you choose the wrong length, there is a risk that the trousers will lift when walking and visually shorten the legs.
  2. Landing. In this season, it is strictly forbidden to wear flared jeans with a low waistline. They have long been out of fashion. Designers offer women of fashion to wear items with an average or inflated fit. If you have a small tummy, you should choose tight jeans that will help hide it.
  3. Flush. Such models always have a slender effect. However, it is very important to choose the right flare correctly. In most cases, women are suited to the classic version, which starts from the knee.

Owners of slender legs are important to ensure that the flare is not too wide, otherwise there is a risk of getting ridiculous composition.

If you need to hide your ugly knees and hide your full hips, it's better to choose models whose flares begin above the knee.
Women with full legs are more suitable for the flap from the hip.

Choosing the color gamut

To correctly choose the shade of flared jeans, you need to take into account the time of the year. So, for the summer season, perfect light denim. At first glance, light jeans look very unpretentious. However, picking up the top to them can be very problematic.

Light blue jeans look good with white T-shirts and blouses. It is also important to consider that light models visually lengthen the figure, but can add a couple extra pounds.

The most practical and universal solution will be dark jeans. They are suitable even for cool summer days. In addition, they can be safely carried in the spring and autumn without special exceptions. Moreover, such jeans perfectly match with any things, shoes and ornaments.

With what things can you wear jeans flared?

There are many items of wardrobe that look great in combination with flared jeans. It is very important to choose the right combination of colors in the image and carefully monitor the proportions.

So, jeans flare combined with such garments:

  1. Shirt. Since flared jeans, in fact, are ordinary trousers, it is important to remember moderation styling. They should be worn about the same as any other jeans. In this case, the simplest succinct shirt is perfect. No less successful addition will be a T-shirt, a turtleneck, a top. It will look great combination with a T-shirt. In this case, the shirts, decorated with floral or psychedelic drawings, still do not wear. There is a risk to get a composition in the style of the seventies, which will look old-fashioned.
  2. Blazer. If you plan to wear one-color jeans, then the most successful addition to them will be a blazer. This classic jacket can be made in a variety of colors. A win-win option, of course, will be a blue jacket. However, it can afford and more original color solutions, for example, pistachio, burgundy or mint. As for the proportions, it is worth picking up the jacket to the middle of the thigh. You can also afford a slightly longer model. To revive the composition, it is worth adding to its elongated earrings. From shoes you can choose sandals or loffers. An excellent solution will also be ankle heels or shoes, supplemented by a platform.
  3. Tuxedo. This is a very original combination that will look quite appropriate.
    to bring to the classic image of a highlight, you should choose cropped jeans and shoes with heels.
    Long pants create the overly austere and restrained ensemble. Therefore, stylists suggest choosing a color, not a one-color combination.
  4. Crop top. In this case, it will be possible to obtain an inverse balance of proportions. A shortened sweater that bare the belly is recommended to wear with elongated trousers. As a supplement, it is necessary to use sandals or boats on the hairpin. However, this does not mean that you can not choose shoes without a heel. The main thing is that jeans are not dragged along the ground.
  5. Sweater. The laconic model can easily be combined with jeans of unusual color. However, the classic pants will look very good. It should be remembered that a volumetric sweater is recommended to be supplemented with shortened jeans that open the ankle. In this case it will be possible to obtain a more elegant and refined composition. Sandals on a heel or on a flat sole will also look good. You can buy sandals or siphons. No less successful solution will be sneakers.
  6. Coat. To obtain a rigorous and concise ensemble should wear a coat straight cut made in men's style. Also in this image will fit well turtleneck and coarse shoes. It is very important to choose enough loose pants that will not cling too much to your knees.
  7. Dress. Of course, the outfit just above the knee does not look like an obvious addition to flared jeans. Nevertheless, this combination can be seen in many designer collections. The ideal dress in this case should reach the middle of the thigh and look more like a long top. In this case, to long pants is to choose a fairly long dress.
    Overly tight or too loose products with jeans do not combine.
  8. Summer or demi-season coat. Since this addition is classic for the images in the style of the seventies, his choice should be treated with the utmost care. Otherwise, there is a risk of creating an old-fashioned and unattractive image. In order to bring the notes of modernity into the composition, it is worthwhile choosing the right shoes and accessories. Excellent option will be siphons or sneakers. If the task is to create a feminine image, it is recommended to choose sandals with a thin strap. In this case, shoes on the platform in this case is categorically contraindicated.
  9. Shortcut jacket or bomb. It is with the help of a bulky bomber that you can maximally adapt flared jeans to the realities of modern times. Especially stylish, this image will look with the participation of short trousers and sneakers. If you plan to use long jeans, they should be supplemented with a bomb, a white T-shirt with a man's style and sneakers. Also an excellent option in this case will be shoes on the platform - it will make the image more modern.
  10. Hoodie. This option resembles a combination with a bomb, because hoody is also a bright representative of the street style, and therefore allows you to add modern accents to the retro-image.
    As a supplement to the hoodies are excellent sneakers.

Secrets of choosing shoes and accessories

Before choosing a shoe, you should definitely decide on the tasks. The result will be different for the composition in the style of retro and ultramodern ensemble. If you want to give an image a slight touch of the past, you should choose shoes on a flat sole: ballet shoes, sandals, sneakers, lace-up shoes. In addition, loose hair and a loose shirt should be an addition to flared jeans.

To add to the composition notes of modernity will help shoes with heels. An excellent choice will be ankle boots, shoes or sandals - it all depends on the time of year.

Thanks to this choice, feminine notes can be added to the hippy image. Another important advantage is that the shoes on the heel will visually stretch the silhouette. Moreover, jeans flare make the figure more squat.

Those girls who prefer comfort, it is worth combining flared jeans with Cossack boots or with shoes made in cowboy style. An excellent option will be models of red or sand color with fringe and rivets. To complete the image, you can choose a country shirt and cowboy hat.

For winter or autumn, it is worth choosing suede ankle boots, which can be decorated with fur details or varnished extras.

When creating an image in the bohemian style, which always remains relevant, a flared shirt, a fur vest and a hat with wide margins should be added to flared jeans. As for shoes, in this case, the ideal solution will be ankle boots or boats, they are ideally suited to this style of clothing.

If you want to get a more modern and laconic ensemble, it is recommended to pick up shoes with a heel and a laconic jacket. A very interesting solution will be shoes with the original form of a heel. A trendy image will be produced with the participation of products on a thick heel or platform.

No less successful image will be produced with the participation of high boots, decorated with metal fittings. If the jeans are not too wide flared, they can be combined with timbers or rough boots, made in a military style.

To make the composition more holistic and harmonious, you must choose all kinds of accessories and jewelry.

An excellent solution in this case will be an actual handbag, decorated with fringe. Well look in this case:

  • massive bracelets;
  • volumetric earrings;
  • interesting necklaces.

Add a highlight to the image will help a stylish hat, an original belt, a fashionable scarf.

It is important to remember the sense of proportion, so as not to create a too pretentious and ridiculous composition.

How can you wear jeans flared?

To look attractive, it is important to consider certain prohibitions:

  • You should not wear flared shoes from the hip, these jeans look old-fashioned. The transition to kleshu should be smooth, and not in the style of a la Leontiev.
  • It is not recommended to wear the same jeans with shoes on heels and flat soles. With sandals on a flat run, you can step on the leg and just fall.
  • Do not use too much detail in the image.
  • You can not wear a flared denim overall without a top, even if it is closed and has wide straps.

Scattered jeans - this is a very stylish and fashionable garment that fits seamlessly into a variety of images. It is very important to listen to the advice of stylists, so as not to get an old-fashioned and unattractive composition.

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