How to sew a quilt by yourself

Quilting is an extraordinarily beautiful technique that our ancestors have learned. Today it is also common and known all over the world, only now carries the name - sewing in the style of "patchwork".Textile products from shreds look very bright and beautiful, but they radiate comfort and warmth. Today we will tell you how to sew a quilt by yourself.

  • Materials
  • Sequence of tailoring
  • Ideas for creativity


We decided to sew a baby quilt and for this we need the following materials:

  • Cloth for flaps. In order for the blanket to look bright, you should take a fabric of contrasting colors and different patterns. But for beginners, it's easier to use two or three contrasting colors.
  • Tools for sewing: sewing machine, scissors, pins and needles, centimeter tape, thread and iron.
  • Batting or sintepon for lining.
  • Fabric for the lower fabric.
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Sequence of tailoring

We will sew a blanket measuring 1 * 1 meter, for this we cut 42 squares measuring 10 * 10 centimeters from flaps. You can choose any size of blanket and the size of the flaps, it can be large, small or medium. At this stage, everything depends on your imagination. After you cut the squares, arrange them in the order in which you are going to stitch.

Next we need to sew all the squares. To not confuse anything, they can first be pinned together or light threads can be made with threads.

For greater convenience, the squares are sewn first vertically, so that in the end we have such strips here.

The patchwork quilt does not tolerate any inaccuracies, if one square is obliquely attached, then all will go and symmetry is broken, so be extremely attentive in the process of work. After assembling the flaps, all the seams must be ironed, so that the fabric does not stretch.

Pay attention to the original 15 ideas Hand Made with your own hands

When we have sewn all the strips together, proceed to the lining of the blanket. We use sintepon to heat the product. We cut off exactly the same piece of sintepon as our upper part of the blanket, and immediately cut off the fabric for the lower fabric. We put first the lower part, then the sintepon and the upper part from above. We take the product with pins or threads, so that the fabric does not "go".

Sew our blanket, spreading it through and through diagonally.

Now proceed to the edging. Cut out four strips 110 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide, fold in half and tuck in to the front of the blanket, as shown in the picture.

Then bend the edge to the wrong side, grab it with a thread and stitch it from the inside.

That's it, the original and beautiful quilt is ready. We hope that our master class inspired you to create such a product.

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Ideas for creativity

We have collected a selection of photo quilt, we hope that they inspire you to their own creative experiments.

Below is a photo of a blanket made of small pieces. The original assembly scheme in the form of a diamond, a beautiful light border along the edges and bright contrasting colors of this blanket will make it truly an indispensable element of the decor of a baby crib.

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A large quilt is an incredibly bright and stylish model that will be an excellent bed cover. Also it can be used as a cape on a sofa in the country house or take on a picnic as a cozy bedding.

Tablecloth on a table of flaps with a wide floral fringing and beautiful ornament will be an ideal addition for the decor of the room. Such a tablecloth, the center of which is also sewn from various flaps, will look original on the cottage table.

Baby quilt with pictures - a bright and very interesting blanket with animal applications will not only warm your child, but also develop his thinking. Thanks to such a blanket, you can play with your baby in an exciting game "Find a Little Beast".

Bedspread with unusual ornaments, made in pastel contrasting colors, assembled from rags of different shapes, but at the same time everything looks symmetrical and interesting. This is really a stylish accessory for your bedroom.

Baby blanket with monsters from cartoons is very bright, with fluffy overlays. Such a product will not leave any baby indifferent. Under such a blanket your child just wants to sleep. And it is very easy to sew such a product, the main thing is to connect the imagination.

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Another original idea of ​​a quilt. Here its singularity lies in the fact that each square has three or four smaller squares. This technique can create a beautiful thing with an unusual pattern. Fans of abstract art will appreciate this element of decor.


Super article and super ideas! !Overshot almost all your samples of blankets and tablecloths: we will create with dochey. Kazhetsya I finally found creativity in my heart! Thank you very much!

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