Master-class on the creation of various ornaments from the skin

Skin is an amazing material that can be embodied in real masterpieces, and if you dilute the creation of products from it with other materials, you can get a lot of interesting combinations and motifs. Any genuine leather will suit you - from old boots, sheepskin coats, mittens, bags and so on. It does not matter what, the main thing is in what condition it is. Therefore, take only good fragments of the skin for the product, without any scuffs.

  • Required Materials
  • Create Bracelet
  • Neat Colors
  • Ethnic Necklace

Necessary Materials

For work on almost any decorations you will need:

  • special glue for leather,
  • shears tailors,
  • sewing accessories,
  • special puncher for leather.
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More rarely come in handy:

  • acrylic paints and brushes,
  • various primers and varnishes,

  • different decor material( sequins, beads, fur, stones, beads and so on).
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Creating a bracelet

After the material is prepared, it is necessary to decide what kind of decoration it is suitable for.

If from it it is possible to cut neat identical strips of sufficient length( not less than fifty centimeters) from them it is possible to weave various chains, with an interlacing of beads or other elements.

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Neat flowers

Also from this material are beautiful flowers, plaques, pendants and so on.

You can make them as a separate decoration or set. If the product is massive, then a set of earrings and rings or earrings and brooches is appropriate. If medium or small - earrings and necklaces, or earrings, necklaces and rings.

The combination of skin is fraught with a trick, so it differs in density, texture and color.

For example, the material from the sheepskin coat will not fit well with the shiny surface of the material. As for the colors, then you can rely on the basics of coloring - to combine in one composition no more than three colors - one main and two accents.

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Ethnic necklace

Some genres of jewelry, such as the Hawaiian motley style, Mexican or Indian, allow the connection of many colors, but some colors must still prevail, otherwise the product will be too flashy.

loading. ..

You need to process the decoration behind.

For this, a thin layer of suede must be glued on the back of the craft.

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