Hair straighteners: which is better, how to use properly

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Hair straightener is an electrical device that allows to straighten hair of any length by a hot method. With the help of this device, you can not only smooth the strands, but wind them as well as a curling iron. The main thing is to choose a universal model to style your hair in different ways. How to choose the right hair straightener and how to use it to create styling using different methods will be discussed later.

Types of plates

The material of the plates can be different.


Iron with metal plates - this is the cheapest and harmful for the hair option. The main disadvantages: slow heating and cooling, fixing means stick to the plates, because of this, the hair is greatly overheated. As for the temperature, it is difficult to regulate it.


This is a delicate coating with tourmaline or diamond impregnations. Devices with a ceramic coating are usually equipped with an ionization function, so that the hair stays healthy and shiny longer.


These plates provide fast temperature regulation, gentle relation to the curls.


Thanks to the material, the device quickly slips along the strands, that is, you spend less time laying, accordingly, the hair will be healthier. The downside is that Teflon plates are heavily soiled with fixing means and require constant cleaning.

The with Teflon coating can be used frequently, it is suitable for girls with thin hair.

There are combinations where the coating consists of ceramics and Teflon, tourmaline or titanium. Absolute novelty are devices with an antibacterial coating made of nanosilver. The bottom line is that at the time of heating, the air conditioning function is activated.


  • If you have thin hair, then give preference to narrow plates( about 3 cm), and if thick and thick, then your choice is a 3 cm plate.
  • You can create curls only with a narrow styler, and the wide one is designed for faststacking.
  • The set for laying can include corrugated plates.

ionization function The most advanced models are equipped with an ionization function.

Its essence lies in the fact that the nozzles have special tourmaline spraying, which at the time of heating releases ions with a negative electrical charge. They cover each hair and restore its water balance.

Thanks to this function, the hair is smooth, docile, shiny. Another advantage of the device with ionizing spraying is that after its application the hair does not become electrified, the laying is always neat and beautiful.

Rectifier selection rules

Universal ironing is the best option for those who want to create not only smooth styling, but also curvy locks.

And therefore, when choosing a styler, it is worth paying attention to such parameters:

Level of the device

There are forceps professional and household level. The first version is equipped with a temperature regulator, has removable attachments for any length, various effects, heats up in a couple of seconds and serves a long time. The only negative is the high price.

The second option is simpler: slow heating, lack of high temperatures. Plus, that such a device can be used more often, and the prices for it are affordable.

Temperature controller

This function is responsible for selecting the correct temperature. If the hair is thin, you need to switch to the minimum temperature, and if thick - on the contrary. The more complicated the styling, the higher the temperature. Hairdressers recommend turning on the heat to a minimum, so your hair will stay healthy longer.

Shape of ends

The tips of the styler should be slightly rounded to create beautiful curls without creases. This is a universal form that will allow you to create all types of styling.

Size of the heating surface

To create curls, the rectifier with narrow plates is more suitable. Wide are intended only for smoothing the hair.

Worktop material

This is one of the most important characteristics.

If you choose a device for the ratio of price and quality, it is better to give preference to ceramic nozzles. They do not overheat curls and are inexpensive.

Teflon, tourmaline or marble nozzles have the same properties as ceramics, plus strands do not electrify and shine, but the price of such irons is an order of magnitude higher.

The most accessible and bad option is a device with a metal coating. Having saved on buying a similar ironing, be prepared to spend a lot of money on hair restoration.

In addition, pay attention to the length of the cord: it is important that it reaches the socket, so you will do without an extension cord.

Hair straighteners with curved hairpieces will help create complex styling. All the rest( decor, additional functions) - at your discretion.

How to use ironing?

Know how to use the rectifier correctly is very important. Some people use the device on a daily basis, and the hair looks quite healthy, and the others after the first laying the strands become dull and lifeless.

Styling is performed due to the influence of high temperatures, which dry, dehydrate curls, as a result, the latter become brittle and drop out. This is especially noticeable in those who do not use thermal protection during installation.

How to use a styler so that the hair does not suffer? Stack at minimum temperature. Yes, you will spend more time, but the condition of your head of hair will please. Also, do not forget about the preparatory measures.

Preparing for laying

For creating attractive feminine images you will need a hair straightener, thermal protection, and medium or strong lacquer. To preserve the health of your hair, do not skip any of the steps below:

  1. Before using the styler, the hair should be washed and rinsed well. This is necessary, because on the curls could remain cosmetic products, which under the influence of high temperatures disrupt the structure of the hair. Before curling, you can use a protective balm.
  2. The second stage of preparation is drying the strands with a hair dryer. But if you are not in a hurry, it's better to let them dry naturally. It is strictly forbidden to use a styler for damp hair, so they will simply burn!
  3. After complete drying, treat the hair with thermal protection agents( gel, foam, mousse).Apply the cosmetic agent along the entire length from the roots to the tips.
  4. Then wait again until the strands dry. And only after that you can proceed with the installation.

Standard laying of

Initially, hair iron was used to smooth the strands. Smooth, shiny hair is the limit of the dreams of all the curly girls.

  1. To create a dream lay-out, carefully comb the hair, divide by several balls, fix the upper layer with a hair clip.
  2. Straightening process starts from the back of the head. Take a strand of medium thickness, separate from the main mass with a scallop, starting from the roots, lead the rectifier down to the tips. Choose for yourself the average pace, because with a quick you risk tearing out hairs, and with a slow one - dry the strands. If the maximum temperature is set on the styler, then swipe once, and at the minimum one strand can be pulled several times, and at a slow pace.
  3. Begin from the middle of the nape, move to the ear - first right, and then to the left.
  4. The most attention should be paid to the upper level, carefully smooth each lock, this affects the overall appearance of the installation.
  5. If you have a bang, put it in the end. Done!

How to straighten hair with iron - video

Curling iron

Medium curls

To create romantic curls you will need a little time and patience. How to wind hair straightener? First of all, you need to carefully comb the strands, divide them into 3 horizontal levels, for thick hair - 5.

  1. You need to make curls from the occipital area. Fasten the bottom layer, except for one lock, with a hair clip.
  2. Clamp the knot in the middle, iron one turn inward, put the forceps in a vertical position. At a slow pace, go down to the tips of your hair. Do not make stops to avoid the appearance of creases in the curls. When the iron is near the tips, make another turn in the inside.
  3. Remove the styler from the lock. While it's still hot, wrap it around your finger, as if forming a curl.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the strands. Try not to squeeze the plates too hard.
  5. Secure the result with lacquer.

Large curls

  1. To create three-dimensional curls comb the clean, dry strands, divide into sections.
  2. Take an average curl, grasp the ends between the heating elements, make a few turns until the iron is near the roots. Hold in this position for 5 seconds and carefully release the plates so that the curls freely slip out.
  3. Do not touch the strands with your hands until they cool.
  4. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the hair.

At the end of the curl, slightly tear the hair with your fingers, lift them at the roots, fix the result with varnish. Done!

Corrugated curls

Before laying, place the invisible ones beside you.

  1. Comb the strands, take a thin curl, wind it on the finger( from the ends to the roots), fix the protruding loop with the invisible. Repeat the procedure for all hair.
  2. Take a hot iron, hold the lock straight for 5 seconds, do the same with the other loops.
  3. After completely cooling down, carefully remove the hairpins one at a time.
  4. Unroll the curls with your fingertips.
  5. Scrunch the curls with lacquer.

If you have an iron with corrugated nozzles, it will be even easier to make your hair.

Locks in Hollywood style

How to spin hair straightener to create a luxurious, elegant image?

  1. After combing the hair, divide them into medium curls that need to be fastened with clamps.
  2. Take a free strand and start wrapping it around its axis to get a not very tight tourniquet.
  3. With your other hand, take the rectifier, squeeze the tourniquet between the heating elements, make sure that the iron is in the horizontal position.
  4. Direct the styler from top to bottom, but do not strongly squeeze it.
  5. Repeat the procedure with the remaining strands.
  6. At the end, a little rastreplite the resulting curls and treat them with varnish.

Beautiful curls ironing - video

Curly tips

It's very fashionable to style your hair so that the upper part is even, and the tips are curly.

  1. To do this, divide the hair into two levels, secure with a clamp. Begin to work with the occipital part.
  2. Take an inconspicuous string, squeeze it between the heating elements just below the middle. Wrap the iron around its axis and lower it down at a slow pace.
  3. Repeat the procedure for the lower and upper levels.
  4. Treat your hair with a varnish.

Cold Wave

This feminine exquisite styling is perfect for any event. It is necessary to be patient, and everything will turn out.

  1. For , it is necessary to create medium or large curls according to the instructions given above.
  2. Finished curls in the recesses are fixed with invisible objects.
  3. Treat the stencil lacquer with medium or strong fixation, allow the hair to dry.
  4. Remove the hairpins, carefully part the curls with your fingers.

Recommendations of hairdressers

  • If the curls are too elastic, they should not be varnished, after a while they will even out.
  • If you are going to a solemn event, then first make a styling, and then everything else. Before you leave, your hair can be sprinkled with varnish.
  • The result of laying depends on the temperature: if it is high, then elastic curls are obtained, and if low - soft waves.
  • Always start working from the middle of the neck, fix the top layer of hair on the top of the head. Curls mixed with even strands - this is the top of bad taste.
  • With frequent use of the rectifier, moisturize your head with conditioner.
  • If you want curls to be smooth, brush them thoroughly before curling.
  • Decorate curls with flowers, bows, rims, beads, etc.
  • Most often, long hair curls, but you can screw and short.

When choosing a rectifier, do not think about saving, first of all take care of the health of your hair. In addition, a quality device will last you much longer than a cheap version of the styler.

Give preference to well-known and trusted brands.

Regardless of what you choose - smooth as silk, hair or curvy weightless curls, do not skip any stage of styling. Follow the recommendations of hairdressing professionals, and your hair will look delicious.


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