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's special features for performing homemade bronzing Any girl who wants to look stylish and well-groomed can choose the cutting-edge staining technology - dark hair brooding. This procedure is suitable for all women of fashion, but the most effective result will be obtained precisely by brunettes. Thanks to the unique technique of staining, you can achieve the most natural and well-maintained appearance.

The essence of the bronze

This technique can be called a new and at the same time surprisingly popular coloring option, which consists in a combination of light and dark shades on the curls. A surprising result can be obtained on long strands, because they look more spacious due to the unique combination of colors. At the same time, many masters color this way and short hair.

The term "bronzing" itself came from a combination of English words: "brown" - brown, "blond" - blond. In this case, we mean a combination of light and dark tones on strands.

The coloring method has many important advantages:

  • bronzing successfully shades the skin, making it more radiant and youthful;
  • due to the soft transition of hues the hair becomes more dense and bulky in appearance;
    Brond is the ideal solution for those girls who want to grow a natural shade of hair, because thanks to this technique the difference between natural and colored curls is almost invisible.
  • this procedure avoids frequent staining of the roots, since the growing strands do not stand out from the rest of the mass;
  • bronzing helps to hide gray hair, if there is such a need.

It is important to take into account that this method has certain drawbacks. The main contraindications include the following:

  • allergic reactions to some components of the dye;
  • thin and dull hair, spoiled by frequent staining or chemical wave;
  • curly strands, because on them beautiful transitions of shades will simply not be visible.

Kinds of bronzing

There are several options for doing this procedure, so each girl can choose the most suitable solution for herself. Depending on the style and interpretation of the hairstyle, these methods are distinguished:

  • ombre;
  • classical technology;
  • coloring;
  • zonal staining;
  • is an open Brazilian stain.

The most popular option for dyeing dark hair is the ombre. In this case, the strands are painted only partially, for example, from the middle to the tips. In some cases, girls choose asymmetric or uneven options. Thanks to this decision, every woman of fashion can look amazingly stylish. In addition, it allows you to give a hair style volume.

Classical technology implies giving a certain shade to a particular strand. Unlike other methods of staining, this method implies the use of one color.

Due to this, the hairstyle looks more voluminous, and certain lighting creates an interesting play of light, which allows each girl to create original images.

Coloring is in many respects similar to the traditional method, however in this case several paint tones are applied at once. Due to this, it is possible to achieve the most attractive results. When selecting tones, you can use a single palette or different. For example, it is permissible to choose light brown strands or give preference to chestnut strands.

Open armoring reminds by its result lamination. Sometimes for its implementation apply washable balsams, which have a toning effect and are more intended for the treatment of ringlets. This color is suitable for clarified or damaged hair.

The most original variant of bronzing is zonal painting. In this case, only a few hairstyles are shaded to make certain accents. Thanks to this, you can look much more attractive and hide the flaws of the exterior.

Who is suitable for booking?

Bringing on dark hair is made by those girls who dream of becoming blondes, but do not dare to make radical changes. Moreover, such a procedure allows you to look neat even if the roots grow.

Thanks to the gradual shift from the dark roots to the light tips, it is possible to obtain an attractive effect of hair burned in the sun.

In addition, the bronzing is an excellent solution for those girls who dream of growing curls of a natural shade. Due to this coloring, the transitions from the dark part of the hair to the light part are practically not visible, and therefore the strands can not be tinted.

In addition, the bronzing can eliminate the problem of rare hair. Thanks to this method of applying paint, the curls look much thicker. This effect is achieved due to an interesting interweaving of colors.

Bronzing looks great on both straight and wavy ringlets. In this case, too curly hair dyeing in this way is still not recommended, because the overflows will not be too noticeable.

bronzing technology To make a beautiful bronzing of dark hair, you need to properly prepare the hair and paint on them in a very original way. The master requires the presence of the necessary skills and the possession of various staining technologies.

When carrying out the bronzing, a technology called painting is used. In this case, a thick paint is applied with the help of fingers. The specialist performs strokes, then the curls are covered with a film. Then perform a vertical stretching of the color, and the strands are tinted with a rich tint to hide the transitions between the different sections.

The following are the main painting techniques:

  • application of paint in air;
  • application of foil;
  • vertical staining of some curls;
  • Performs horizontal transitions from dark tones to lighter tones.
It is best to carry out the booking in the salon conditions. The procedure will take quite a long time, but the result is sure to please you.
To get an amazing effect, the wizard should perform the following actions:
  1. Pick the base shade. In this case, the professional necessarily takes into account the skin tone, natural hair color, eye shade. Also the master will listen to your wishes and suggest the most relevant tones. If necessary, the specialist will make adjustments to your hairstyle or make a new one.
  2. Divide the hair into strands. In this case, they need not necessarily have the same thickness.
  3. Treat the roots of the paint with brown tones. This step is mandatory for owners of dark hair.
  4. Apply some lighter dye to some strands. A perfect choice will be honey or sand tint. No less successful will look like amber or nutty tones. In this case, the chosen shade must necessarily be combined with the main tone. If uneven strands are chosen, different color solutions are used. So, dark tones are ideal for narrow curls, while wide ones need to be treated with light paint.
  5. Remove sharp color transitions. In this case, the master must thoroughly shade the dye and wrap the hair with foil.
  6. Wash your hair with a quality product. This step is carried out after a certain time.

Features of doing bronzing at home

Some girls prefer to color their hair on their own. Of course, professionals are strongly advised not to do homemade bronzing if you do not have the required skills.

If you still decided to do this procedure on your own, it is very important to adhere to certain recommendations:

  1. Burning brunettes use this method of staining is not recommended. It is quite difficult to get a natural tone of hair without causing harm to them.
  2. The day before the procedure is performed, it is necessary to apply a nutrient mask to the locks. For this purpose, you can use the finished product or make a natural mixture yourself.
  3. It is very important to purchase a professional dye. If you use inexpensive means, there is a risk to spoil your hair. Such paints are simply not suitable for performing this delicate procedure.
  4. The coloring of the curls must always be done with gloves. It is very important to ensure a sufficient amount of fresh air.
  5. It is very important to strictly follow the instructions for painting. It is necessary to adhere to the duration of the procedure, taking into account the type of hair and the desired shade.
    Before the application of the paint, the strands must be carefully divided. It is important to ensure that they are not too thick.
  6. The lower part needs to be lightened to achieve the desired shade.
  7. Carefully comb all the curls, while the treatment is completed at 3 cm from the roots of the hair.
  8. Combed hair with a dye, using a brush or fingertips.
  9. Leave the paint for the required period of time, after which the hair is thoroughly rinsed.
  10. It is necessary to apply toning means to achieve a smooth transition of hues.

Bronzing is a trendy version of dyeing, which is ideal for owners of dark shades of curls. To achieve good results, it is very important to choose the right color and perform the procedure as accurately as possible. If you doubt your own abilities, it's better to turn to a professional.

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