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This is an unusually comfortable and versatile footwear that will never go out of style. If you know with what and how to wear low shoes, you can choose a model for a variety of outfits - from everyday jeans to evening dresses.

Fashion trends

What models of semi-shoes are relevant in 2017?The general motto chosen by the designers is "Comfort, elegance and naturalness".

  1. In the fashion of a small heel or thin flat sole. The colors are bright, but not acid-neon. Most often they are worn with jeans and short jackets, but designers also offer more daring combinations with classic coats and elegant dresses made of velvet, satin and chiffon.
  2. Boots in the masculine style are suggested to be worn with dresses. Especially it is suitable for girls with boyish figure, to create a fashionable androgynous image.
  3. Heavy boots with buckles, similar to those worn by bikers, are appropriate with tight jeans or leather trousers.
  4. Another trend - a wide and high steady heel.
  5. All sorts of decor are actual: appliqués, embroideries, inserts from a contrasting color or texture of the material. Particular attention is given to lace finishing.
  6. Material - genuine leather or suede of neutral colors.

Models on heel

The disadvantage of any half-shoes is that they visually make the legs shorter. The only exception is beige-colored models with high heels. This option is ideal for low women.

With what to wear low-heeled shoes:

  • With strict midi skirts, classical costumes, dresses-cases. Outer clothing - a strict coat or a cloak up to the knee or on the palm above.
  • A casual image: narrowed trousers or jeans, a tight sweater, a bright scarf and an unbuttoned short coat. If the street is warm, pick up a tight neutral shirt and checkered or striped shirt.
  • No less than winning narrow trousers look with a bright fur sleeveless jacket, poncho or a stylish tweed jacket. In summer, put on a bright T-shirt and vest.
  • Classic trousers or jeans, an elongated blouse or a free-flowing tunic. Stress the waist with a wide belt.
  • Romantic natures can wear beige or any light low shoes with clothing fitted with a cut with flared skirt or shallow pleating. Length - just above the knee.
Putting on high heeled shoes, in which a sock or heel is open, pay special attention to the condition of the legs. Make a pedicure. The fact that stockings, socks or pantyhose should be whole, so obviously.

This model looks good with clothes of bright, juicy shades - business suits, skirts, dresses, blouses from light fabrics, narrow trousers.

On the platform

This model is good for style and practicality. Wear low shoes on the platform with:

  • Classic jeans or trousers, turtlenecks and cardigans of large mating. In summer, put on a bright jersey or T-shirt and a light jacket.
  • Leggings and lengthened tunics or shirts. Cover a short leather jacket.
  • Narrowed pants and sweaters in the oversize style or fur vests.
  • With straight short skirts and classic raincoats or midi coats.
  • With skirts of strict styles, classic suits or dress-cases. The platform should be elegant.
  • With dress-sweaters of smooth or textured binding. Complement the image of a fitted blazer.
  • With flared jeans. The more pincers, the more massive the platform should be.
  • With dresses or skirts. The length of the mini or the floor is best.

Lace-up lacing

Women's lace-up shoes will harmoniously complement any image. The most common model is Oxford.

  • In the office wear them with classic straight trousers or knee-length shorts. Top - a strict blouse or shirt, fitting thin sweater, turtleneck, top. Complement the image of a jacket, vest or blazer. Especially elegant look black lacquered Oxford.
  • In an informal setting, narrow jeans, shorts above the knee, leggings, trousers-tubes or straight leather or corduroy suits them. Top - volumetric sweater, free tunic, sweatshirt, sweetshot, cardigan, top, T-shirt. Good looking Oxford with knitted dresses, blouses and tops, trimmed with lace.
  • This footwear is appropriate in the club. Put on leggings under your skin and a bright tunic, a light dress with a matching cut with an unshagged hem, classic trousers and a lacy top or bustier, narrowed jeans and a bright T-shirt with a flashy decor.
  • Putting on shoes without a heel on lacing, remember that the color of clothes should be selected not only for shoes, but also for the color of the laces, if they differ.
  • With a skirt and dress, be sure to wear stockings or pantyhose.

Badly combined with oxford Maxi skirts, any outer clothing below the knee, short pants and breeches, baggy clothes.


Timberlands are lace-up shoes in sporty style on thick corrugated soles.

  • They fit clothes in the same sport style. Classic or narrowed jeans, trousers and shorts made of dense fabric in combination with pantyhose are also appropriate.
  • Preferred casual: timbers, jeans skirt or mini shorts and a tight cashmere sweater or classic fitted shirt. Or a shirt and a cardigan with a belt.
  • No less appropriate are timbers in military style. Choose appropriate pants of sand color, khaki or protective coloring or the same overalls. Or a straight dress with shoulder straps, patch pockets and a wide belt with buckle.
  • Despite the seeming rudeness, tight black leather trousers or leggings under the skin and fur vest create an ensemble in a glamorous style.
  • More options for extravagant individuals - tight-fitting mini dress, short fitted leather jacket and knitted leggings. Or tight-fitting leather shorts above the knee and a bright cardigan of large mating.


Loffers - shoes without lacing on a low stable heel or without it at all. Ideal for every day.

  • Black losers are suitable for almost any clothing. The best combination with a low heel - with tight trousers and jeans, mini skirts, short shorts. With high heels put on classic jeans and trousers, models with a knee from the knee, skirts midi any styles.
  • Models of coffee and chocolate color designers do not recommend wearing with black trousers.
  • Beige shoes are a wonderful addition to clothes in pastel colors.
  • When donning lofers with a supermodel leopard print, it is important not to overdo it. It looks good with brown, beige, dark purple. Leopard coloring can be repeated in one more accessory, provided that the shades and the size of the spots coincide. It can be a scarf, a neck scarf, a clutch, an umbrella.

With what to wear lofers:

  1. With classic jeans. Top - fitting top or shirt and shirt, cardigan or short jacket.
  2. With 7/8 pants or breeches. Here you need at least a low, but a heel.
  3. With short dresses and skirts. Especially good bright, white or beige lobers look in the summer with a three-dimensional multi-layered skirt or shallow pleating. The ensemble will complete the bag in the tone of the shoes. Shoes with a small heel fit tall, slender girls who put on a maxi skirt.
  4. With shorts of any length and style.
  5. With midi dresses of simple cut from expensive fabric - silk, velvet, satin.
  6. With leggings and light tunics of translucent fabrics.
  7. With any clothes in business style: a skirt-pencil, classic trousers, dress-cases, short trousers.


Brogi - summer shoes on lacing. Models are very different - from those on flat soles to hairpins. Often there are options with an open heel or toe. Another characteristic feature is the presence of perforation along the seams.

Only the bare leg is supposed to wear a brogue. In extreme cases, if you are afraid to rub the calluses with new shoes, put on the heels. But so that others around them did not notice.

Sew such shoes from thin leather or thick fabric. Best brags are combined with trouser-tubes from light, flowing fabrics, shorts of any styles, bright t-shirts and tops. In cool weather, put a light shortened blazer, cardigan or a thin pullover on top.

Harmoniously, the broshi will fit into the image in the style of safari. No less successful, they will suit the ensemble of casual or preppy. In the latter case, choose clothes to look like a student of a private boarding school.

Why not wear low shoes?

  • When choosing low heels, give up sportswear. Especially inappropriate is a tracksuit or leggings with a sweatshirt.
  • With top clothes on the floor, especially with luxurious fur coats from natural fur, low boots, even on heels, look rather ridiculous. This applies to both coats and cloaks. Choose for such cases classic boots just below the knee.
  • With chic evening gowns on the floor, half-shoes are also out of place. Here you need shoes or elegant sandals with a hairpin.

Modern low shoes are created for ladies who do not want to choose between comfortable and non-elegant or uncomfortable and beautiful shoes. They meet both criteria, while remaining practical, stylish and unusually elegant.

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