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A woman dressed in denim overalls is not seen on the street infrequently. He significantly loses in popularity skirts, shorts, trousers, leggings, breeches.

The most common reason is in elementary ignorance, with what to wear a denim overall. Ladies are afraid to seem ridiculous and ridiculous.

Current trends

What do designers suggest to wear denim overalls in 2017?

  1. Snow-white fitting T-shirt or top. The combination of denim with white color is an unfading classic. This option is especially suitable for those who want to emphasize the tanned skin and the dignity of the figure. Choose a model from light denim and top with a V-shaped or oval cutout. No less stylish looks free truncated top with one open shoulder. Young girls can simply not fasten one of the straps.
  2. Vest of thin jersey. The bright blue shoes and accessories will add vividness to the blue and white - a handbag, ornaments. A non-standard solution is a red and white vest and a clutch in the same tones with strips of the same width.
  3. Blouse of pastel tones with a fine floral print. The game on contrast turns out pretty successful. The dense texture of denim is successfully supplemented with translucent chiffon, guipure or silk. The blouse style should be the easiest.
  4. Black sweater with a golf collar. Another one is almost a classic combination. The severity of the image will be softened by the bright branded sneakers and a three-dimensional bag in their tone.


The most common model - overalls with trousers. Remember that denim can be not only blue, blue and black. Choose a model of the color that goes to you.

A small tummy successfully conceals the model with a slightly overstated waist and straight pants of normal width.

How to wear jeans trousers:

  • With a blouse. Especially successful with it are blouses with different prints. Actual: a wide strip, large peas, oriental motifs, leopard spots. Cut choose without unnecessary details, ruches, flounces, frills, lace trim here are inappropriate.
  • With a shirt. Fit the figure of the model, tuck in, put it on top of the coveralls and wear without fastening. The shirt can be monophonic, checkered, and striped.
  • With pullovers and tight knitted blouses. The length of the sleeve is at your discretion. A long sleeve can always be rolled up. Just do not pull together the pants of the overalls.
  • With a vest or top. Suitable and models of neutral tops, and bright, juicy shades. Clothing in a sporty style is complemented by sandals on a flat sole, espadrilles or sneakers. More feminine models are worn with ballet shoes, sandals, sneakers.
  • With T-shirts. From the most simple and monochrome to bright, richly decorated and models with catchy prints. T-shirts of neutral colors complement several strands of bright beads and shoes in tone. Sneakers, sandals on a thick wedge or on a massive heel will do.
  • With leather jackets and cardigans. Jackets choose according to the shape and length to the waist, and cardigans - on the contrary, large mating and loose.
  • With a coat. Very impressive is the combination with a bright short coat in the oversize style. Shoes - lacquered boats or ankle boots on a high heel.
  • With a jacket. Most suited to coverall models are covering the buttocks. Unbelievably stylish looks with a blue denim snow-white jacket or a pattern of fabric with floral or with a vegetable print.
  • Without everything. If you can cover the overalls, do not wear anything but a bra.


Overalls-shorts made of thin denim - an excellent choice for the summer for young girls. Those who go to the beach, you can wear it with the top of the swimsuit.

For everyone else, there are several other options:

  • Bright tops, T-shirts, T-shirts. No less appropriate models of neutral tones in combination with bright accessories - clutches, ornaments, neck scarves. Shoes - also bright. At the peak of popularity in 2017, turquoise, emerald, coral, orange and sunny yellow.
  • Romantic natures can wear it with chiffon and lacy blouses of pastel tones with a short sleeve or without it at all. It will fit into the image of a small floral print and discreet floral ornaments. Shoes - high-heeled, white or beige. Handbag - small and elegant, her tone.
  • Such models were insanely popular in the late 90's. Create an authentic image by wearing a shortened t-shirt that opens the navel with the corresponding print. Ideally fit footage from the movie "Titanic", from the cartoons of Walt Disney, comic book characters. Shoes - snickers or sandals on a small wedge. With the first option you can wear bright socks or knee socks. Ornaments - 2-3 bracelets per hand or an elegant pendant on a long chain.
  • Style swag in clothes has not lost relevance for several seasons. This is a great solution for a young rebel. Pick up a t-shirt with a bright print in the form of graffiti, sneakers, a baseball cap, massive earrings, a pendant and bracelets made of gilded metal.
  • A black or white overall with a bright cotton or linen shirt is an office version, if allowed by the dress code. Shoes - shoes with an open heel or toe, beige or in the tone of overalls.

Overall skirt

The denim overall with the bottom part in the form of a skirt is another hello from the 90s of the last century. He is worn with tight T-shirts and T-shirts, lace and silk tops, checkered or striped shirts, turtlenecks, thin sweaters. All the combinations proposed for a jumpsuit with shorts are also appropriate here.

Combining the top, shoes and accessories, you can create images in a variety of styles, from sports to romantic.

Most of all, this model suits young girls, allowing you to create playful and frivolous ensembles.

Not very good this wardrobe looks with classic high-heeled shoes. Picking up shoes, give preference to sneakers, snickers, sandals in the "antique Greek" style, ballet shoes or sandals on a low wedge. The bravest can add to the ensemble leggings up to the middle of the thigh.

In autumn and winter

You do not have to wait for the warm season to put on your favorite thing. Jeans overall can be worn in autumn and winter. And this applies not only to models with long trousers.

For overalls-shorts, safely wear tight pantyhose.

With what to wear:

  1. With a classic fitted coat with knee length and closed shoes or ankle boots. Pants can be slightly tucked to show beautiful shoes around. The color of the coat is up to you. If you chose a neutral shade, add a bright handbag, gloves or scarf.
  2. With a short coat in oversize style and stylish expensive sneakers. The last trend is loose shoelaces. But they must be very short if you do not want to attack them all the time.
  3. With black leather jacket-leather jacket. Shoes - shoes like "Dock Martens".
  4. With cardigan or volumetric sweater of large mating. Shoes - boots or boots with high heels.

Jeans overall - this is undoubtedly a thing from the category of must-have for those who strive to follow the fashion trends. But all the rest does not interfere with the value of its universality, convenience and comfort.

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