Temperament - Sanguine

The sanguine person is the most unusual and interesting type of temperament, and it is not surprising, because the surrounding world perceives such personalities in their own way, it seems to them something magical and fantastic. It is this perception that promotes communication, magnetism and popularity of people with the predominant type of temperament sanguine.

  • Contents of the temperament
    • Features of the temperament
    • Simple test
    • Principle of communication
    • Sanguine child
    • Sanguine woman
    • Sanguine man
    • Sanguinic introvert
    • Sanguine extrovert
    • Advantages of
    • Disadvantages of

    Features of temperament

    To give a brief description of just a few words is sociability, activity and emotionality. Such individuals have a very balanced, mobile and strong nervous system. They easily cope with emotional and psychological stress, are able to quickly rebuild and adapt to new circumstances. A sanguine person is socially active, he easily gets used to changes, has an optimistic mood, is energetic and is always ready to help. Such a person has no propensity for depressive states and fixation on problems, often a sanguine person has a good sense of humor.

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    Simple test

    To determine whether you are a sanguine person suggesting that you pass a simple test, the qualities listed below should be noted those that are more inherent in you.

    1. Happy.
    2. Carefree.
    3. Lightweight.
    4. Frivolous.
    5. Flexible mind.
    6. A living mind.
    7. Unstable.
    8. Active.
    9. Irresponsible.
    10. Sociable.
    11. Impatient.
    12. Conversible.
    13. Bright.
    14. Fast.
    15. Easily adaptable.
    16. Workaholic.
    17. Friendly.
    18. Superficial.
    19. Blatant.
    20. Sensible.

    If you did not count the one hundred percent coincidence, you should not experience, in every person there are usually at least two temperaments. If more than half of the qualities coincide, you can consider yourself a sanguine person.

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    Principle of communication

    Sanguine is considered the most sociable type of temperament, such people are usually happy when they become the soul of the company, besidesthey are excellent companions.

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    Sanguine child

    A sanguine child differs from other children with unusual optimism and alertness, he likes to communicate and does it usually with all indiscriminately. Such a kid can begin to cry if left alone. He loves walking, especially in the fresh air. But in school he is not always successful, because it is difficult for such a child to concentrate attention on all subjects, he can ignore those that he does not cause interest, but succeed in those who like.

    A sanguine child often falls under the influence of other people, and this can be both a positive and a negative company. The child of this temperament is unstable, very quickly he is bored with toys, it is difficult to deal with monotonous work, he can simply forget about it. Self-esteem of sanguine persons is usually overestimated, so praise should be really deserved, otherwise it will spoil it too much.

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    Sanguine woman

    Sanguine woman - the person is charming, enchanting and bright, she has success in friendly and family relations, knows herself the price. At work is also popular due to its positive energy. A girl of this type can not sit idly for a long time, she is in a constantly active state. Feelings of the female sanguine prevail over the mind, so it is common for her to fall in love and change partners. Such women like the strong sex, because they are passionate and bored with them is not necessary.

    A sanguine girl is dreamy, but purposeful, she tries to achieve a certain goal by all means, and does not pay much attention to failures, and therefore she does not get upset because of adversity. Uninteresting work such a woman will not be engaged, and a large supply of potential will not allow her to sit for long without work, the main thing is that the occupation was to her liking.
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    Sanguine man

    A male sanguine can be described as a charismatic, charming and passionate person, they usually enjoy great success with women. Even if he does not have an attractive appearance, his inner peace and energy adds charm. Such a man is unstable, so he can remain a bachelor long. Usually a representative of this type of Lovelace, seeing an attractive girl, he immediately lights up the goal to win her heart. The intention marries for him is a serious and deliberate decision, such a man is not disposed to conflicts, so the wife chooses the appropriate one, he does not want to live together in quarrels and offenses.

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    Sanguinic introvert

    An introvert is a person more focused on the inner world. They are usually unsociable, but this does not prevent such people from being interesting and pleasant interlocutors. Introverts are thoughtful and good listeners. These qualities are completely opposite to the type of sanguine temperament, so it is extremely difficult to meet such a person. But, if you meet him, you will hardly find a more surprising combination of beauty of inner peace and cheerfulness after.

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    Sanguine extrovert

    Sanguine is by definition an extrovert, since this person is inclined to direct most of the attention to the outside world. He strongly depends on getting impressions from the outside. An extrovert is a person who is socially active, sociable, they easily come into contact, that is, a typical sanguine person.

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    Advantages of

    The main advantage of sanguine is its balance, thanks to which it can be quickly rebuilt and adapted to different circumstances.

    Communication and new acquaintances are easy for him, often such people are good speakers and are able to convince, they have an incredible gift to cheer up. Purposefulness helps to achieve the set goals.

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    Disadvantages of

    Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish superficiality, since often a sanguine person does not understand deep feelings, because he himself does not attach importance to problems and various failures. Such persons in most cases have many acquaintances, but may not have any really strong relationships. The propensity to impermanence creates the impression that the person is windy.

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