Lose weight with raspberries

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Everyone knows the medicinal properties of raspberries since childhood. And what do we know? A remedy for colds. And yet? It turned out that raspberries can help with losing weight.

How to lose weight with the help of raspberries

For this, you just need nothing: eat half a glass of raspberries before the main meal. And 30 minutes before eating.

In principle, it's not so hard to remember. Especially those who have raspberry under the window. Or in the forest near your home.

What is still useful raspberries

The composition of raspberries surprises with the accumulation of different utilities. It contains almost all the vitamins of group B. And yet? Vitamins A, C, D, E, PP.But this is not all, raspberry is rich in a large number of trace elements, the main of which, perhaps: calcium;potassium;iron;phosphorus. Do you agree? Imagine - in the leaves and in raspberry fruits there is salicylic acid. What to be surprised fruit juices, which include raspberry leaves. So this is not enough - raspberry fiber is rich in fructose, pectins, organic acids, tannins and essential oils.

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Raspberry is almost the only culture that, even after heat treatment( for example, in compotes or jam), preserves all vitamins( except C), as well as useful substances! So, hurray to the raspberry! Raspberries in the care( if you have enough water for her) is not at all unpretentious, willingly reproduces( if your leaving is suitable for her).And in general, raspberries, if we speak frankly, are afraid of nothing, only two things: drying out and flooding. And in principle, it is able to live and bear fruit in all latitudes.

Therefore advice: try to eat more raspberries during the season of its ripening! You will strengthen your immunity, and children will grow faster. But it is better not to plant raspberries on the plot near the water: if a pipe breaks, it can get wet. But to completely deprive her of water is also not worth it. It is better to moisten more often. With a lack of water raspberry becomes shallow and the fruits are somehow tasteless. Because they have immature taste. First of all, raspberry is famous for its excellent antipyretic properties. Raspberries help you with a mass of diseases, from hypertension( heart disease, bleeding, fever) to getting rid of the decline of energy. Or, for example, from a nervous breakdown. Accept it and with beriberi and anemia. You can not believe it, but raspberries are your assistant with joint disease and radiculitis. She will help you with constipation. Imagine how many opportunities lurk in the seemingly well-studied food from all sides - raspberries.

Properties of raspberries, useful for weight loss

The above properties of raspberries are good, but do not characterize it as a means to reduce weight. Let's look at this particular berry function. In raspberry there are lipolytic enzymes. What are they famous for? They contribute to the burning of fats.

Raspberry, surprisingly, has a very low glycemic index, so it does not affect the increase in blood sugar. A fairly high content of fiber helps the work of the gastrointestinal tract with all the ensuing consequences, namely the timely removal of toxins, the restoration of intestinal microflora.

For losing weight, another important property of raspberries is important: it has diuretic and choleretic properties, which removes excess salts from the body.

So, raspberry activates oxygen and lipid exchanges, which helps with losing weight. And as when using it in a mono-diet, and simply with daily use. By the way, the second is preferable, because the body will gradually lose weight, while simultaneously healing. If you are allergic to raspberries - use it gently. Most importantly - be healthy! Do not hurt yourself!

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