Can I drink water before giving a general blood test from a vein, sugar, hormones, biochemistry? Can I drink water before the ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, kidneys, liver, FGD, FGS, EGDS stomach, colonoscopy in the morning?

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  • Is it possible to drink water before colonoscopy in the morning?
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  • Not every person, when going to do a survey, thinks about whether it is allowed to consume water before the survey itself. Let's look at this important issue together.

    Can I drink water before giving a general blood test from a vein, sugar, hormones, biochemistry?

    There are several types of blood test. The simplest are two analyzes - general and biochemical. An empty stomach - this requirement is not the only one before giving blood for analysis. To the biochemical examination of the doctor put forward their own special requirements.

    Many patients, before donating blood for analysis, are asked whether it is possible to consume water before such a survey? Before donating blood, of course, doctors do not forbid drinking water, but they do not oblige it either. The liquid can be consumed as usual, but only for 30 minutes.up to the survey.

    To children, doctors advise drinking fluids 2 or 3 hours before taking a blood test in the amount of 2 glasses. This requirement is resolved in the event that one-time blood sampling is required for several analyzes.

    Is it possible to drink water before taking

    tests? Because of this, the blood becomes less viscous, therefore, getting the right amount of blood for examination will be much easier. If we talk about other liquids, such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, juice, they are allowed only after the procedure, because they can affect the chemical components of the blood itself.

    In addition, before the examination is not recommended to visit the sauna with a bath, because these procedures greatly affect the body and its condition, as well as the blood. It is advisable to try to avoid the factors that can exert physical and psychological stress before donating blood: swimming in the ice-hole, hardening procedures, contrast shower.

    Separately it is necessary to mention the use of alcoholic drinks. They, of course, are contraindicated. Spirits are forbidden to drink at least three days before the procedure. After all, it is during this period that an alcohol product is taken from the body.

    In addition, the use of alcohol has a very strong influence on the biochemical components of the blood, and on the number of leukocytes. Therefore, if a patient drank a certain dose of alcohol before donating blood, his result would turn out to be wrong. Alcohol, usually:

    • Increases lactate concentration
    • Increases the presence of triacylglycerols
    • Reduces the amount of sugar that is contained in the blood

    The final result of blood can still be affected by medications , which the patient consumes, especially hormone drugs and antibiotics. Many of these drugs cause leukopenia and anemia. In addition, antibiotics sometimes affect blood clotting, the number of platelets and the biochemical composition of the blood. Those patients who plan to be treated with antibiotics, it is better to give blood for analysis before the course or 7 days after treatment.

    Soaking up the liquid affects the result of the

    tests If the patient drinks medications that need to be drunk on an empty stomach, then it is advisable to take the test before using the tablets. If it is not desirable to delay the use of tablets, then it is better not to do so. But it is necessary to warn the doctor about it when he will interpret the results.

    Now consider the recommendations that must be observed before donating blood to biochemistry.

    • It is forbidden to do any physical activities before the examination
    • It is better to give up any type of food 12 hours before the blood donation
    • Do not drink alcohol, smoke, take medication, especially antibiotics
    • Exclude the use of any kind of liquid

    Why doctors do not advise drinking waterbefore surrendering to biochemistry? The fact is that the liquid itself does not affect the blood test itself in any way. But those people who have hypertension, eating a lot of water on an empty stomach, can thereby increase their pressure and worsen overall well-being. This, without a doubt, will have a big impact on the result and its reliability.

    Does the water drench on the results of the

    analyzes? No single doctor in this area can say a single and precise answer to the question of how the liquid affects the blood content. If you are affected by this problem and you do not know how you should be, just consult in advance with your doctor who will take your blood for examination.

    Is it possible to drink water before ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, kidneys, liver, FGD, FGS, EGDS of the stomach?

    Preparatory processes for the behavior of ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, FGD, FGS, EGDS of the stomach are sufficiently responsible processes. To make them right, you need to know whether you can use clean water and other liquids before such examinations. After all, once in life, almost every person undergoes at least one of these examinations.

    Can I drink water before ultrasound?

    To begin with, we will consider how to prepare for ultrasound. The preparatory process itself should begin about 4 days before the survey. Of course, for such a long time it is impossible to completely eliminate the liquid from your diet, but you should follow some light rules.

    Purified water should be drunk throughout the day in small sips and in small amounts. The volume of recommended water to use should be at least 1.5 liters per day. The water must enter the body either before meals, or after 30 minutes.after its use.

    Drinking fluid before ultrasound

    Before the examination, doctors are strongly advised to try to refrain from consuming any kind of liquid for at least 1 hour. Thus, we draw conclusions about how to drink water before the survey:

    • During the preparatory diet, you can drink 1.5 liters of water per day before carrying out ultrasound, but not less than
    • . It is not advisable to drink water immediately after eating.
    • You can drink liquids gradually, but often
    • Before the survey for 1.5 hours, it is advisable not to drink any liquids

    If you follow these tips correctly, the result of an ultrasound scan will be as reliable as possible. If you violate these rules, then the survey will bring the wrong result.

    But for what reason it is undesirable to drink water before ultrasound? The answer is simple. Large consumption of liquids, as well as eating with liquor, can provoke formation of gases in the inner part of the abdominal cavity of .But this factor can be a hindrance during the survey.

    Before starting an ultrasound, the patient's bowel should be completely empty. There are a lot of reasons for this. We will consider the most common of them:

    • Because of water, there may be increased formation of gases.
    • Because of fluid, spasms may occur.
    • The human digestive system can perceive the drunk liquid as a meal and will begin to function actively because of it. This may prevent proper examination.

    In the event that there is a lot of heat on the street, it is also advisable not to drink water for at least an hour. It is better to replace the drink with a moistened napkin and attach it to the skin.

    After the ultrasound is also immediately better not to drink any liquids. Water should be used gradually and with small sips.

    As it was said above, before the ultrasound is necessary to carefully prepare the body. During this process, the patient should consume enough water per day.

    Water before ultrasound

    A certain amount of water can be replaced with plain tea. However, it should be remembered that before tea, tea can be drunk only light.

    Let's sum up how to drink tea properly before the examination:

    • The tea should be light, strong drinking is forbidden
    • Tea during consumption should be well cooled
    • You can not add sugar and natural honey to the drink
    • It is not recommended to drink before ultrasound a lot of tea
    • Tea is best not to eat after eating

    Is it possible to drink water before EGF and FGS of the stomach?

    Many patients are very much concerned about this issue. Before the examination it is advisable not to drink any drinks, even clean water. Drinking clean water is allowed no later than 2 hours before the examination, and the custard feeble tea is not later than 4 hours.

    It is not advisable to drink milk, since in this case it is equivalent to eating. The best option is a complete refusal of the liquid for the last 4 hours before the procedure.

    Whether to drink water before the

    test The children are very difficult to cope with thirst. Therefore, if the child wants to drink before the examination, it is necessary that he rinses the mouth with cold water, but in no case swallowed the liquid. Is it possible to drink water before the EGDS of the stomach?

    Doctors strongly forbid to use before the survey such drinks as coffee, black tea and other similar drinks. With a very strong thirst, you can drink 100 ml of only purified non-carbonated water 3 hours before the examination. Alcoholic beverages, even low-alcohol drinks, for example, beer, are strictly forbidden to drink.

    Can I drink water before colonoscopy in the morning?

    Thanks to this method doctors can eliminate polyps, the size of which is not more than 1 mm. Also, a colonoscopy allows you to do an express examination, which gives you an opportunity to know whether a newborn is a precancerous one or not.

    Despite the fact that the patient feels uncomfortable during the examination, this technique is considered absolutely safe and highly accurate.

    In order for the examination to show the most accurate results, the patient needs careful preparation and implementation of some rules. Only by following the doctor's recommendations and adhering to special rules can you get the most reliable diagnosis, and prescribe the right treatment.

    How is preparation for colonoscopy carried out? It consists in the following - the intestine needs to be thoroughly cleaned to obtain accurate and effective visualization. Therefore, it is recommended to use a slag-free diet before the examination, take laxative medicines and perform cleansing enemas.

    Preparing for a colonoscopy for

    Some patients are still concerned with this question: "Is it possible to drink water before colonoscopy in the morning?".Here there are some requirements, for example, the liquid must be necessarily transparent, as staining the mucosa of the colon can become a barrier to the doctor to detect pathological changes. Therefore, before the examination it is allowed to drink water or weak tea in small amounts.

    Before a colonoscopy, a doctor can prescribe a special diet for a patient. It should include water, low-fat broths and teas. To consume liquid is allowed during the preparatory process as much as necessary, but still want to observe the following proportions:

    • Drink filtered, clean water - 2 liters per day
    • Drink tea - 4 to 5 cups
    • Drink broth( meat, fish, vegetable) -not more than 500 ml per day.
    • Drink juice( not grape and plum), compote( only one that does not have thick), jelly.

    The last meal should be at 2 pm on the eve of the examination. After this period has passed, it is recommended to drink a little sweetened tea( preferably green), mineral water, juice, non-carbonated drink).At 3 o'clock in the afternoon you need to drink 3 tbsp castor oil.

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