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Fresh light blush transforms any girl, givesher blossoming and healthy appearance. That's why blush must necessarily be in the cosmetic bag. Alas, many ladies neglect them, believing that the effect is too artificial. The problem lies in the elementary ignorance of the rules for using such cosmetics. But how correctly to apply blush, so that they transformed the face, and did not make it look like a puppet? It's very simple: you should choose the right kind of makeup and a good tool for applying, as well as build on the features of the exterior, such as the shape of the face, skin color, hair.

Kinds of blush

This is a unique remedy, among all decorative cosmetics, it has very few competitors. With its help you can hide small skin imperfections, correct the shape of the face, effectively emphasize cheekbones, give the skin a light glow. Blush work in combination with other cosmetic products, acting as a finishing touch in make-up, but they can be used separately, emphasizing the shade of the skin.

But how to choose the right rouge among all the variety? First of all, it should be determined what kind of this cosmetics is suitable in a particular case:

  • Dry - can be hard or friable. Most often they are used in combination with dry powder and oily foundation. They can be applied simply to the cleansed skin without a tonal base, a translucent coating of a natural shade is created. This type is recommended to owners of normal, oily skin, because it has a light matting effect, well masks the pores.
  • Blush in the balls - the same dry. But in one set, balls of different shades are combined, which helps makeup to perfectly match the tone of the skin. Often some balls are matte, while others are pearly, due to this, the skin gets a radiant effect. This type of blush gives the person relief.
  • Cream is applied over the tonal basis. Due to the consistency, dry and combination skin owners are especially recommended. Often, the composition of these funds include moisturizing components.
  • Liquid( gel) are applied both on top of the foundation and just on the skin, they require good shading, because they differ in rather intense colors. Optimal use of them as an evening makeup supplement. The gel lasts a long time, does not roll down, does not clog pores. Recommended for mature skin.

Selection of blush depending on the color of the

Before choosing a blush, more precisely, their hue, it is necessary to determine your color:

  • Light-skinned girls should pay attention to the cold tones of pink, purple scale.
  • Dark-browns are suitable for almost all dark shades, especially copper, chocolate, berry( raspberry, cherry), as well as dark coral or pink-beige.
  • Blondes suitable coral, apricot and peach shades, with only light tones. Dark colors age and will contrast with the hue of the hair, creating a sharp border with the skin.
  • Brunettes should focus on terracotta shades.
  • Brown and red are better to pick up peach, orange, golden shades that smooth the skin tone, accentuating attention to the light eyes.

The color of the eyes also matters:

  • To the , blue shades of pink are suitable.
  • For brown eyes, choose dark shades, such as chocolate, terracotta, copper.
  • Green eyes can be effectively highlighted with a blush of light brown scale, as well as peach or terracotta.

Tips for choosing the shade

  • The rouge of pink shades refreshes the face and grows young, even put on the skin of a swarthy tone.
  • Peach colors are suitable for almost any color type.
  • Traces of an unsuccessful tan will help hide terracotta hues, they will visually level the skin tone, make it brighter, divert attention from redness.
  • Terracotta, as well as orange, makes the bruises under the eyes less noticeable. If a photo session is scheduled, then these shades are the best option.
When applying cosmetics to problem skin, consider that too dark shades will accentuate the enlarged pores and pimples, while pearls can accentuate the already fatty areas.

Blush with a shimmer is desirable for applying for evening make-up, emphasizing them not only cheekbones, but also whiskey with forehead and wings of the nose.

Bronzers are best used in the summer to emphasize the tan, in which the pink shades look unnatural.

To give the person relief, use a blush that matches the natural color of the skin, but a few tones are darker.

Many do not know how to use blushers in the balls, meanwhile, this tool is suitable for any shade of the skin, because it combines several shades at once.

The amount of the brush will never be excessive, which guarantees a natural and soft application boundary. This kind of cosmetics is recommended for girls who are afraid to make a mistake in choosing a shade.

Tools and application techniques

Even the best blush can ruin the whole makeup if they are not applied correctly on the face, so it's important to take care of a good tool.

Blush brushes with natural bristles are considered to be the best tools. Makeup artists recommend keeping two large brushes in the cosmetic bag at once:

  1. The round is used directly for applying cosmetics on the cheeks.
  2. Flat, including with bevelled edge, ideal for highlighting cheekbones.

Brush, included in the kit, may be useful to correct make-up, but for the main application it will not work, because it is too small and unable to provide a uniform, well-shaded coating.

Different types of blush need to be applied with different tools:

  1. For dry and crumbly the natural brush that provides uniform shading without sharp transitions is best.
  2. Blush in the balls is recommended to apply a round large brush, giving the person the necessary relief. Also suitable sponge, and if it is slightly moistened, you can adjust the intensity of the color.
  3. For the application of cream and liquid products, sponges are used, and it is best to shade with finger pads.

Application technique

  • Friable blush should be applied to the brush, shake off the excess, then with soft short movements put them on the desired area in translucent layers. Where it is necessary to allocate a site, on a brush press more strongly.
  • Cream point fingers are applied to the tonal base and neatly shaded, at the end slightly powdered skin. Excess funds are removed with a cotton disc.
  • Liquid dry quickly, so they need to be spotted in a sponge on the cheeks and immediately shade. You have to wash it off.

Application steps

The blush should be applied correctly in this order:

  1. Select the cheekbones with a wide brush, pulling the cheeks and applying the blush with a gentle movement in the direction from the ear to the corner of the lips.
  2. Feather in a circular motion.
  3. Apply the same brush with a rouge from the outside of the jaw( under the ear) to its center, not reaching the chin. This method will make the contour of the face more chiseled.clear.
  4. Brush a round shape to focus on the apple cheeks, you need to smile a little, and on the protruding sites to shade means.
  5. The finishing touch is the feathering. You need to do it in the direction of the temples, at the end slightly passing light and rapid movements on the cheekbones, forehead, noses. This balances the tone of the face.

If the blush is still overdone, then another feathering will help. To soften the result, the brush is best moistened with thermal water, passing through the face, this will give the skin radiance.

How to apply blush perfectly - video

Applying blush depending on the type of face

Not every girl is happy with the shape of her face. Blush will help to quickly and without heavy sculpting adjust it, pull it out or narrow it, hide flaws.

Apply blush on the shape of the face should be guided by certain areas, as well as correctly selecting their hue and texture. Pearlescent shades visually expand, darken narrow.

Oval face

Girls with an oval face were more fortunate than others, because this form is ideal, does not need correction, it only remains to emphasize the advantages.

On the , the oval face is easy to apply blush:

  1. Smile naturally and widely.
  2. Wide brush to walk from the temple down along the cheekbone.
  3. If necessary, make a pair of soft strokes in the middle of the forehead.

Round face

The main problem with makeup in chubby girls is how to apply blush to make your face look thinner. First, you should choose the right shades, they should be at least two - natural light and dark.

Secondly, you need to visually extend your face:

  1. With a skew brush, apply a blush in the form of a triangle, whose base is located near the temple, and the top is closer to the corner of the lips.
  2. The brush should be moved strictly along the cheekbones from the top to the bottom( bottom to top).
  3. The forehead with the chin is best not to touch, it can only make the face more full.

On the round face, it is important to make the feathering correctly: the color intensity should decrease from the cheeks to the boundaries of the application.

You can narrow the face in the following way:

  1. Use a semicircular brush to distribute the blush of a dark shade( terracotta, gray-pink, dark beige) under the cheek line, and apply them with a short brushstroke from the outer end of the eyebrow to the temple upwards.
  2. Apply a light brush on the cheekbones with a flat brush.
  3. Bound the border with a wide brush.
  4. On top, apply a little more neutral neutral shade, for example, light pink or peach.

Square face

Apply blush to a square face using two tones:

  1. Apply a dark rosy triangle from the corners of the lips to the temples( as in the case of a round face, this will help extend the length).
  2. Light shade in the chin on the chin to narrow it, but it's important not to overdo it.
  3. Feather from bottom to top.

It is already possible to make a face with the help of dark rouge, applied along the contour of the hair and cheeks.

Triangular face

Where to apply blush to correct the triangular shape of the face? It's very simple, the main thing is to make the transition from the narrow bottom to the wide top as smooth as possible:

  1. Apply the blush to the ear from the middle of the face.
  2. On the edges of the forehead, a fleshy or beige shade is shone.
  3. Cheeks emphasize pink-peach tone, it will help to smooth out the sharp features.
Make a chin not so sharp will help the rouge of dark shades.

Extruded face

To make the elongated face shorter will help the blush applied strictly horizontally on the cheekbones with subsequent thorough shading.

General recommendations

When choosing a shade of blush, be guided by the features of the exterior, as well as the colors of other cosmetics, especially lipsticks or lip glosses, which should be roughly the same and harmonize with each other.

When correcting the shape of the face with blush, consider that light shades, especially with the shimmer, should be applied to places where you want to focus, and dark ones to areas that are shifted to the background. Stress the cheekbones by brushing along their natural bend.

How to Choose and Apply Fashion Blush Videos

Surplus blush immediately catch your eye, make makeup caller, vulgar, so do not be lazy once again to do feathering with a clean brush or even wash off the remedy. Smooth results will help a slight dusting.

Never apply a blush with a solid strip from temple to cheek, this will make makeup artificial. A long nose can visually be made shorter by shading a little dark rouge on its tip.

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