How to choose, use and make at home lip tincture

Every year, the beauty industry is increasingly pleased with women's diverse cosmetic innovations. To replace the usual lipstick comes ultra-modern means of the most unimaginable shades and textures. One of these novelties, conquering the hearts of thousands of beautiful women, is tint.

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What is tint

In English it means "shade".This product is just a toning pigment, designed for lip staining. Residents of Korea were able to test the first tint, after which this cosmetic product fell in love with women all over the world.

Due to the pigments that penetrate the upper layer of the skin of the lips and color them, the tint lasts for a long time, unlike the super-resistant lipstick. Due to the liquid basis( usually aqueous or gel), this agent is evenly distributed on the lips. Often, manufacturers add "tending" oils and vitamins to the composition of tints, making their product multifunctional.

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Advantages of

Lip tint has some properties that favorably stand out against the background of the usual shine and lipsticks:

  • Increased durability: the product is not erased from the lips during eating, drinking and being in water. The product does not leave any traces - dishes, glasses and face of the loved one "will not suffer" from unwanted divorce;
  • A wonderful option for those who dream of lip tattoos, but are looking for possible alternatives. In this case, the use of tint, which keeps on the skin of the lips for a day, allows not only to save money, but also to experiment with shades, and even completely abandon the desire to make a tattoo;
  • Often, tints contain moisturizing and nutritional components, for example shea butter, jojoba or almond oil, extracts of medicinal plants, as well as vitamins E and C. These cosmetic products protect the lips from sunlight.
  • Thanks to the huge palette of shades, every woman will be able to choose exactly the color and richness of the shade, which is suitable and will appeal to her;
  • The product is quite economical - one tube can be consumed from 4 months to a year, depending on the intensity of use;
  • Tint, unlike most lip products, does not "roll", does not form a white strip and does not "clog" in the folds;
  • Small vial can fit in any cosmetic bag or clutch. Although there is no need to always take a bottle of tint with yourself, because only one application and the shade will be held on the lips for quite a long time.
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Types of

Today tints are produced by many cosmetic companies and come in several types:

  • Ink tint is a liquid product with an applicator made of felt, it quickly gives the desired color to your lips and lasts up to 8 hours. As a rule, the shade on the lips is not as bright as on the package. Strongly not recommended for use on the damaged surface of the lips: these areas will become more intense and in general the color will become stained.
  • Glitter-tint for lips has a viscous consistency, light pigmentation and gives the lips a glossy effect. It is easy to apply, does not dry the lips, but also does not differ particularly persistently, "lingering" on the lips for no more than 3 hours.
  • Balm-tint for lips has a gentle consistency and a light, translucent effect, creating the appearance of "kissed" lips and giving them a sexual "swelling".Remains on lips up to 4 hours.
  • Lipstick Tint for lips( tint marker ) visually does not differ from usual lipsticks or lipsticks in the form of a pencil. A rather dense layer of application requires an ideal surface of the lips, otherwise the color will fall into ugly "flakes" and disadvantageously accentuates even small folds and irregularities. Despite the fact that the titanium itself is erased quickly enough, a light pleasant shade remains on the lips.
  • Tint-film for lips is a temporary tattoo, rightfully considered the most "powerful" and unusual means. The product is a dense mass of saturated color, which, after drying on the lips, "turns" into a film, which must be carefully removed. As a result, the color remains on the lips less bright than the film itself, which lasts for a day.
  • Tint gouache is a remedy not very popular due to too fast drying on the lips and impossibility of removing defects after application. Emphasizes even minimal skin defects of the lips.
  • Tint for lips and cheeks is a universal product with a powdery texture, which, when in contact with the skin, is converted into a liquid one. Can be used on the lips and cheeks as a blush, leaving a beautiful matte shade, the intensity of which can be adjusted by the density of application.
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How to use

Applying titration for the lips requires some preparation:

  1. Lips need to be scraped so that the surface is flat and "gone" all the peeling.
  2. If the skin on the lips is too dry, you can apply moisturizing balm.
  3. On the surface of the lips should be applied a tonal or a thin layer of powder.

As a rule, the tint is applied either by an applicator or by a finger. The second option allows you to better control the amount of product applied, carefully distribute it and quickly remove excess, which is very important for beginners.

To get the color uniform and the outlines to be smooth, perform a series of simple actions one by one:

  1. After typing a little product, gently apply it on the surface of the lips pointwise in several places.
  2. We quickly and thoroughly shade the medium between the points, moving from the center to the edges.
  3. If we want a brighter and more saturated color, we repeat all manipulations.
  4. Having achieved the desired shade, you can apply a light layer of moisturizing gloss on the lips that will not only give them a volume, but also protect them from drying out.
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Special attention should be paid to the correct application of tint-film, because this process is quite painstaking:

  1. Before applying, it is necessary to open the lips so that the skin is slightly stretched( something like a half-smile).
  2. Apply the product with a brush, strictly observing the boundaries of the lips and not leaving behind them.
  3. After the tint is completely distributed on the lips, within 10 minutes( until the agent dries, forming a film), they can not be closed.
  4. After complete drying, remove the formed color film.
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How to make

It's not necessary to buy a tint in the store. Fans of natural cosmetics can easily make this tool themselves without using synthetics and chemistry. There are several ways to prepare tints at home.

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Tint film

Necessary components:

  • is a small, maximum sterile capacity in which the product will be stored;
  • safe( should be a mark on the package), "fresh" PVA glue;
  • red food color.

Pour PVA glue into the prepared container, gradually stirring, add in it the necessary amount of dye until the desired color is obtained. After solidifying the product, apply on the lips before drying, then remove the film. On the lips should be a light shade.

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Necessary components:

  • is a small net capacity in which the product will be stored;
  • glycerol;
  • shea butter;
  • cocoa butter;
  • red food color.

In a water bath, melt the glycerin with shea butter( 1 to 1), add the dye and a little cocoa butter, mix and put in a cool place until it freezes.

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Required components:

  • is a small clean container in which the product will be stored;
  • glycerol;Beetroot juice or strong karkade tea.

Melt the glycerin in a water bath, gradually pour the beetroot juice or karkade into it until the desired shade is formed, stir and put in the refrigerator.

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How to rinse

Due to the fact that the tint is able to penetrate deep into the surface of the lips, it is difficult to wash it off. Especially there are difficulties with the daily use of this product, because in this case there is a cumulative effect, then you can remove pigment particles only with keratinized cells by scrubbing.

With a rare application of titanium to remove it from the lips, you can choose from several options:

  • with rich cosmetic milk;
  • micellar water;
  • with make-up oil;
  • with vegetable oil.

To wash even tiny particles of tint, you should first wipe your lips with a cotton disc( with one of these tools), and then wash your face with water using the usual means for washing.

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Disadvantages of

It is worth noting that some women in the process of using lip tint detect certain disadvantages of this product:

  • The product can dry lips. To minimize this effect, you should apply balm or hygienic lipstick on your lips before use.
  • Tints, which contain oils and vitamins, are less prone to drying out the skin, but at the same time, they are not sufficiently resistant.
  • In case of presence on the lips of cracks and peeling - tint strongly emphasize them, making the lips "untidy".
  • Due to the fact that the agent is absorbed too quickly, it is necessary to practice it ideally for applying it to the lips.
  • Sometimes the remedy may not have a very pleasant "cosmetic" smell.
  • Difficulty in flushing the product with plain water.
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Rating of the best

To date, almost every cosmetics company has in its assortment one or another type of titanium. Nevertheless, the most popular and popular products are the following brands:

  • Tint for lips from Tony Moly - high-quality products of Korean manufacturers, characterized by a "pleasant" lip for consistency, high resistance and an unimaginable color palette.

  • Lip tinctures from Holika Holika - very high-quality cosmetics, which creates on the lips natural, persistent colors, regardless of the type of titanium. This cosmetics is economical to use.

  • Lip Tint Benefit can be used not only as a means for lips, it perfectly attaches a "natural" blush. The product is rather liquid, it is applied easily, but at the same time it "clings" lightly, so it should shade very quickly, in order to avoid uneven stains.
  • Lip tinctures Cailyn is a favorite of all lovers of matte tint texture on the lips. It is well applied, does not dry the lips, it is perfectly distributed and transmits the color in just one application.
  • Lip Tint Relouis kiss me again is a beautiful tint for those who value a quality product at a low price. It is easily applied, giving the desired shade to the lips, and beautifully "comes off" from the lips. The only nuance is not for everyone a pleasant smell and the fact that the product can dry an insufficiently moistened lips.

  • Lip tincture Berrisom is a fairly resistant "film" version of tint, which makes it easy to give the lips a juicy tinge that can not be "eaten" or washed off with water. Do not overdry the lips. The only inconvenience arises in the selection of colors - the names of shades are different from what is obtained in the end.
  • Tint for lips Saemmul real tint will appeal to the connoisseurs of "delicious" aromas - the product smells very nice. In the packaging it looks like a tint-gel, but when applied it turns into a liquid texture, evenly distributed over the surface of the lips and leaves a "juicy" tinge on them. Unfortunately, it often dries lips.
  • Tint for lips from Secret key is suitable for those who are already familiar with products of this type. To apply it requires a certain skill, so that the shade on the lips turned out to be whole and evenly distributed. Has a thick consistency, too quickly freezes.
  • Lip tints from Becca - very pleasant, easy to apply, ideal for lips and cheeks product with subtle aroma. Water-resistant and economical to use, which justifies a fairly high price.
  • Tint for lips Eveline lip tint has a pleasant aroma, it is easy to apply and keeps well. Nevertheless, "beginners" in using this remedy note increased stickiness, a bitter taste on the lips and too long drying of the product.

  • Lint Tint Romantic Bear Wow is a product that forms a film on the lips after drying. Despite good durability, many consumers are "confused" by the chemical composition, the complexity of application, and the dryness of the lips after use.

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